Warren Buffett and Bitcoin BILLIONAIRE Beef Over Bitcoin!

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বিনামূল্যে স্টক এবং Bitcoin পেতে:


নতুন চ্যানেল:


httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?V = চ্যানেল / UCp7Gqpl9Kqiggr_Rs03X5pA

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বাজার মজ্জাগতভাবে ঝুঁকিপূর্ণ, এবং আপনি শুধুমাত্র বিনিয়োগ করা উচিত কি আপনি সম্পূর্ণরূপে হারান ইচ্ছুক.

Warren Buffett and Bitcoin BILLIONAIRE Beef Over Bitcoin!

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  1. Buffett comments are turds of info. The reason for his comments I can only see 2 ways. Either their scared or they are manipulating the market. Sometimes when someone is scared they speak with emotion. You don’t sense emotion there. To me its a act definite market manipulation. And look Bitcoin is shorting. Notice Bill Gates look right at the camera when he says he would short Bitcoin. It’s like he’s doing 2 things he’s giving a message out to his investment friends and getting people to panic sell at the same time. These guys are not dumb and will not explain a asset that can make you monumental gains in such a childish way. They would be like here is a technical analysis of why Bitcoin is a bad buy. These guys are good and its like they are lowkey manipulating the market. Right now is probably a perfect time to buy Bitcoin in leu of the conference next week.

  2. jinimage agree with you. But he doesn’t know tech, most of his investments are in banks and I know he owns lots of Apple stock. But when it comes to crypto he’s out of his element, otherwise he would not be using school yard tactics.

  3. Actually metals are heavily manipulated and will never make you rich used for industrial purposes and will stay at its current price because it will make all products that use silver and gold in products very expensive and unaffordable if price was to rise substantially.

  4. Traditional financial world is clearly terrified of crypto currency, for many reasons, as they should be. When crypto eventually takes over the financial world years down the roadthose who don’t adapt or evolve with crypto will be out of a job, technically disadvantaged, and maybe even broke. I’ve yet to personally meet a financial advisor who recommends investing in crypto. All are dead-set against it. Buffet and other gurus like him have big time FUD. It’s only a matter of time before the carpet is snatched out beneath their feet. The snatching has started but it’s a slow process. I’ll continue to invest in, উভয়, the stock market (401ট, ira, ইত্যাদি) as well as crypto and will adjust accordingly as these two worlds shift.

  5. You’re feeding into the narrative there’s a beef when there’s clearly not a beef. its pathetic. Just watch the videos of what Chamath said. He starts by saying he’s a huge disciple of Buffett.
    You’re turning into fake news. You should focus on just reporting the story.

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