WORST BULL RUN FUD! Response to BitBoy Bitcoin Prediction | Crypto, Blockchain, DeFi & NFT analysis


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In the past 24 hours, the #crypto community has been set ablaze by claims from the likes of notable #crypto YouTuber #Bitboy that the #BTC top will be in at the end of September. I just wanted to take a moment and give you all my thoughts surrounding the matter. There is no question that this year has been particularly #bullish overall….and eventually, what goes up, must come down. Have we finally reached the peak of the Bitcoin bull run? Will federal tapering cause it all to come crashing down within the next few weeks?

My answer is no. Everyone has the right to make their own predictions. However, there are factors that must be considered. There are still bullish scenarios that have yet to play out. Last week, I told you all that a possible #ETF approval may be in the pipeline for October.

Plus, the super cycle before a blowoff top is still on the horizon. Truthfully, no one knows what the future holds, but we can build an educated thesis based on the data we currently have. In this current #crypto climate, the fear of tapering is a very low percentage bet. If you would to hear my FULL thoughts, be sure to tune in.

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00:00 = Intro
02:39 = Is deflation coming?
03:42 = Bitcoin breakout fractal and double top
05:22 = FED tapering plan
08:52 = Upcoming BTC ETF?
10:11 = Outro

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

WORST BULL RUN FUD! Response to BitBoy Bitcoin Prediction | Crypto, Blockchain, DeFi & NFT analysis

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  1. AND in addition to BitBoy’s FUD, he always talks about having the largest crypto community, meanwhile Coin Bureau has like 300k more subscribers…

  2. If bitboy knows the exact tops then he would be a multi-billionaire…. stay humble, take profits on the way up and know you’ll never get every dollar worth of profits from your investments.

  3. Sooooo much hate in the space. I’d listen to all these guys and form your own opinions. Always good to hear all the angles. Don’t turn crypto into politics. We’re all trying to make money and will because we’re early. Chill out people.

  4. 9:40 ‘black’ and ‘white’ swan events do not refer to ‘bad’ and ‘good’ events respectively. A black swan event refers to an unlikely or generally unknown event, that the (predicative) models did not account for.

  5. I honestly feel Ben possibly lost a lot of money going long and now has to short the market to get back on the green. Thanks Ellio!

  6. Bitboy literally makes the most outlandish callouts. He’s wrong 99% of the time, and the 1% he is right, he makes sure he tells everyone

  7. I think that might be incorrect since Benjamin Cowen only started growing this year whilst Bitboy already had a big following

  8. @symmetry bitboy had like 30,000 subscribers at most in Jan 2020. He just blew up over the last year too

  9. You hit the nail on the head !! I think that he does this in order to correct his compulsive buying/ selling positions… the last I heard he dropped a 12mil loss on a trade…. Sorry not a fan… Ellio trades and Tyler’s S are about the most interesting crypto dudes I will trust….

  10. @Lenny Moodley I would add Benjamin to this list. I enjoy him and Tyler. They are both good for macro watches and always are a breath of fresh air while everyone else is focusing on the short term

  11. Tapering is not an event!! Is a reduction on the bond buyback pace by the Fed..is far from a black swan event..is completely predictable and will not create any wave as you guys are talking..also bitboy talking about deflation! Cmon, inflation this year is 5.4%, next year might be a little under 2%, but still inflation..not deflation..you guys need to spend a little more time reading about macroeconomics..

  12. @Seth Long but if he is able to exactly predict the tops then shouldn’t he be a billionaire by now or has he just been blowing smoke out his a** this whole time?

  13. Funy how all youtubers seem to forget to take into account the amount of cash you would need to move the market to a 350 kUSD BTC.

  14. The Fed can’t taper. But the Evergrande collapse could trigger a massive deflationary sell off in Real estate that sends shock waves through stock markets and ultimately crypto. Lending dries up during a crash and the majority of crypto investors have bough crypto on credit. The massive Money printing we’ve had and will continue to have will end the deflationary spiral quickly, but it can still happen in a high inflation environment. Inflation isn’t perfectly linear. Stock markets crashed during the high inflation of the 70’s. The great news is the crash will trigger the mass awakening and need for cypto.

  15. I’m still confused how bitboy gots a spot like this in the crypto community. Like who seriously take this guy serious.

  16. “”” Yesterday Is History”””
    “””tomorrow is Mystery “””
    “”today is Gift”””
    ””’that’s why it’s called present ❤❤❤💗💗

  17. Bitboy legit looks like a dude that has sold his soul for subscribers and $. He’s not doing the good lords work that’s for sure. I’ll happily go against anything he is adamant about .

  18. Cowen’s analysis won’t matter if Musk will say again something bad about BTC or if a black swan event will happen – and it will. When a correction will happen for the stocks, crypto will be hit hard. To be honest, I think both are wrong and we need to enjoy these last few months of 2021 and take profits along the way. Forget the charts, institutions and billionaires decide now the price of BTC and of altcoins.

  19. But do you still support him after his stupid statements contributed to the FUD? I just don’t think we should support someone who’s wrecks people. Lots of newcomers that are listening to his advice and losing their asses.

  20. No black swans are known, but they are unpredictable and can’t be forecasted. Take 2007, we new what caused it, but we couldn’t have predicted when it would happen.

  21. @Seth Long He was slgihly bearish, not very imo. He has always said that there was a period of 3-6 months consolidation following the May crash. The last pump happened 3 months ago in August.

  22. @Ralph Hidalgo ohh it used to be largest channel on all the inter web. Then he got beat and it’s now biggest community

  23. This is what we called conditioning, so that one day will become the largest crypto community. It is true though. Coin bureau only become the biggest by himself, but bitboy is biggest in crypto community

  24. @JepettO I struggle in thinking the same thing. But there’s no arguing he’s definitely promoted some extremely good coins when the prices were fairly low.

  25. @Curtis I cant see his hamster “self esteem” ” I am professional” face anymore… after two videos… what a negative person

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