Wow! 1,000,000,000 XRP Unlocked By Ripple From Escrow! Eos, Litecoin, Bitcoin | Crypto News

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1 Billion XRP: Ripple Unlocks $442 Million in Crypto From Escrow 👍

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1,000,000,000 XRP: Ripple Unlocks $442 Million in Crypto From Escrow

Ripple the company didn’t create XRP

EOS: Block.One’s New Social Media Site Will Do Identity Checks for Every User

Block.One’s New Social Media Site Will Do Identity Checks for Every User

The Litecoin Subreddit Surpasses 200,000 Subscribers!

Someone just paid a $17,000+ Litecoin Transaction fee.

Bob Loukas Tweet

Reddit: If you put $10/day into bitcoin, starting at its peak in dec 2017, you'd be UP 46% today.

Reddit: BTC Dump: Pure Whale Manipulation

Final Video:This is why adoption and the US is so behind when it comes to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Have a look at this shocking video from Congress.

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Wow! 1,000,000,000 XRP Unlocked By Ripple From Escrow! Eos, Litecoin, Bitcoin | Crypto News

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  1. Not enough room here to say why I’m invested in XRP, but a good start to that answer can be found on a very recent Bitcoin Ben video where he interviews Matt Hamilton (an XRP community member). Matt is very knowledgeable in both XRP and POW. It’s a long video, but extremely informative for those wanting to understand why XRP is so powerful

  2. Altcoin Daily okay no problem, thank you for the reply man your vids are great! Thank you for all your work ✊🏽

  3. Thanks for the info, I don’t know why I have xrp, I just hit the I believe button on all this crypto stuff a couple years ago because of a mentor insisted on it. I’m slowly learning this whole thing but the more i learn the more my brain turns to mush. Thanks for all the videos.

  4. Glad you get value! Yeah a lot of speculation to sift though… and also a lot to speculate on.

  5. i like ripple a lot, particularly David Schwartz. i think its design (the xrp ledger) has the potential to rival fiat’s market. the vision is big, possibly more than we can currently imagine or comprehend. yes, they are coveting the banking markets, and i think one day it will be more like a stable coin. but i think ultimately its value will be far, far greater than it is now or has been

  6. That video clip of our government in action is scary, bro. Also, Bob Lukas is awesome! I signed up for his 4 year journey news letters. Personal question: Are you and your brother still DCA’ing BTC and your Alt coins?

  7. Thank you for your videos. Wow that EOS social media network is terrible… I would never use it.

  8. I watch the video hilarious although I don’t agree with a lot of your comments on xrp thank you for being on the channel

  9. Barsick whats upp way you are so rude! If you talk with no respect maybe someone sent you to a doctor😂

  10. What if central banks, for example, begin to issue stablecoins?

    What if most banks, for example, start using those instead of any privately issued bank coin?

    What if most banks develop their own ledger, as JP Morgan did?

    Anything is equally possible.

  11. if you got on a few years ago.. then a bull run for this asset class is all needed.. and surely we can’t be far away now! also once adoption and then utilisation comes around .. things should start moving readily.. I hope!!🙏

  12. Can you do a video on $zil? Lots of talk about it being the first sharding platform with smart contracts. The mainnet is targeting to launch this month.

  13. +Altcoin Daily if you don’t see the use, you haven’t been keeping up, imo. it’s all about the Atlantis hard fork making it a seamless compliment to ETH.

  14. GPU mining ETC is more profitable than ETH at the moment, so…
    I’ll mine what’s most profitable and trade the proceeds accordingly.

  15. Altcoin Daily sorry for my talk this dude dont respect anyone! Keep up the great work altcoin daily great video

  16. +Altcoin Daily teases about ‘coordicide’ ie theoretical success of a tangle based network with essentially zero transaction fees and infinite scalability, unbelievable but it’s based on different tech than normal blockchains

  17. Lawrence Gracie XRP isn’t a commodity. It’s much less valuable than a commodity.

  18. The difference between the front man in congress asking the questions vs the behind the scenes work is a hilarious show put on for the general public. Don’t be fooled that the U.S. Government isn’t sitting on over a hundred thousand Bitcoin neatly packed away in a data bunker. Between the soon and not soon enough release of a Gold Backed National Fiat Currency and our own stable coin

  19. yes tokens are far more integral.. adoption and use need to happen.. blockchain is the facilitator for the Internet of value.. c/currencies & digital assets et al will deeply affect the supply & demand of a variety of asset classes notably fx .. cross border payment.. remittances.. the token represents the value .. if the demand is high this will impact upon token market price.. XRP is presently in the process of adoption (otc) and utilisation..away from speculative bull runs there is no reason to expect market price to move substantially.. although price has moved in 4wks up by 50 % circa although dropped off to 40c as I write..

  20. Sorry but XRP is trash. It’s a failing project and will most likely never go past $3 again.

  21. Always watch the entire content and our Congress is simply clueless!!! Future coins to do a feature on is ETC, LTC, Chainlink, ADA, XLM, NEO, MKR and Atom!!!

  22. *rolls eyes* We urgently need to replace these dinosaurs with fresh minds that are in tune with today’s world.

  23. +Dr. Ho Lee Phuk ok.. why would IMF World Bank Bank of England amongst others reference XRP.. I’m unclear.. Can you clarify as to your very strong claims..

  24. +Lawrence Gracie They might reference XRP but they’ll never adopt it. They’ll just make their own version of the XRP token.

  25. +Altcoin Daily gotta get them clicks, and the debate was the selling of XRP via OTC is artificially suppressing the price not causing the price to drop.

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