What is it going to take to gain mass adoption? [Mainstreaming Cryptocurrency]


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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
Let's talk about what it's gonna take to make cryptocurrency mainstream. What is it really going to take to gain mass adoption?

I pulled this article from Toshi Times:

In it they compare Bitcoin and crypto to email and the internet. Interesting stuff.

Also, let's go over where, right now, you can use Bitcoin to pay for everyday goods and services.

Hodl, spend, replace, Hodl

What do you guys think?

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****Not financial advice. Just opinion. I'm just a normal guy. Not an expert on anything.

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What is it going to take to gain mass adoption? [Mainstreaming Cryptocurrency]

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  1. I luckily didn’t start buying cryptos until late February early March. Even though a few bitcoin from 14′ woulda been better. I stick a steady amount in every week and HODL 60% in safe main coins and weekend play with the other 40%

  2. Ha I’ve talked about ETN a lot. Don’t really know if it will take us to mass adoption…but I’m rooting for it.

  3. Nothing right now. But when my female friends would like to know how I’m paying with bitcoin, I would know how to answer them, thanks to you.. That would plant a seed, then the ripple effect.:-)

  4. Numerous examples of those who lost in situations like Hush , ZCL , Mt Gox. could be offset or mitigated – If a large player like Coinbase were interested in encouraging mass adoption there are clever ways to boost interest in the space. We need A success story to share with our families this holiday season in the U.S. ( I’ll be bragging about my 0x )

  5. Good video buddy. It takes a lot to gain mass adoption: unique features, solid marketing, viva voice etc. I’m a fan of solid privacy coins like DeepOnion and Zcash and I’m really happy to see more and more people talking about them and using their features, so I think that we’re definitely going in the right direction. Keep up =)

  6. “The more people that invest the better” – That is so true! We all hope for our own cryptos but as you say there it is no reason that a bunch of them can succeed and make our community/society better. Thanks for sharing!

  7. You can buy Prusa (one of the best if not the best) home 3D printer whit bitcoin

  8. Mass adoption is a long way off. The first thing that must occur is increased access to the markets. It is entirely too difficult to get verified on sites. Coinebase is the easiest but they only offer 4 coins. The rest have poor customer service, no phone support and wait times which are absurd.

  9. Just found this channel! I watch a lot of these other channels and I think I will be adding you to the top of the list.

  10. Altcoin Daily is there a option to make an video; what if you have 1k to invest in crypto how to split the money. Grtz from the Netherlands

  11. Altcoin Daily thanks! I’m in on Zebi. Got in at 10cents. Got some Pubdi now and Holochain.

  12. I love your daily videos. I’ve found you maybe week ago and since then I’m watching every your video. Can’t wait to see your review on Smart Trip Platform. Keep up with good work. 🙂

  13. Let me qualify my post here with, im in this for the long haul, im invested in a few diff coins and i believe that crypto, blockchain and smart contracts have a strong place in the future. One of the things that has me worried or has me questioning mass adoption is the fact that bitcoin, the first to market, was created in one sense to have on hand, one currency that can be used, permissionless, worldwide, for everything. There are now coins for security, one for privacy, one for medical records, one for reale estate, one for adblock, one for rewarding content creators, etc. So, what does this mean? That we, one day in the future, will have to take some of our currency to a shapeshift like website to change over to whichever currency we need to use atthat moment? I thought all of this was supposed to make transactions quick and easy. Wouldnt just one currency be enough….or could there be one coin to rule them all…..precious!! Its like if i want to buy something in japan that i have to trade my usd for yen to make the purch. Idk, sorry to be negative, just pondering how this all can be simplified and jetstreamed so that anyone newly entering the space will not be overwhelmed with choice paralysis and just stick with the norm……fiat. so,essentially we need…..one coin to rule them all, one coin to find them, one coin to bring them all and in the market…bind them!!!

  14. Nics…never heard of that one. Ill def check it out…there may be something there if they can address that issue, seemlessly. Thanks for the heads up

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