What are waves? Should you invest?

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Today let's discuss waves, the cryptocoin platform that lets you develop your own tokens.

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  1. IMO Waves is not a very interesting project. It has some utility at the moment, but as you said, nothing revolutionary.
    Sasha Ivanov (their founder) is a very high profile kind of guy and is in touch with politicians and businessmen. Blockchain is rather hyped amongst russian government officials now as well and they’re gonna include waves in their projects somehow (it’s recent news, the reason why price went up from 3 something to 5+).
    He’s in contact with people who have A LOT of money and influence and no technical expertise or understanding of crypto market whatsoever. But they also have utmost desire to do something on blockchain (even if it’s gonna suck miserably). So these people are gonna make ICO for their projects on Waves and partner up with it further as the platform developes.
    That’s basically all the value that Waves has.

    Neo, Bancor, OmiseGO, Ethereum – these are far more valuable than Waves, so i advise not to waste money on it.

  2. They are also partnering up with institutional money: venture capitalists are trying to include themselves into blockchain ecosystem and are building ICO accelerators. They will look for prospective blockchain sturtups and hook them up with cool experts who will nurture them through ICO.
    It’s a win-win: the startup team gets people who will audit their smar contracts (to ensure noone hacks them and steals all the money + that are no bugs). And also a marketing team and PR people which is extremely important.
    And venture capitalist get some profits from ICO in tokens.

    So Waves is teaming up with such people from Russia, you should google Starta accelerator
    So there’s clearly a lot of room for growth and profit.
    It’s probably gonna be like $15 in a year which is enormous growth in traditional financial system.
    But clearly nothing compared to what OmiseGo or Bancor are gonna get you.

  3. would love a revisit on waves.
    new dex
    smart contracts next year
    working with russian NSD to create a decentralized cryptodepositary on their platform
    mention of talk with russia about crypto ruble

    its much much more than create your own token

    basically we want to have a closed ecosystem for business which has everything. smart contracts, low tx fees, scalability, governance, KYC/AML. whole new world of mainstream business on the blockchainfrom sashsa very own mouth.

    i dont know if people know this and just dont care or if people just assume its a make your own token and trade it on a basic waves exchange.. their marketing is pretty terrible to be fair.



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