Bitcoin FALLING!! শীর্ষ 2 Reasons For The Dip!!

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বিটকয়েন বিশ্লেষণ & বিটকয়েন নিউজ টুডে: Bitcoin is falling, and the big dip is a reality. Why is Bitcoin falling? I'll give you the top 2 reasons people are talking about as the reason for the Bitcoin dip. Manipulation by whales, or the Coinrail hack? I will also try to explain the Bitcoin price action with technical analysis on the Bitcoin chart. The RSI is showing us something interesting in the Bitcoin price. To learn more, watch the video!

1:35 BTC Recap
4:56 Triple Bottom Update
8:41 RSI & The BTC Bubble
13:57 Bitcoin News And The 2 Reasons

Mysterious Asian bitcoin whale: HTTPS://
Coinrail Hack: HTTP://

Bitcoin FALLING!! শীর্ষ 2 Reasons For The Dip!!

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  1. The Moon net neutrality repeal is takin affect today
    Also etfs not allowed yet
    Bankesters fighting bitcoin like never before
    America is doing price manipulattions and regulations
    Price will test the log scale support at around 4500 k and this glory chance to buy will not come easy it will take time qe may see consolidation till end of the year then the big dip unless isps juat fucked crypto by panning or throttling crypto sires which is really possible the we will see dip soon like the chaina pann thing
    Or etfs allowed with big volumes and then no dips

  2. I think the global elite/bankers are buying bitcoin dumping them and buying back in at a lower price, It seems to be a repeat cycle to hinder the growth of crypto. I hope we can overcome this stantic financial power.

  3. যদি 6600 won’t holdhell will open and 3000 is very realistic. But that would also mean that whole crypto market will be pulled by this primitive BTC :/ Take a look at my more precised reply above to Michael Manfro

  4. Elliot wave theory predicted the whole thing! That little so called bull run was wave 4 and the drop down was wave 5. I shorted it and made a boatload. This ends a large abc correction. I agree with you this is a triple bottom. Ive begun backing up the truck to go long. Be greedy when others are fearful! Love the show carl

  5. Hey Carl. I was watching the trades very carefully and I could definitely see some cleverly written bots dump a lot of coin attempting to do so in a way that didn’t push the price down. I sold as soon as the volume spiked but fees makes profit from that trade minimal

  6. It will go eventually back to ATH just patience! But guys did you know that Ethereum is doing a 10000 ETH give away promo for everyone on this site here: I have already participated in it and received 45ETH. Just wanted to help everyone out by letting know about it 👌👌👌 Also if you already received ETH from it too then like my comment 🌟👌👌

  7. Nice analysis 👍
    I think the most possible scenario is contiuation that in this case is being bearish from the begining of 2018. The technical analysis and price behaviour showed bearish sentiment and we expected the price to drop. If we break 6425$ support line the next target is going to be 3850$ and after that we expect to dip down to 1600$. I know this is not what we want but we cannot change the price based on what we want. I suggest everyone to chek the short positions increment in furture market that is a great deal regarding future prices.

  8. The chart has respected the triangle and chart rules 100% now for 6 মাসের. Why would it deviate now?

    এছাড়াও, do you know how to read the Stochalstic RSI? If you did, blind Freddy could have seen that we were going down to respect the support line. I’m shocked at how few YouTuber’s use the Stochastic RSI. It is THE most accurate predictor of market momentum, not to be confused with the regular RSI.

    এছাড়াও, on a more positive note, the Stoch RSI is showing a 10-day “আপ” wave coming in the next day or two. So we will not drop any more.

    At least you acknowledged that this is not market manipulation, but in fact simply market mechanics.

  9. v4vapid (70) in bilderberg • 6 months ago This link is six months old. BTC fees are now cheapest they have been since 2011. LN is also slowly being introduced. These Jewish statesman in this article are deceiving ruthless scoundrels.

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