Bitcoin বিপর্যয়!! Capitulation & Despair | Where’s The Bottom? $3,000, $4,000?

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বিটকয়েন প্রযুক্তিগত বিশ্লেষণ & বিটকয়েন নিউজ টুডে: Bitcoin is crashing and falling today. Where is the Bitcoin support? I'll show you some support levels in the Bitcoin price. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. আরও জানার জন্য ভিডিও দেখুন!

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Bitcoin বিপর্যয়!! Capitulation & Despair | Where's The Bottom? $3,000, $4,000?

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  1. *BitMEX অ্যাফিলিয়েট লিংক 10%:*
    কয়েনবেস পান $10 বিনামূল্যে:
    সাহসী ব্রাউজার:
    লেজার ওয়ালেট:

  2. Don’t worry missing the bottom. Hold back, even though the urge to buy is strong right now. Dollar cost averaging only makes sense when a bottom is in, even though many people tell you otherwise. It makes no sense to buy now. Do not get fomo. Bitcoin won’t suddenly reverse over night and hit 10k.
    There will be consolidation for a few months before it can enter an uptrend again. This is common behaviour in all markets, including Crypto if you refer past data.
    The bottom will be hit atleast 2 বার (that’s what 2014 did) but I believe it will be hit atleast 3 বার.
    The reason for this consolidation phase is basic market behaviour. When an asset drops that much in value, investors lose faith and investment firms reduce volume with their trading bots. They’ll reduce the volatility to a minimum so that nobody can make money anymore. All they do is buy up the sell orders at a specific price range. Price will remain within this range, since there isn’t enough retail money to push it above this zone.
    That’s the famous accumulation phase. You should do the same by the way. Just buy regularly at all price. Don’t try to get agood pricethere is none at this point.
    You’ll have time for atleast 3-6 মাসের, so nobody can miss that, if you own half a brain.
    When the bottom is in, you’ll realize, trust me. Volatility and volume will completely die off.

  3. +Matthe van Daalen Againsame perma-bull squad have been spouting this same cut and paste HODL reply since the beginning of the year. When in actuality, you could have sold a long time ago and bought even more. But hey. Don’t let me hold you back. Do what you doit seems your plan has worked out wonderfully.

  4. All’s I can say is I told you all , I said we’d break 6k I said we’d hot 4.8k and Carl’s right fundamentals didn’t change btc still has no major adoption no major use cases , it’s still slow ,tps are far less than Visa it’s complacated for older people to use ,… There 3000+ icos in the pipe line to be rolled out in next to months which means 3000+ new coins that absolutely no one usesSo now what we’re gonna see is a dead cat before we hit 2.5kBut I do got some good news in my prediction if you wanna hear just ask me and moon boys will like it because we’re going over 10k soon very soon want a date just ask if you think my calls have proven myself so far ,, I will not answer sarcastic comments , sorry I told you all the truth even though you didn’t want to hear it and called me names it’s ok , my calls all have been 100% spot on

  5. Of course I bought BTC at 6.400, right before this dip.
    Of course I used the entire paycheck, thus of course I can’t buy at this discount because I’m waiting for my next paycheck 😀
    Of course the price will shoot back up right before I get paid hahahah
    Anyone else in the same boat? Or am I the only idiot?

  6. R James craig wright will be investigated heavily after this latest stunt! I wouldn’t worry about XRP its not a security, it has been proven over and over with instruction given as to how to prove it with them steps having been taken since. Get that out of your mind.

  7. Col Oaten – না, sell *before* you are in more than 2% loss, then buy back at a *profit* (in relative Bitcoin terms vs fiat). Whether you trust Tether is something I will leave up to you, but it’s saved me an absolute fortune over the past few days and now I have more BTC than this time last weekeverybody likes free crypto.

  8. +Çiğdem Türkmen Quarkchain and TokenPay are among the strong crypto projects with a low marketcap (under $40M). Although the future is uncertain, I believe they have a chance to see 100x gains in the next bull market. NEO reached 700x in just 10 মাসের. If the coming bull market is parabolic, it could have the greatest effect on the strongest of the alt-coins.

  9. Good tipif you’re buying off of any app that allows you to have the USD wallet, such as Coinbase, if you only have enough at that moment to put $100 into it for example, কেনা $80 instead and put the remaining portion into the USD wallet, that way you can eventually have an emergency stash in case there’s a dip after your purchases, to help even out theloss

  10. +R James itsonly an ongoing debate in the USthe rest of the world doesn’t regard it as a security and the rest of the world owns and trades more crypto than the US….and SBI Japan owns part of Ripple so that means there’s already a backdoor to avoid US rules/sanctions anyway ( a bit like Iran and Swift for example) It’s way too sophisticated for Craig Wright to even hope to understand….

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