This Coin Rose More Than 80,000% শেষে 14 দিন! – আজকের ক্রিপ্টো সংবাদ

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এই ভিডিওতে, Mattie talks about the top news from last week. He also talks about Etheera and their incredible growth over the last 14 দিন. এটি একটি দৈনিক সেগমেন্ট হয়.
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Altcoin Buzz- এ মহিলা পরীক্ষা করে দেখুন!
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Newsflash: এই সংবাদ ছিল

Etheera (ETA) Hits the Big Time with 82,960% Growth Over Two Weeks


Etheera (ETA) Price Action

Exit Scam Confrontation

Asama Exit Scam ~ At office as they are closing up shop

তথ্য Altcoin Buzz- এ YouTube এ আলোচনা দাবি পরিত্যাগী, Altcoin Buzz- এ মহিলা ইউটিউব, Altcoin Buzz- এ পডকাস্ট বা অন্যান্য সামাজিক মিডিয়া চ্যানেল তত্সহ তবে তা টুইটার সীমাবদ্ধ, টেলিগ্রাম চ্যাটগুলি, ইনস্টাগ্রাম, ফেইসবুক, ওয়েবসাইট ইত্যাদি আর্থিক পরামর্শ নয়. এই তথ্যটি শিক্ষাগত জন্য, শুধুমাত্র তথ্য এবং বিনোদনের উদ্দেশ্যে. কোন তথ্য ও পরামর্শ বা বিনিয়োগ কৌশল চিন্তাধারা ও মতামত আছে শুধুমাত্র, লেখকের ঝুঁকি সহনশীলতা গ্রহণ মাত্রা প্রাসঙ্গিক, সমালোচক বা কথক এবং তাদের ঝুঁকি সহনশীলতা হয়তো পুলিশের চেয়ে ভিন্ন. আমরা আপনার ক্ষতির জন্য দায়ী নয়. বিটকয়েন এবং অন্যান্য cryptocurrencies হয় উচ্চ ঝুঁকি বিনিয়োগ তাই আপনার কারণে অধ্যবসায় এবং উপলব্ধ কোনো তথ্যের উপর অভিনয় করার আগে আর্থিক উপদেষ্টা খোঁজ করুন. কপিরাইট Altcoin Buzz- এ Pte লিমিটেড. সর্বস্বত্ব সংরক্ষিত.

This Coin Rose More Than 80,000% শেষে 14 দিন! – Today's Crypto News

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26 মন্তব্য

  1. Altcoin Buzz- এ, I expected you to do a better job. You should take a look at the volume first, when you see a growth like this,
    Most of the time volume was 0 ! and now its about 25k daily, really ? Its not ever worth covering it in this video ! when volume is too low, some one with 10k coin can dump that coin -%80,000 in the matter of second !

  2. Etheera ha as bright future. It’s just a beginning for etheera. Get in now and thank me later. It’s getting listed on bigger exchanges in coming weeks and team is very active and doing big things. Please research and follow etheera on Twitter

  3. Please do a video on ‘cloud mining’ .. is it a scam like people say it is? Take hashnest for example, is it more profitable than buying cryptos n hodl? Another thing, do you agree with me that in the near future many altcoins will weaken or disappear, the remaining ones will have to sort of merge together with other weak/ stronger coins for them to survive. We’ll end up with few strong/ merged coins to fight bitcoin .. n btc or bth will skyrocket to over $ 20k b4 2020

  4. Honestly kind of shocked they even made this video in the first place. You’d think someone of their experience and stature would know better than to promote this project. Even more shocking that so many people in these comments are trying to chase the pump with 0 তারল্য. Blows my mind that people haven’t learned yet.

  5. Get your act together or I and thousands more will unsubscribe.
    This scam s—t coin went down today 98%! …Don’t waist our time with this kind of garbage! …You generally have great content.. but this??!???!
    (…Do your homework! …This was nothing that should have been highlighted)

  6. Sean Harvey good call! Answer to the discrepancy is the OTC trading ‼️It took them 2 days freezing the progress of this project to remove the value. It never left. Just the opposite, it has grown just a little more. A few had called it The Ultimate Pump&Dump. They couldn’t be more wrong. We are still in the manipulative Wild West. The big boys are still playing their game with no second thoughts of the little guy

  7. Believe Coin let me let you in on a little something: I acquired my first Etheera on October 6th and have only accumulated since. This is not a pump and dump. The market cap didn’t lie and the big boys were not about to let the public take their $$‼️The historical data didn’t lie on what was being traded on Exchanges but rather someone screwed up and the value from the OTC trading somehow got listed. The froze the progress for 2days rectifying this glitch. Watching the wallets will confirm my findings. Just do the research. The crypto world has gone Corporate the last 5 weeks. We are out of the loop. The prices have been manipulated down for them to snatch it up in some cases even cheaper. না, it’s not fare, but what can you do.

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