What’s Next For Bitcoin’s Price? $2,000 Or $10,000? What About The Next Halving in 2020?

Let's talk about the actual intrinsic value of Bitcoin… i.e. What is the fair value of one Bitcoin? I want to share with you an articles from Forbes discussing just that. Then let me remind you what is to come in 2020 when Bitcoin goes through it's next halving.
All that and more!

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What's Next For Bitcoin Prices — $2,000 Or $10,000?


Bitcoin ‘Halving’ 2020: What Will the Price of Bitcoin Be?


Google Trends Bitcoin Interest Hits 6-Month High

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What's Next For Bitcoin's Price? $2,000 Or $10,000? What About The Next Halving in 2020?


  1. No…if anything this is a bullish sign that people are buying in large quantities on a public exchange.

  2. It’s kind of wild really. The same people who were making posts about their visions of a new lambo in dec. Are now saying it’s all over. Just in case anyone needed a reminder most people are emotional decision-makers and not logical ones

  3. We will look back at these times fondly. You really make quality videos I’m glad that I’m a subscriber 💯

  4. Go to reddit, bitcoin page, you say anything bad, all the Btc boys go crazy, I got banned from bitcoin page

  5. Team, doesn’t matter to me. I’m keep buying BTC every move. This is the time I’ll take advantage of this low BTC price. It will never come in ones lifetime. Just buy 0.01 BTC and for that sell your small Cap coin.
    I mean Market Cap. Please also use the ATH data from the top 50 high cap. Stay on just 5/6 coins plus BTC.

  6. +Altcoin Daily well if you say anything against the bitcoin narrative and why it is not a currency that will be used for adoption and use case, they ban you straight away.

  7. +Kyle V wasnt shilling no coin, i was just talking about the major problems with btc, if btc was a success it woudnt have bleed this bad and where are all the big partnerships and businesses using bitcoin, there are coins far better than bitcoin that will have the potential to beat it in future

  8. Does the Wheatley model take into consideration the OTC market???? Could it really be $10,000 too??? The market manipulators know Bitcoin’s real value. Yet, they let Bitcoin’s value stay at about $6,000 for half the year when it should have went higher, but they kept crushing it back down. Now the manipulators want blood and that is what they got. Let all the little people sell off and the whales buy with delight. $10,000 Bitcoin for $4,500. Just in time for Bakkt, Fidelity 401k and all the ETFs to get approved and started up. Then you will see the real value of a Bitcoin!

  9. There is no way to tell where this market is headed next, although odds still favor the bears. Even if they cannot push the price much lower than 3k I don’t see us breaching even 5.5k by the end of this year.

    Next year anything could happen, but I don’t expect much more than sideways trading around wherever BTC decides to consolidate. I’m thinking a replay of the last few months of that 6k to 6.5k range, only played out for almost the whole year rather than just a few months, and played out at whatever range we end up stable at. (1k? 3k? 5k? 6k?)

    I do not anticipate BAKKT going through by Jan 24. If they can delay it further they likely will, and even if it does go through there’s no guarantee it’ll lead to bullish sentiment right away or if it will have ANY positive effect on prices. If this last year has taught me anything it is to remain über cautious and skeptical with anything in this market, especially with big promises of institutions getting involved, ETFs etc. They will push this back as long as they can.

    Will BTC return strong someday? Yes, i believe it will, but for the next 6 months or so i remain bearish/neutral.

    I’m actually hoping for a year of boring stability around the 3k to 5k range. Would give ample time for accumulation and stability would also probably buy time for the best projects to build something real. I don’t think most altcoins outside the top 20 can survive another year of the same bearish volatility as this one.

    As always I would love to be surprised, but my intuition says we will remain under 6k and sideways for the better part of the next year.

  10. The increase of people searching for bitcoin on google probably has nothing to do with gained interest or potential buyers. The spike in interest was from people searching “bitcoin crash” from what i understand.

  11. Bitcoin will be so valuable as all fiat currencies collapse. Gold and silver will soar but is still hard to transact those commodities and that is were crypto comes in. Bitcoin to 100K in the next fiat collapse.

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