Why Richard Heart’s Bitcoin HEX Is A Ponzi? What is it? [Cryptocurrency Review]


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What is BitcoinHex? Is it a scam? Is it a ponzi scheme? BitcoinHex is Richard Heart’s new vanity project… we need to investigate.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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BitcoinHEX pays holders instead of miners. Cryptocurrencies are worth more as Stores of Value.

BitcoinHEX pays holders instead of miners. Cryptocurrencies are worth more as Stores of Value.


Why Richard Heart’s Bitcoin Hex is a scam

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Bcash is garbage compared to Bitcoin says Richard Heart. Rhett Creighton says otherwise

Bcash is garbage compared to Bitcoin says Richard Heart. Rhett Creighton says otherwise

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This information is what was found publicly on the internet. This information could’ve been doctored or misrepresented by the internet. All information is meant for public awareness and is public domain. This information is not intended to slander harm or defame any of the actors involved but to show what was said through their social media accounts. Please take this information and do your own research.

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Why Richard Heart’s Bitcoin HEX Is A Ponzi? What is it? [Cryptocurrency Review]

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  1. Is it just me or does Heart look like your average snake oil salesman? I take this back. Actually a very intelligent individual. Watch his videos.

  2. He shoule be careful of the video content he puts out, anyone remember Crypto nick, Trevon James etc?? 🙂

  3. You should go read the definition of a ponzi scheme…. if nobody needs to put money in how can it be a ponzi ?

  4. +Altcoin Daily Seems like an up hill battle to call something a scam that you pay absolutely nothing, nada, zero for; and doesn’t a ponzi scheme require someone milk money from underlings? Doesn’t seem to do that either, which seems to be the case you tried to prove.

    Anyone who has even a weak command of smart contracts, knows that, if as described, ( and can be proven ), Richard himself cannot change the contract once executed. Thanks for the content, you did accomplish providing more visibility to this project; maybe Richard will thank you for that.


  5. +Altcoin Daily money authority.. if you have any others that you recommend I’ll check them out. I’m very new to crypto. I was offered bitcoin way back when it was like 100 a coin but thought it was a scam. Kicking my self now. Honestly, I dont make a ton of money and wouldn’t even be in crypto if it was for a customer giving me a $400 tip in bitcoin/ether

  6. At some point you will have the option to buy more…or when it hits exchanges other people will have the option to buy more… At the very least this is just money printing. Eventually it will be dumped.

  7. Nothing wrong with Richard getting richer for creating hexcoin. Seems to me that if you are a hodler and don’t expect to have to sell bitcoin for fiat, hexcoin offers a way to leverage value that you otherwise would not be able to realize. I have not studied the subject extensively enough, but from what I understand at this time, it seems like it would be win win for Richard and for me.

  8. +Altcoin Daily thats the whole point you dont even need to invest in it… just hold bitcoins …. you just dont invest in it then you cant be scammed… pass go and collect 200$

  9. True…if you get it free cool…i wouldn’t buy more. And keep in mind: it will dump eventually…that’s the game…don’t be the last one to dump.

  10. Hmm, interesting insight;

    1.) I disagree that he’s going to be the only one with a lot of HEX my man. Many large wallets will claim their free HEX too.

    2.) The whale ‘penalty’ practically doesn’t exist, as if they’re smart; they’ll simply shard their wallets and claim their coins properly.

    3.) Have you listened to the hours of content he’s released regarding every detail of this project? If you haven’t; I highly suggest you do, and ideally you should have done before making a video with a title like this one.
    – The project is a work of art.

    4.) Of course he’s doing it for self benefit? Isn’t that the reason any of us are doing any of this?
    – He even openly talks about this subject in every interview he’s been in. He knows this is genius, he knows it’ll go to the moon, and he absolutely knows it has the potential to make him even more wealthy.

    The difference is; it will also benefit those with a brain who take part.
    This is one of the smartest cryptocurrencies anyone has actually designed, you understand this right?

    5.) The project isn’t a scam, and “centralised”? Oh dear…
    It’s 100% decentralised. This is a fact. Which is not actually up for debate by anyone who hasn’t done adequate research into the nature of this project. Yes, he might have the most, but someone has to? I’d rather he hold it all than some other idiot with no brain.

    6.) Almost everything Richard says is true; harshly true. People don’t like hearing the truth and that’s as simple as that.

    7.) Granted; If people are stupid with it and get greedy at the “top” (if it ever has one); then yes they may get rekt, but in my opinion that’s a lesson learned and they deserve to lose every penny just like all the lessons we’ve learned.

    8.) Privacy danger!? Honestly, shaking my head.

    9.) If he ‘manipulates’ the price he’ll make it rise.

    Anyway; I strongly suggest you take part.

    – ya lil sloot

  11. +Altcoin Daily even then… if you just collected your coins and didnt invest doesnt change a thing except the lost of time claiming them lol….

  12. Smashed the likes. However this scripted review is at most for amusement. You did not explain how realised profits are made and what mr. Ponzi actually did. Only conjectures and what-ifs. I hope you will discuss this in a live stream with Richard. The gametheory lookes promising, but you did not investigate it. Only social media .

  13. Yea, he’s probably acumilating Bitcoin. Bitcoin might pump with buyers trying to get in on the airdrop action and spark a whole crypto bull run then he dumps the Hex coin. Double whamy.

  14. Wow…did not realize you were so into this. Good points…As far as #5 goes…I believe Richard has called out Ethereum for not being decentralized…but whatever…you do you 👍. Just don’t be the last one to dump.

  15. at first I see tons of weak hands going for this without speculating whether bitcoinhex is a scan o or not. even if they are told in a way that explains the reasoning to not hop in. then, the first mind sets to if get rich quick and cash out for lambos and other crazy things when they have it. but then again, then it was all a lie just to collect the money run with it . which leads to more people disliking the crypto currency. eventually losing faith in crypto currency like that time with Bitconnect. some ideas that’s brings into the minds when they hear and see this currency

  16. +Altcoin Daily Thanks. I know the risk. Does this not concern all altcoins and bitcoin (or any asset)? It would be nice if we had more critics about it like you, but with more indept analysis. You even may be also on the side of BitcoinHex with your clickbaits 😉

  17. Anything with ‘Bitcoin’ in the name is similar to a Ponzi scheme and creates money out of ‘thin air’ … but its good of you to point out any new potential scams before more people are hurt. While I wouldn’t call Bitcoin a scam, it is similar to a Ponzi, which is alluded to in the article you discussed. As such, I can never support it. Satoshi Nakamoto is already a very rich man as he has the deposits from those that exchanged their fiat money for his worthless crypto coin that relies on ‘faith’ as its source of value. What a clever man he is …

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