What is Bitshares? Should you invest?

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BItshares is going up! Should you get involved in this great altcoin?

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What is Bitshares? Should you invest?

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  1. Hello there. Question: How does this whole thing with Bitshares works?

    I thought it is like ethereum, where you buy ethereum, you hold it, and someday you can sell it.

    However what about BTS? The other day i deposited some ethereums on the websiteopenledger.ioand i thought that i purchased a fixed amount of Bitshares by doing so, but i realised that was not the case. That day i got 149 বিটিএস, than it went down (147 বিটিএস) and now/currently i have 155 বিটিএস.

    I only want to buy a fixed amount of bishares and that same amount hold for some time (Maybe a couple of years). Is that possible? Just as if i would buy bitcoins or ethereums now and simply hold them. I thought bitshares also worked this way.


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