WePower ICO ReviewRenewable Energy on the Blockchain

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WePower is bringing renewable energy to the blockchain using peer to peer trading, an exciting financing model, and energy rewards.

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WePower ICO ReviewRenewable Energy on the Blockchain

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  1. I usually have a lot of respect for your opinions Lark, but what’s with the starry-eyed cheerleading for this project? I would have appreciated a deeper look into their team’s track record and where they are in relationship to their milestones. I spent 15 years working in utility scale solar and wind energy. Developing and building, and operating power plants is a very complex business requiring years of boots on the ground experience. In order to get financing for an energy project, you need to demonstrate to lenders and independent engineers that your project is highly optimized. If you start doling out project funding without a high level of scrutiny, you will end up with a bunch of bad projects that will go bankrupt.

  2. The two token system is a good idea, and as you mentioned it is used slightly differently, the scale of the global challenge for the energy market will require more than just the guys at PowerLedger to do it! Been holding POWR for a long time, but I see this as a great project too!

  3. Hi Matt! মন্তব্যের জন্য ধন্যবাদ. It is my understanding that it will primarily be used as a way for existing producers to fund new developments which would meet the boots on the ground experience and engineers part, as mentioned the WePower will be doing Due Diligence before accepting new projects.. As far as the team’s track record they are the team who built Estonia’s smart grid. Their partnership with Elering to tokenize the Estonian energy market seems very promising too. To be honest, I think it is an exciting project……sorry if it seemed to cheerleadery

  4. POWR might lead the space but as Lark says, there is room for more competition, catering on a larger scale it can’t be just one project doing it. WePower might be second but can still be very big, we need this change or the planet is in trouble. Energy & blockchain clearly will work.

  5. Hello
    Thank you for your interest and comments
    The producer must have an insurance or bank guarantee. If he fails to provide, WePower buys energy on the energy wholesale market and delivers the missing amount. As for WePower, it accelerates insurance/guarantee. This is how existing producers concluding agreements for 20-30 years work today.

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