What is Nebulas $NAS? Is this the Ethereum Killing Google for Blockchain?

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What is Nebulas $NAS? Is this the Ethereum Killing Google for Blockchain?

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What is Nebulas $NAS? Is this the Ethereum Killing Google for Blockchain?

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Please do a video on Skycoin. They were just featured in China Daily and compared to IBM’s hyperledger project. They also have a big conference in China on April 10th, and they just made moves into the top 100 this mornin. They’re one of the only coins that has been gaining steam even in this bear market.

  2. Great video. I’ve been following NAS for a while and this was by far the most informative video I’ve watched thus far.

  3. Well done, thanks for the review. With the self-evolving features I think NAS has a lot more potential than search engines in the 90’, we live in different times and the pace is picking up, they got a head start and it won’t be easy for others to catch up. The key in Blockchain is decentralization so I don’t think corporations like Google will want to play in that space.

  4. Great analysis, love your channel! And people, keep in mind the ico price was 2$ usd, there is sooooo much room to grow and a fixed total supply too that is relatively low

  5. ow man! your reviews are the deepest and the most detailed I can find on Youtube)) now the question – why there’s only 35% of coins in circulation? does it mean that the price could be manipulated by the owners of other 65% of coins??

  6. You forgot the NEBULAS worm hole polymorph which will link other block chains, and NEBULAS cluster which will have side chain co-operation with one another. But amazing review! One of the best. You deserve more subs!

  7. Thank you! I tried explaining is more simply but I’ll do a follow up on cluster and worm Hole polymorph

  8. Ehh so many of these coins are “pre-circulation” so they need a lot more to work at scale. I’d say adoption will mitigate any risk of inflation or supply issues with Good coins.

  9. Thank you! We tried to put all the excitement into a few minutes! So hard with so much to cover but we love spreading understanding of the great projects in the space 😊🚀

  10. You guys post the best crypto reviews, hands down. So much garbage out there; thanks for taking the time to describe the tech and avoid silly tech analysis. Nebulas is in my top 4 investments. Going long on bridge projects!

  11. True! We know quite a bit about this coin but we feel as though we are still formulating our opinions. We will work towards a complete review.

  12. One of the most promising projects I have invested so far. Been holding NAS since January and will be a long term hold for me😉…nice review btw

  13. Your videos are just so damned good and well put together. My jaw just dropped when I just noticed your subscriber count, though. Huh? This is at least a 200k-sub channel. Nas is cool. I don’t own any, but it’s definitely cool.

  14. Another great video Elio! I have some NAS and plan to buy some more as I aslo see this as a project with huge portential.
    Could you PLEASE do a review of ELECTRA (ECA). It’s also a self-evolving block-chain, built on a best-of-the-best NIST5 algorithm and they are implementing ATOMIC SWAPS. I’m really excited by this project and would really be keen to hear your views on it too! Thanks again Elio for all you do! 🙂

  15. Thank you for saying that! We just started the channel end of Jan and have only existed in a bear market. We appreciate you saying that and we won’t be stopping until we reach those levels!

  16. It’s like 60% of my portfolio. I figure I’m in crypto for big gains and this one could be massive!

  17. Great review but it’s a shame that the price has tanked along with the rest. Have you any views on Pundi x / NPSX ? It’s paying out 7.2% airdrops each month until the end of 2018 then a reduced rate. They have a cheap but good POS system that handles Cryptos and credit cards for just $300 with no fees! They seem to be our best chance for mass adoption.

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