Too Late To Buy Tron? In A League Of Its Own

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Is it too late to buy Tron (TRX)? This coin has come out of nowhere and climbed the charts in a matter of days to become the currently 16th highest ranked cryptocurrency. Total market cap of $2.4 Billion.

Too Late To Buy Tron? In A League Of Its Own

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  1. Please research tron before you talk about it. Founder Justin is very close to the jack ma head of Alibaba. Tron also wants to always to allow casinos and other entertainment providers to transfer money between each other. The ceo is a whiz kid who graduated from Jack Ma’s University.He was one of 40 ppl invited and the only one under 30 বছর পুরনো. He also graduated from Penn University in the states.

  2. Bought at less than a penny. Things you missed 1) It has an awesome name! Dead serious. This is important. 2) Plus the upside spotlight potential of free publicity on coin market cap dot com when it reached a high market cap given the number of coins available for circulation; 3) Personal content and its control is so valuable if they succeed it sounds like a YouTube killer.

  3. You say buy the dip, but it’s like no dip is coming 😩 been waiting for Cardano to dip since 20c…. almost every coin has been green for days….where’s all this money coming from. It seems like everyone is going to have a poor Christmas with limited gifts being given.

  4. i put $9 on TRX @ $.004 and its turned into $175, I’m pretty excited about that, but i should drop some of it while its up and cash out little bit to get some of that profit,

    EDIT: i just sold $40 worth of TRX, so i got my initial investment out plus some profit, and i still got decent amount holding in case it goes to the moon

  5. the cheap coins are gonna be strong in the next year or 2, maybe 3as soon as this starts to get more attention, newbies are gonna go crazy and start dumping money into the cheap coins just to have whole coins without looking into them just to get in, people get anxious and emotional and they will cause the cheap coins to rise fast in the coming yearsjust my opinion. I’m buying cheap coins also just to holdi don’t care about these daily changes in pricejust buy and walk away from most of your holds.

  6. এছাড়াও, the kid made an app in china, it’s a combo between and snapchat, where you can send TRX to entertainers and content creators, basically it’s china’s BAT, and they’re backed by huge chinese investors as well as Jack Ma, and the kid already has 10M people using the app. i got in at $0.0052, see you boys in space.

  7. Tron will continue to go up. With research, I realized that this coin has some of the biggest business leaders in China behind its back, Jack Ma, Wei Dai, ইত্যাদি. Justin Sun is a promising entrepreneur, and Tron foundation consistently progress with the project and does a great job communicating this with its community.

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