Why I Am ALL IN On Bitcoin. Why Bitcoin? & Why NOT Altcoins?

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The Next Bitcoin Bull Rally Will Be Totally Different From The 2017 One.
This Is The Case For A Small Allocation To Bitcoin.

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The case for a small allocation to Bitcoin

The Next Bitcoin Bull Rally Will Be Totally Different From The 2017 One

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Why I Am ALL IN On Bitcoin. Why Bitcoin? & Why NOT Altcoins?

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. 4:39 It look like it takes 10/11 years for Amazon before the REAL run starts. Maybe the same for BTC and was the 20K run just a test period 😏

  2. @Jannib Andelo Bayutas  He does talk about alt coins sometimes. He could have gone with crypto daily but the name was already taken lol.

  3. Excellent job, humanity thanks you!
    Hey, here’s an idea for two enterprising young BTC reporters/fans… Take a trip around the world using only BTC, for say 2 weeks, reporting each day of your journey and how you paid for it each day. Would be great vid. I would be willing to kick in say a tenth BTC if others do as well. So should be FREE to you guys, a great experience, and great for BTC. (fly airlines that take BTC, use BTC debit card, etc). Would be fun…

  4. After reading the comments I’m thinking about changing my channel name to Bitcoin Daily for the traffic that will search for it like I just did a second ago, lol. Great video, I got value from this 👍👍

  5. I’m very bullish on Bitcoin. Altcoins will have their time again and when they do, I’ll sale them for more precious bitcoin >.<

  6. When I tell my friends and family to buy bitcoin, they laugh at me… let’s see who is laughing in 10 years 😀

  7. I just sold some of my alts and BTC for TUSD because I believe BTC is gonna drop to $3900 by the end of the month.

  8. This is why I freakin love Altcoin Daily. No BS no biases just straight facts. If I hadn’t been suspended on Twitter I’d be following them there too. Consistency is a key in this crypto world and AD has it.

  9. 5400usd in February 2020.
    Maybe lower and touch again the 3200 usd level.
    Look at the Wall street psychology chart.
    We are now between the anger and depression fase.
    Good luck 💪😎

  10. ImZappix – Why the glee? I don’t expect much from XRP in the coming months (actually I fully expect it to go to 15c), but in the coming years there is a *possibility* that it does really well. But yes, I do find all the evangelists quite tiresome.

  11. @Dr. Ho Lee Phuk That is a tactic used by all Chinese coins i.e. Tron, Vechain, BNB, all of which will goto zero because they have no real customers. As long as Ripple is being adopted, the native currency will not suffer the same fate as pumped up fraudulent Chinese garbage.

  12. “if the price is less than 2 milion by the end of 2020.then the mathemathics itself is flawed”John Mcafee

  13. My friends think I’m telling them to buy it so the price can pump. I’m like your 100$ isn’t going to change the price😂

  14. @Bitcoin Motorist but what can it do? Yes it’s scarce and has the brand name but that’s about it. Imo the big Big money has already been made in btc. Time to find some alts with true utility and watch my money grow

  15. @Rico Smash if XRP does a 28x increase in price to $7, it will only be because bitcoin price increased by a larger multiple.

  16. On Dec. I, crypto traders expected the Bitcoin price to bounce back in case of a daily close above the 7,4OOusd level. However, the miracle didn’t happen, and the BTC price continues to keep spiraling downwards. Still, even after this failed attempt at a speedy recovery, some technical analysts believe that the crypto king might pull off a surprise move to 7,8OOusd. The reason behind this bullish prediction is a CME futures gap that could be filled within 24-hours. so everybody should buy more and join the gain, for me i advice you multiply the little you have with Kentrell’s strategy, i was able to make 7bt with I.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, reach him on telegram kentrellroger orWhatsApp+1(2I3)34O-562O–__

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  18. yes, I’m a living witness to this lucrative program of Mr Kentrell, and I’ve attempted another program as well, it’s really the best one on the market now, and i also tried hodling, well hodling will make you want to commit suicide, i also advice you try trade with kentrell

  19. Chicago-based CME Group a force to be reckoned with in the crypto market after it debuted its cash-settled Bitcoin futures in December 2017. However, it opens and closes in tandem with other Wall Street’s market while Bitcoin trading is live 24/7. Hence, if Bitcoin experiences a major in either direction when the CME market is closed on its candlestick chart. These gaps are widely tracked by technical analysts because the leading cryptocurrency has a historical tendency to revisit these price levels.

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