Why Hasn’t The Bitcoin Bull Run Started? [Cryptocurrency Market Theory]


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Watch this video to find out my theory on why the marker is stagnant!

It's hard to predict the next few months…it get's easier to predict the next few years!

Obviously, this is not financial, legal, tax, or investment advice. Do your own research!

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Bakkt and Fidelity Will Bring an ‘Enormous Amount of Capital’ Into Crypto: Pantera Capital CEO

Bakkt and Fidelity Will Bring an ‘Enormous Amount of Capital’ Into Crypto: Pantera Capital CEO

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Why Hasn't The Bitcoin Bull Run Started? [Cryptocurrency Market Theory]

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  1. It hasnt started because im not out yet , i just bought some more, its like im not able to get rich and my reality keeps changing like that , so the moment i get out and sell all my coins the bullrun will start, so im sorry people the bullrun will never start because i will never sell 😂😂😂

  2. I hear what your saying, but i think we will drift lower very very slowly until a big move happens. 2014 was a total different chart! Everyone should enjoy the possibility of drifting lower over the next few months! What a buying opportunity!

  3. OTC market has been 3x exchange volume to proponents of OTC volume have been the institutions which will not point accredited investors to binance because Bakkt, Fidelity, etc are here to take over binance, coinbase, etc. If your a rich guy who just bought 10,000 btc would you put it on binance I think not.

  4. During the peak of the 2017 bubble the numbers actually looked like I could retire on bitcoins (considering my the frugal lifestyle I prefer). Then I went on vacation and when I came back that was no longer the case. So I kept my mechanic job, kept my frugal lifestyle (take home income 4450, spending 1400, surplus income around 3000 a month) and continued adding to my bitcoins every payday. When I accumulate too much in my phone wallet I dump it into the Trezor and lock it back in the bank box. I don’t want those things anywhere near me since I’ve been known to panic sell when we run into some really scary news and that’s been a disaster for me. If I didn’t do that in the past I’d be retired by now! So I keep them safe yet far enough away so that I can’t get to them easily, and I just continue to average in and allow time to do the heavy lifting for me. My day is coming. I won’t be able to retire at 53 now but maybe I can do it when I’m 54. Guys my age have a nasty habit of dying unexpectedly so I might as well have a little fun before I drop.

    When I retire I won’t cash in large amounts of bitcoin. I’ll simply draw an income from them, whatever I need up to 38,600 a year. As long as I keep it under that number I’ll be below the minimum point where I’d have to pay income tax. The government likes to keep their tax cattle in their system, either working yourself to death and paying a ton of taxes or being slavishly towing the line since you’re dependent on government money to survive. I’m happiest when I can live entirely outside of their system. That’s the point where you have the most freedom.

  5. Yes in 2014 I pulled the plug on my miners when it went lower than $300, cost me more in hydro then it was making. Funny how I started mining again last year 😛

  6. The stock market is in a rising wedge. Just look at the Dow Jones Industrial average. People will fear the devaluation of the US dollar and start buying cryptos and precious metals. The MASSES during the recession is what will bring a multi-trillion dollar market cap to crypto. But lacing the crypto-price to the US dollar might be pointless later in 2019, because the US dollar will no longer be a thing. It’s very possible. Rising wedge in the Dow Jones Industrial Average at the moment. Stocks are about to plummet. Global recession possibly great depression on the horizon. Thus the rise of Bitcoin and precious metals will set-in before the year is done, because, the stock market is literally in the first stages of crashing… Another reason i’m buying now – clear signs of accumulation. These random days where Bitcoin has a 3 billion dollar spike in Volume. The big guys are accumulating – but not too much to arise suspicion and start the bull run before they can repeat accumulation patterns for a while… We’ll see. But it’s getting very interesting not just with BItcoin, but on a global economic scale.

  7. Ongoing preparations for listing on major exchanges. This time SNTR token passed a security audition by chinese cybersecurity company SlowMist. The security assessment is passed so now we proceed to major listings with confidence.

  8. This is directly from the institutions themselves???
    The only TWO reasons institutions have not yet began to implement Crytocurrency adoption is the lack of regulatory certainty and Custody Solutions!!

  9. As long as we are in this stage (or if we have a drop) I will continue to accumulate. The more I have accumulated when the bulls arrive, the better my profit! Like I said before, I’m good with a cattle drive instead of a bull run as long as we get to the profitable pasture at some point. Thanks for another great video! 🙂

  10. Altcoin Daily … exactly! However as you well know, they won’t budge until all the I’s are dotted & the T’s are crossed 👍

  11. Regulation isnt coming. The SEC will not make a decision on any crypto unless they are breaking the law. Bitcoin and Eth havent been cleared of anything as any comments were personal opinions. You are waiting for something that will never happen

  12. +Grass Hopper You have your head in the sand if you think regulation isnt coming.All the major players like banks,hedge funds,institutional investors and payment providers are getting,or have got into crypto including bitcoin.When the next bull run happens,everyone will be chasing the FOMO and end up buying at the top of the pump,like last time.The clever people (smart money) always buy when the price is low.

  13. +Pawan Rai I cannot advise on financial matters.I.can only say thay investors buy the dips and buy at the bottom of the market

  14. +Altcoin Daily Thankyou for replying.I think Bitcoin and other cryptos like XRP Ripple will see some interesting price action

  15. Lol. Sometimes I feel like that. Almost Everything I buy goes down crashing and every time I sell it skyrockets like 30% increase. Let’s start going to church. lol.

  16. Things are going great and their only getting better, I’m doing alright buying bitcoin the crypto future so bright I gotta wear shades! ( : 0)

  17. We are a year away from great stuff happening, most won’t be patient enough to be around by then

  18. When crypto’s start getting to silly high levels, that’s when the fiat currencies are struggling (or even dying). That’s my long term prediction of how it might play out. By that stage, our global value structures will have already started to change, and crypto’s will start to replace fiat properly. It will no doubt be centralised tokens trying to control it though

  19. +Mike Harrington Not so good XD But who knows, some of the team seem to be ready to fork the project and get it back on track… lets see

  20. I think that is very obvious, the weak hands have mostly been gotten rid of , leaving the hardcore hodlers and all the banking institutions who bought it all up. As usual they want to control everything

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