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How’s it going E.T Fam? Hopefully, everyone’s week has gone well despite the current conditions of the crypto market. I know that the week is almost over, but our weekly dose of crypto drama is just starting. As the famous saying goes, when it rains, it pours….and eventually the pouring rain becomes a flood. I think it’s safe to say that we’re approaching flood levels. For those of you that have not been paying attention (and those that have) Terra has been the talk of the town.

UST and Do Kwon are facing the worst case scenario with UST losing all stability and de-pegging. This has left many influencers absolutely Rekkt. Predictably, the community is in shock and wondering if this is an attack coordinated by the government or our Wall Street frenemies. Unfortunately, this is crypto, meaning that it could be a culmination of all of the above. Plus, the drama just doesn’t end there.

Remember how I mentioned pouring rain becoming a flood? Well, that flood has made its way over to NFTland as well. Azuki has become another casualty of the crypto exposé hour. As bleak as things seem at the moment, there is also and opportunity in the midst of chaos. The smartest investors know how to build an ark to save themselves.

In this video, I’m going to cover all of the drama mentioned above and discuss what this means for the space moving forward. Be sure to tune in, because this is a breakdown that you don’t want to miss. Talk to you all soon!

00:00 – Intro
02:28 – UST demise
05:52 – The UST depeg thread
09:25 – A case example
10:03 – How to make $800 million in the crypto markets
15:20 – UST de-pegging
17:35 – What's the lesson
20:06 – Zagabond and Azuki fall
22:39 – Opportunities arise
26:07 – Outro

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Myself and everyone that has been following you for years, appreciate your solid work in this industry.

  2. Thanks Elliot for sharing your thoughts and knowledge with us again. Super happy to hear from you.

  3. Screw all the other protocols… eth could have backstopped this and showed some solidarity in crypto… yeah right

  4. thanks for making this Elliot- we knwo youre busy with superfarm and impostors game! we really apprciate you making this for the community wgmi long term

  5. I always bragged about gains, so mine as well admit the losses. Luna terra has destroyed my portfolio, hurt my family and soul. But it was my greed that made me hodl so long. I’m taking my focus off the crypto charts and redirecting it towards my family. Thanks for everything Ellio.

  6. 20% interest on a stable coin is a major red flag scam alert. That’s a major problem.

  7. Glad to see you back Elliot! I found you just towards the end of the bull market last year. Excited to learn from you and build during this bear.

  8. Thanks a lot buddy!
    Always appreciate your insights and cool calm nature no matter what’s going on in the markets 😉

  9. He sold at .9, did he tell you? Nope…no video…he can stream twice a day to sell but now he disappears…lol…these people might be haunted and hunted…

  10. To the luna community, heartfelt love and support to those hurting from this deliberate attack, orchestrated to trigger need for regulation.

  11. Great breakdown and appreciate you taking the time to put this together.

    Also love the mutant ape pillows!!

  12. I got into crypto to escape from companies like Blackrock and Citadel who are ruthless in market manipulation. Why do big purchases have to go via OTC? Why can’t everyone buy from exchanges to bring up the price?

  13. @Nomad Black Ya. he called it a “black swan of historic proportions”. Took several days to actually release anything though. Needed to make sure him and his buddies were all out of Luna. I bet it killed him to have to release a video that wasn’t about Imposters tho.

  14. U will recover your losses . Just be re centred and refocussed . God bless Crypto

  15. Best of luck to you in the future, with the upcoming deep bear market there is more opportunities for the years to come.

  16. The good news in all of this, is that if BTC continues its downward spiral, many ALT coins will be at incredible bargain prices as they tend to mirror its movement. If BTC goes down to mid to low 20Ks you could expect a further 10% downside on ALT coins. Time to DCA and learn from our mistakes. Thanks for sharing…!

  17. As usual you make great content available for the masses. I am in a feeding frenzy right now and will be until we hit bottom and then all the way back up. This is where the millionaires are made. Thanks for the vid!

  18. We miss you Elliot. Thank you so much for making a video when everyone needed to hear from you. Your videos definitely makes us feel better.

  19. I’m more excited than ever to be in this space. I can actually see myself being an Outer Citizen soon.
    Thanks for your insight

  20. Don’t give up, brother. Do not give up entirely. The bear bottom is near. best gains are made by investing there. Your family and health are always your most important asset. My sympathies all Luna investors. All crypto factions are my brothers and sisters except for the memecoin toon squad.

  21. My issue is or was hodl and dca without having a clear cut system/plan on taking small profits. This hurts but I guess my only positive is that my losses are unrealized and did not have any position in Terra

  22. These are the conditions where life changing money is made to those that stay calm, are patient, and take controlled risk. Volatility goes both ways. Larger the red candles the larger the green ones.

  23. @Zahair O’Brian I couldn’t agree with you more, I had my share of ups and downs when I first started looking for a consistent passive income, ultimately called out to an adviser for aid, and following her advice, I poured $30k in value stocks and call options, up $200k so far!!! retiring with no worries next year

  24. @clark That’s extremely remarkable; I’d want more information about your financial advisor because I’m planning to make some changes in my portfolio this year as well.

  25. Class work from you as always Elliot!

    .. if you ask me this is going to be part of a bigger coordinated attack on crypto in general. Time will tell. 🤔

  26. such moments suck but are a good time to see what is most valuable in life: family, love, kindness. Then you can try to build wealth again not because it is most important but just because it helps to make life more comfortable.

  27. Sorry to hear that. Let’s hope Luna bounces back. For yours and you’re family sake.

  28. I am upset that I have caught the biggest collapse of cryptography, but I continue to hope that the crypto market will recover, because I would not like to lose the invested usdt.

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