WORST NFT CRASH EXPLAINED!! My strategy to make wild gains in the future


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Hey E.T Fam! I know that most of you are busy chugging away at finding the next crypto gems. So, I decided to curate some of the key points from today’s livestream and deliver them to you on a platter. If you want to know my thoughts around this recent NFT crash and what my secret strategy to come out on top is, be sure to watch. I can’t make it any simpler. I’m pulling out all the stops to make sure you all are positioned and empowered to take full advantage of this Q4 run.

More importantly, I’m giving you all hints on how to survive once the music stops playing and the dancing comes to a screeching halt. Also, what will we do if we don’t have that epic drop and Bitcoin decides to keep partying? Hear my thoughts on that topic and more in this short. Be sure to tune for some TA from Krown. Have a great morning E.T Fam!

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

WORST NFT CRASH EXPLAINED!! My strategy to make wild gains in the future

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  1. Well, well, well…
    Dude been telling you guys to buy JPEG’s. Be careful. They are JPEG’s.

  2. 90 % Of your information are “We all get rich, immemse times, gains” Would you reduce the video just in real information your videos would just be 2 min long.. 😘

  3. “I spent 100K on a gif of Bowser riding a surfboard playing an electric guitar. It’s now worth $50. Where did I go wrong?”

  4. Youre clutching at straws Ellio….all these people who have taken your advice are now deeply in the red and that money should have been rotated into top cap alts. We all know bitcoin pops 1st, the top caps, then mid caps then low caps…..and NFT’s are a pure gamble play because theyve never been through a 4 year bull cycle before!

  5. When did he say there was going to be a massive nft correction??? He’s been saying nfts are good. Obviously he just says a bunch of things and cherry picks after the fact saying “I told you so”. He has some good info but this is some bullshit

  6. Two weeks ago video titled: “BIGGEST NFT MANIA HAPPENING NOW! Do not miss the innovation of the decade”. Sure

  7. Ello simply can’t grasp how difficult NFTs are to buy. He doesn’t say how expensive they are. Most of the decent NFTs I’ve seen cost around I ETH that’s $ 3000 for a jpeg. How many people can afford that. He has to be more realistic. He’s been doing this for four years that means he’s probably got one or two BTCs. So of course he’s fine to indulge in buying NFTs.

  8. @Ez E He did say he thinks nfts are going to dump at the end of October and go into bitcoin the go to alts. So he wasn’t far off and as we mentioned before no one knows an exact dates of when events will occur. So always take time frames with a grain of salt.

  9. Just realize that whenever you see any video by Ellio on anything, it’s already too late. Move on to finding the actual trend. Crypto moves fast.

  10. @Neutro Jones That’s why doing your own research is key there are a lot of projects that you can get in to with little to no money only thing you have to do is pay gas fees.

  11. @Newbie Cryptewbie You don’t get it. Influencers use YouTube and Twitter to shill coins and make even more money on crypto. They are in YouTube to pump gains, not because they want to help you out.

  12. If he would just shrink the gains he soputs from 249X or 100x or even 50X down to 200X, 5X, 4X then I would feel he is more genuine. When he is so hyperbolic its hard for me to take anything he says seriously and I’ve never seen him show a 100X return on an NFT he mentioned after he mentioned it.

  13. @Neil Óg dont follow blindly like a sheep though. The commenters here are not whining, they are making good observations

  14. Exactly, would you pay 40,000 dollars for that in an art gallery? Of course not, most of this space is junk and has its values purely from wild speculation and the hope the price will go up

  15. @Seamus McManus i 100% agree on this. This has been my problem too with him lately. A bit arrogant or kind of reasserting too much what he says. I blame Alex Becker hahah.

  16. “He’s been saying nfts are good”

    That’s a massive generalization. Do you think NFTs will just go up in a straight line?

    He has said many times, when ETH goes up people will want to sell their NFTs and cash out their ETH. You can’t cherry pick one thing he says and hold on to it for dear life because crypto moves fast and it’s not a black and white “NFTs good boomer coin bad” because there are a lot of nuances and gray areas in between.

    NFTs are valuable, but they have cycles just like everything else. Bitcoin is going up but it will also go down. If you want to buy and hold a blue chip NFT for 10 years you will be in good shape. But if you want to actively trade you have to pay closer attention to what Ellio is saying.

    If you don’t want to analyze everything Ellio is saying, just buy Bitcoin and hold it for years.

  17. @Seamus McManus he thinks this is late October. He did say late October. But yeah goes back to trying to predict this market to the point. I listen to these influencers always with a grain of salt. And do my own research. Gotta be careful. This market is too volatile. However I have learned a lot from the guy. And I’m thankful for that.

  18. @Janet yes. Especially when it’s more “kinda” like I told you rather than “just”. However, I do not want to come across as an ellio hater, I really am not, this is prob the best channel there is

  19. @Seamus McManus no worries. You don’t come across as a hater. You are pointing out some observations. I also like the guy too. I forgive him haha.

  20. Ellio “I’ll say I told you when it is green, but say it is not financial advice when its red” Trades

  21. @Skylor He’s obviously just wrong though, just look at his recent videos about NFTs lol, none ‘predict’ a dump, its all his moonboy talk. He doesnt know what is coming any more than anyone else

  22. just watch his face and body language at the beginning of the vid, thats absolutely full on lying and discomfort as he tries to gaslight everyone with the ‘i told you’ BS

  23. You herd people to purchase NFTs, at crazy prices, knowing full well that 99% who buy will be wrecked.

  24. 1 or 2 BTC! 😂 Even I have more than that! I think ellio will be sitting on somewhere between 10 & 100 BTC and I expect his business is holding at least the same again!

  25. @Tamas Legner It has actual fundamentals. You can enjoy the art. What does a stock have, can you even look at a stock?

  26. He jumps on whatever is popular that advertisers will pay for. NFTs cost almost nothing to make and the biggest expense is advertising.

  27. Talking about NFTs – is Elliot’s SUPER FARM project still alive?
    Unfortunately the tokens dipped about 80 % after I bought some.

  28. As much as he is a bull and has a strategy he shills, you can’t blame him for his predictions if you stuck your money down. He doesn’t control the market, he’s trying to help us play an incredibly unpredictable game. Maybe you forgot your adult pants – you gotta try and lose sometimes to understand what’s really happening. It’s an evolving game that he can’t tell you how to win.

  29. That wasn’t late October….. 🤣 close though….. but like that was an early October crash my dude

  30. @Taino Lolino I don’t think so. He’ll talk about what he’s buying and where his entries were; bored apes, cyber kongs etc. With the calls he’s made over 4 years I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s sitting on $100 mil plus

  31. @Gavin Fisher You mean, with all the insider info and having his followers pump his coins for 4 years he is probably near $100 million.

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