What is the Stellar Lumens Crypto? IBM Powered Blockchain Banking, DEX, ICOs, ATMs, Lightning!

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What is the Stellar Lumens Crypto? IBM Powered Blockchain Banking, DEX, ATMs, and Lightning Network!

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What is the Stellar Lumens Crypto? IBM Powered Blockchain Banking, DEX, ICOs, ATMs, Lightning!


  1. Stellar is really a SHINING STAR!  This is such a GOOD explanation regarding Stellar Lumen (XLM) ! VERY VALUABLE information for all of us. Thank you so much for your excellent research and channel.  – Donald The Guru

  2. ehh not necessarily. Ripple has some crazy partnerships locked in. Coke vs. Pepsi of bank transfers. Just because most people actually prefer Pepsi in a blind challenge doesn’t mean it’s the winner. In the end they are both gonna be massive and Stellar has more dimensions than Ripple has. But that doesn’t mean XRP is gonna roll over and die.

  3. Holding some XLM… thanks for another wicked vid with the researched content… #ToTheMoon 💪

  4. Ive checked out the top crypto channels , that I searched. Yours wasnt there but definaetly should be. Thanks for your info. Easy to watch and very informative.

  5. Thanks for all the feedback and additional info. Especially from the Reddit peops, including Mista_Incognito, bellyburpcough and b1tcc.

    We want to clarify a few things from the video:

    1) Stellar is not a fork of Ripple. It’s recoded from scratch, enhanced. Go Jed Go!

    2) The inflation comes from the fee pool and inflation of newly minted coins. After more research and confirmation with Stellar insiders, it seems that there IS newly minted coins. Those combined with the collected fees are then redistributed in the inflation payouts each week.

    3) To be clear we do not think Jed was responsible for Mt Gox hax or downfall and have seen enough evidence to see Jed warn Mt Gox and Mark about the potential hacks that could be coming due to faulty code. As well the Mt Gox hacker has been arrested last year was a guy named Alexander Vinnik from Russia who took the fall for the hack.

    4) Some people are asking about negatives with Stellar, we will be sure to include more negatives on coins we review in the future. Here is a few concerns:
    – Partnerships with Banks (compete with Ripple, and Ripple being first with bigger bank plays it might be difficult to close lots of bank partnerships)
    – Adoption – This goes for their ATMs, ICO Platform, DEX, and even using it as a Currency with so much competition they may have problems getting adoption. As we see they only have a handful of ICOs currently so to get more ICOs in the future from other platforms may be difficult.

    However with that said we do think highly of Stellar and are excited to follow it and watch it bring new innovation to the space and continue to grow over the coming years. 🙂

  6. I just found your show today. I had no idea you were out there. I am really glad you talked about stellar today. GREAT GREAT informative show i liked, subscribed and told a few friends about you.

  7. Great summary!
    I’m taking a course in which I have to write a Group Project: Can Blockchain Break the Chains of Poverty? So, I want to write about Stellar and this video had been a good kick-off for me. However, I’d need to do more in-depth research. Would you recommend me some​ sources, links, etc.?

  8. FUD TV excellent video. Xlm will do massive numbers. If banks and countries use xlm the coin value will be staggering. Wealth change coming

  9. will you give us your insights and do updated technology review of the roadmap for Cardano/ADA ?

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