Bitcoin FALLING After The Breakout! $7,200 Support? [Bitcoin Today]

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Bitcoin Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: The Bitcoin price is falling, and I use technical analysis to try to explain why we fell and where we might find support. I also quickly share my view about the Asian whale and the potential for that being a reason for this dip. What is going on with the Bitcoin price, and where is Bitcoin going next? Well, my Bitcoin analysis tells it all, so watch the video!

Bitcoin FALLING After The Breakout! $7,200 Support? [Bitcoin Today]

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Score one for the bears (again) – one thing about market trends though, what goes one direction eventually goes the other.

  2. ICO telegram sets records! Almost all tokens were snapped up in a couple of days on

  3. Mass adoption is coming. Will be over a trillion dollar market cap by year end. Blockchain is the future people. It’s only starting. You will look back two years from Now when the world is crypto mad and have bought in cheap. Huge gains will be had. Hang in there and Hodl. The herd is on it’s way.

  4. The whale may have transferred it to buy Alts. Big Pump Signal group are doing a pump today at 8PM GMT today, although they will probably pump on Binance.

    I lurk in many places to gather information on the Cryptocurrency space, you’d be surprised at what you find.

    NOTE: I would advise against getting involved with these pump groups, as you stand to lose while the organisers stand to gain!

  5. Thank you bro, i appreciate your insight and love the videos. Keep up the good work and God bless

  6. The problem with that is like playing craps. Red red red red red black red red red black black… The house always wins.

  7. Congrats on 10k subscribers. Wish I could remember how many you had when I started watching.

  8. Hey, we’re both ranked #1 and #2 for “Bitcoin”! Our videos sadly didn’t age terribly well though did they?…

  9. Wow, seems like no one saw this coming, the drop in the last few hours. One of the biggest 1-hour bear-candles in Bitcoins recent history + crazy volume. I’d suspect a big whale is causing this. Possibly the “mysterious asian whale” that we have been talking about. If you have any further information or links, please submit below! 🌙😀

  10. Heh… No.. I don’t think ANY crypto video from today aged very well… Very unexpected turn of events, pretty mind blowing really! I can’t imagine anyone seeing this big sell-off coming… 🌙

  11. No that’s where you are wrong, I am an investment professional with financial planning qualifications. I have been saying for well over a year that BTC is overvalued, it has no intrinsic value and only can really be said to have any use in failed states such as Venezuela where a corrupt system means the only way to avoid rampant inflation is to trade through BTC into US dollars. You can stay in denial though, while all these altcoins disappear off the face off the earth and the mainstream world adopts blockchain technology. Meanwhile the price of bitcoin comes down to sensible levels and the greed that’s been in this space for too long dissipates.

  12. Don’t HODL. Sell then buy back after BTC goes cheaper. Then you will own more of it. 🙂

  13. I wanted to pointed out to you something that I notice with Bitcoin, Bitcoin is really having monthly cycles and respect this monthly cycles really correctly : beginning of january –> beginning of february = Down , beginning of february –> beginning of march = UP , beginning of march —> beginning of April = DOWN , beginning of April to beginning of May : Up, Beginning of May —> Beginning of June Down , you know what is next : with the triple bottom , beginning of a BULL market

  14. yeah, that is true, no matter what the details or who’s manipulating, one thing is for certain unless they shut down the market, in order for it to work at all, there has to be an up and down wave pattern.

  15. Dive Dive Dive, not to the moon , but down the plug hole, “To the Moon” is currently in shock and crying a river. Poor To the Moon, its almost like he was ruled by greed

  16. The Moon tripple bottom with lower highs seems like a sign of downward trend. Everyone finally wants to scream manipulation when btc drops, however, i believe the manipulation is what holds btc up as well. When i look thoroughly at the charts i see 3500 coming.

  17. how da fukk does that matter what the reason is? in market with massive whales and wall street futures of course there’s gonna be manipulation both up and down

  18. This is a buying opportunity.I have been gulty of manipulation on small exchanges.It was not intentional just learning curve.

  19. M K when people scream, buffet and gates are dinosaurs and know nothing it proves how ignorant the hands who actually hodl there coins and give their money away are. I cant wrap my head around how so many people cannot see this market for what it is. This market is full of fools, ignorant with their money, looming for any sign of another promising bull run… its almost as bad as watching charlie brown try to kick the football.

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