China Buying Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Through Hong Kong Loophole?

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It appears as though, there is a loophole through Hong Kong, that is allowing Chinese investors to find a way to buy and sell Cryptocurrency. The loophole is through Alipay and WeChat Pay. The Peoples Republic of China is actively looking for suspicious activity, which could explain certain spikes.

China Buying Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Through Hong Kong Loophole?

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  1. LOL i been watching altcoin buzz videos at 2x lately. unless it’s too hard to understand then i’ll slow it down to 1.5x. I really like the podcasts too because i can just listen while driving and not have to keep my screen on all the time. really pisses me off that youtube pauses when u turn ur screen off.

  2. FYI: Hong Kong Island belonged to the UK, দ্য 99 year lease was only on the New Territories on the mainland. HK island depends on the New Territories for its water supply. মধ্যে 1996 when the lease ran out, the premiere of China told Margaret Thatcher that if she didn’t cede HK Island back to China with the NT, they would invade it and take it through force. Figuring (correctly) that China was not Argentinafrom whom we retook the Falklandsshe decided to cede the island with a ‘guarantee’ that the Chinese would allow it to continue under its current governmental structure for fifty years.

  3. দারূন কাজ, Jeff. Not only do you spoon feed us alts that you’ve researched from time to time, but you and your crew also take it deeper to try to teach things or highlights world events that could impact the market. Give a person, a fishing pole as they sayYour channel is a great starting point to update someone like me who works a lot. Quite often I listen on the ride to work or home and then research some of the things you all bring up on my own so that I can make my own decisions. It is a valuable service you provide. Much appreciated.

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