YFI to $100K? Is this “DeFi GOLD” ? + Sushi, Sashimi & Getting Rich off DeFi


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YFI to $100K? Is this "DeFi GOLD" ? + Sushi, Sashimi & Getting Rich off DeFi

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Theta! Granted a US Patent and also partnered with MovieBloc. How much longer this is stays under $1 I don’t know.

  2. I approach crypto like Venture Cap…must have use case. This certainly limits the universe. Theta ticks all boxes and if it were listed on stock exchange eg Nasdaq…mkt cap would be much higher

  3. No NFT games? Well if any of you like racine games try (NFT) F1® Delta Time by Animoca based out on HK…. Also can check out their token REVV.

  4. YFBeta about to moon
    because of the announcement today 🚀🚀🚀

    Look it up, before it goes up exponentially 🕰

  5. BigONE Exchange was thrilled to launch a series of liquidity mining pools that leverage DeFi protocols, becoming the first BigONE DeFi Smart Pool and this is aimed at creating more awareness for the trending DeFi projects and also to generate extremely high yields for its users who are eager to take a piece of pie from the projects, thereby allowing you to profit from DeFi yield farming with ease. At this point in the crypto space, more attention should be paid to trading and accumulating and I can’t complain either about the price action of bitcoin because I have had my own share of active daily trading with the help of Lyndon Bernhardt {..[ Crypto_bernhardt onTelegram. whatsapp : +1 (760) 913 – 7481}
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  6. well i feall the defi coin are going to make the early adopters rich , even though i am not sure of what is responsible for the pump

  7. This Lyndon Bernhardt’s program is amazing, but I only make 5 bitcoin with 2.1 bitcoin the third week of working with him

  8. I am also a living beneficiary of this Lyndon crypto doubling trade scheme. The outcome has been so good , All the way from Russia

  9. I have actually Heard alot about This name Mr Lyndon and he has never been spoken ill of, i think its high time i Try Him.

  10. Determination is always an experience, life is a journey, make your future brighter by influencing your your potential towards winning

  11. I’m actually hoping there’s another major dip. To fill my btc, eth, and chianlink bags.. would love to get xrp lower than .12 cents. . .

  12. How houses could work.

    Replace Deeds with NFT’s… This would require legislation to protect and ensure NFT’s act as proof of ownership of the house.

    The seller offers the house on a specialized decentralized realty protocol
    Potential buyers place offers and suggested terms in protocol
    Once an offer is accepted, the NFT goes into escrow
    The buyer would place the initial deposit into the protocol.
    The NFT does not fully get transferred to the buyer. Instead only fractional amounts corresponding to repayment % of the principle.
    Thus, the buyer would slowly be accumulating fractional ownership of the NFT (house), while the rest of the ownership remains locked in escrow.
    In the meantime, the liquidity pool would pay off the Seller and they can go on their merry way.
    Essentially ownership is split between the protocol and the buyer, until the buyer pays off the entire principle.
    Similar to something like Aave, the payment could be flexible…
    However I see the liquidation rules being quite different…
    Instead of “interest” owed like most lending platforms… You could have reverse interest which slowly removes your % ownership of the NFT.
    So if you wait too long without payment, the NFT will eventually be fully owned by the protocol and an automated request for eviction could be filed electronically.
    This encourages larger initial deposits for the health of the loan, but also means if you’re paying in a timely manner then you’re rewarded by less effective interest. Think of it as a tug of war of ownership in a way, but it’s stacked in the payers favor as opposed to the lender.

    This would be a far more stable system than we have now as interest rates would be negligible, yet incentives are still set to encourage responsible and swift repayment. It would reduce evictions dramatically (though not eliminate them entirely). It would help prevent against economic downturns, because people could simply choose to pause their payments… sure it would sacrifice a little % of the ownership they accumulated… BUT… it would allow them to weather some of the worst possible economic downturns without losing their home entirely. That to me is a win.

    now this takes a lot of infrastructure and some policy changes to occur… but it is possible to do without a bank.

    This would also allow buyers to turn around and resell the NFT before full ownership (just like a mortgage). However, to sell it you’d have to full cover the balance owed. This would be automatically collected when resold, with the balance of payment being transferred to (now) seller.

  13. Ellio what can I say. You’re amazing. But more than that, your integrity is why I said in your last video that I’m sold on your channel. You just talked about coins that you can talk about to get views, but you don’t want to promote a coin that pumps for 30 mins and then dumps. Thank you for thinking of people like me who don’t have money to just throw around. 🙏🏼 God bless you abundantly and thank you so much for your content. 🙌🏼🙏🏼🤗

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  17. I  started trading recently with him and his strategies and profits are looking quite impressive guys.

  18. I am so interested in knowing what the market cap will be by the end of the the year.well so far i am still learning from Rolando

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