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Hey E.T Fam! I hope everyone is doing well and not letting the current volatility that we’re experiencing worry you. Right now, the crypto market is going through a bit of a cool off. While this may cause fear in some newbies, I expect all of my veterans to remain unfazed. A cool off is to be expected after an epic run past the ATH. In an extreme bull cycle, earlier hodlers tend to take profits.

Your job is to not get shaken out of the market by falling for the hype. Plus, you all know that I’ve been warning everyone of a possible shakeout of the weak hands and over-leveraged traders. The #ETF bulls are still piling into the market. In fact, the BITO ETF broke records yesterday by becoming the fastest ETF ever to naturally get $1B. It only took them two days! Now it’s being reported that three more ETFs are possibly on the way. Billionaires like Peter Thiel are expressing regrets for underinvesting into BTC and more pension funds are starting to diversify into crypto.

Also, in regular crypto shenanigans news, Binance had a “flash crash” occur on its US platform that caused the price of Bitcoin to drop to $8k. Luckily, this only occurred on Binance.US…..but once again, this is just another case of Binance doing Binance things. Welcome to crypto everybody. E.T Fam, the things may seem erratic at the moment, but we’re still in good shape. The bull market is still in full effect!

0:00 A smooth sea never made a good sailor
1:06 BTC’s ‘scam wick’
3:42 Don’t operate on emotion
4:00 Explaining leverage
5:03 Liquidation cascades help BIG money
7:00 This is when things get hot
7:46 Expect VERY HIGH volatility
8:50 The market doesn’t reward buying green & selling red
9:36 High IQ take: have conviction
11:08 Bears + having perspective
13:00 Animoca brands valuation
14:32 Answering live questions
14:38 Will NFTs run before alts?
16:36 SuperFarm + Immutable X Announcement & walkthrough
20:09 First time Immutable X user walk through
22:25 Why this partnership is MASSIVE
24:02 Parallel raises $500m
25:19 Sushiswap liquidity efficiency
25:43 Answering live questions
28:08 Given $100k where would you invest crypto?
30:24 Prepare for massive shifts!

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. The guys who caught that wick, my hats off to ya, cause that was the fastest 52k he’ll ever have made!

  2. I’m a little guy and caught the wick at $15k and $20k and 30k buy orders set up back in july hahahaha

  3. If you can dodge a whale 🐋 you can dodge a wrench 🔧 😉
    Thank you Elliooooo!!!
    Wishing anyone Who reads this the best of bests [^_^]
    May the God of your choosing bless you

  4. Congrats brother. This is a big day for us at Superfarm, we caught your hints for the Q4 announcement and it’s huge! Long term play high IQ play. Early af for superfarm.

  5. I got scamwicked into my shib position yesterday. That now makes shib, btc, and ada, and eth

  6. Totally – all those hyper-dramatic poses on thumbnails, almost lose my viewership. Elliot is pretty much the only one I still watch..

  7. There is an even bigger event going down for 4 days in a row now in Decentraland!! themetaversefestival with huge artists, its F***ing legendary and no one is talking about it :/

  8. “If you’re buying green, and selling red, you’re literally doing it as wrong as you possibly can.”

  9. Would never miss you, nor missing the like, we are so privileged to have you share.
    Been following you since 2018
    Probably an outlier being
    female and 76.

  10. Ellio has such a depth of perception on tactical analysis. Which is surprising since he always claims to know nothing about technical analysis.

  11. These times are really teaching me that the “free world”, home of modern capitalism, is just the one with less opportunities in more advanced and experimental economic systems.

  12. You’re so amazing Ellio and sincere congratulations to you and your team with hopes for much success in your new project.
    I have been watching you develop for years.
    Much love and thanks to you. ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Been watching known for years, glD you brought him onboard!! You do very educational vids, thanks!!

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