Where Is Bitcoin (BTC) Heading? | Latest Crypto News | Pillar Update

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Join The New Kids On The Blockchain as we go though all the latest crypto and blockchain news with Crypto Curry Club, discuss Bitcoins (BTC) price movements and talk to Michael from The Pillar Project about what they have been up to.

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00:00 – 03:43 Intro / Crypto.com news
03:43 – 12:15 Erica from Crypto Curry Club brings us all the latest news
12:15 – 23:45 Crypto taxes with Dennis from Accounting
23:45 – 25:30 Outro


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Visa Taps Ethereum to Build its Digital Dollar Infrastructure





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Where Is Bitcoin (BTC) Heading? | Latest Crypto News | Pillar Update

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  1. Over the next week? I see BTC going back into the mid-$8000s. But hopefully in the next couple of weeks it passes $10K – although I do like what John McAfee said on your other show about you shouldn’t look at the fiat value of crypto – it’s about so much more than that – something to think about anyway

  2. Hey guys, been quite a week. Been trying a small bit of trading. Not doing too bad. Wheres your trading segment this week? Was looking forward to that!

  3. I have a similar testimony, with 2.5Btc, I already have 7.15Btc and its just 3 months since i contacted him.

  4. So many people told me there was no profit in trading, Benjamin has helped me proved them wrong cause i have made 2.5 bitcoins in one week trading through MrBenjamin’s Instructions.

  5. Great of you to think to come up here and show keen appreciation to Mr Benjamin, I think he has worked quite hard enough for the recommendation.

  6. Pumps up with massive whale manipulation, then crashes back down with massive whale manipulation. Rinse and repeat. Same as it ever was…

  7. Until we breach and settle above $10k we have downward pressure.
    Once 10k becomes major support we won’t come close to breaching the real hurdle of $13,000 BTC – When (we will breach it again) we do this we signal a new potential bull run.
    It might be a slower climb back up rather than a 2017 run, but that might not be a bad thing as stability of prices might start attracting investors again as they look to diversify some of their gains (profits) from the main markets back into a more stable and mature crypto market.
    Sadly there was not a ‘flight to safety’ play during this stock market dump, money didn’t pour into metals or potentially BTC “GOLD 2.0” so no renewed interest from investors for now.
    Instead, investors ran to the US $ and then bought the stock run back up on “hopium” of the world economies re-opening and insane mass handouts to Fortune 500 companies (bullish)
    We have not seen the real damage yet from 40 million unemployed and countless small and large businesses collapsing and never coming back.
    Many US stimulus cheques were put back into the stock market by many of the middle class (this was the hope by the government) as this helps prop up main markets.
    The stock market is now considered the indicator of the economy as a whole and so everything and the kitchen sink has been thrown at it to continue this illusion.
    Main markets have fresh money pouring into them while BTC tries to hold its head above 9k.
    Just like the stock market, BTC could go either way. How BTC performs in a recession will be interesting.
    With such uncertainty, it is better to invest into the blockchain start-ups/tech side and infrastructure than speculate on the coins for now.
    The BTC mining companies that have stock market tickers have done very well over the halving 🙂
    There are some interesting rumors regarding Coinbase and the potential future digital USD.
    For me the most interesting development if it ever happens would be if BTC would become a safe haven if the banks ever did mass ‘bail-ins’ of savers accounts and people run to get their money outside the system.
    Stay safe out there 🙂

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