Bitcoin To $50k Soon? | BIG Bitconnect NEWS!! [Bitcoin Today]

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বিটকয়েন প্রযুক্তিগত বিশ্লেষণ & Crypto News Today: Bitcoin is currently trying to stay above 6,5k. Will it? I use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. এছাড়াও, Crypto Nick, Trevon James & Ryan Hildreth all made big money on this platform during the Bitconnect scam. HUGE developments on this area in the Bitconnect saga, and watch the video to learn more!

1:30 বিটকয়েন প্রযুক্তিগত বিশ্লেষণ
5:27 Altcoin Technical Analysis
7:25 Bitconnect News
12:58 Bitcoin 25k or 50k??

Tom Lee Bitcoin prediction: HTTPS://
BitMex CEO Bitcoin prediction: HTTPS://

বিটকয়েন করতে $50k Soon? | BIG Bitconnect NEWS!! [Bitcoin Today]

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  1. i believe 40-50k is possible in this year, more people know about bitcoin already on local and international news and mostly bitcoin. if not possible, look at 2017 started at 2,5k, topped at 20k, plus if this correction is wave 2 from wave 1 (20ট) then wave 3 can be really hyperbolic since 1:1 of wave 1 would already lead to 25k, we will probably never see bitcoin under 10k ever again

  2. we are still in a bear trend no? because the short, medium and long EMA’s are flipped in reverse. in a bull trend the EMA are in this order when u look at the chart:

    7 EMA
    25 EMA
    100 EMA

    but bear trend looks like this:


    (note: i’m just using these time frames randomly, u can use whatever short, medium and long time frames u want)

  3. Since 2010, BTC been rising by ten factor

    মধ্যে 2010, 0.10
    মধ্যে 2011, $1
    মধ্যে 2012, $10
    মধ্যে 2013, $100

    By now BTC slowed down by two years ten factor

    মধ্যে 2015, $1000
    মধ্যে 2017, $10000
    মধ্যে 2019, $100000
    মধ্যে 2021, $1000000


    Carl speak about the possible reversal head and shoulder pattern in ur next video. 1. shoulder from 12th june to the 20th june. Head from 20th june to 4. july and the 2. shoulder is comming up right now!

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