URGENT: Do NOT Sell Your Bitcoin – Here’s Why!?! [Cryptocurrency, Altcoin, Crypto News]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Good video! I want to share with you an opinion piece.

"Don't Be A Crypto 'Weak-Hand', It's What They Want…"

Siam Kidd Twitter:

Do you agree with my reasoning? Give me your thoughts?


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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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URGENT: Do NOT Sell Your Bitcoin – Here's Why!?! [Cryptocurrency, Altcoin, Crypto News]

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  1. Awesome video bro! Ur fkn dope keep up the good work! In vegas they hv a strip club that takes btc

  2. Very informative! Seems like major manipulation going on here. I foresee an epic bullrun on the horizon.

  3. Last year at this time I asked my customers every day” have you heard of bitcoin?”everyone said what,No. This year I started asking again a couple of weeks ago.now everyone says yes but what is it? Then I try to explain but they don’t get it.oh well I tried.point is adoption is coming and I do believe that institutional money is going to buy bitcoin when it’s as low as it can go.

  4. Institutional money never loses. If you accept and understand that then you’ll know they are guaranteed to buy at the absolute lowest point. Period! I have no doubt this bloodbath is their final major accumulation phase before the real bull run. We put cryptos on their radar in 2017 before they understood the technology and so they spent all of 2018 shaking out weak hands. The fact of life is the poor have weak hands and the rich play them like a fiddle. Stand your ground, grow balls, accumulate and look at the bigger picture of how this technology will change our world. Stop complaining about your portfolio while refreshing coinmarketcap. This is how the rich get richer. If it wasn’t stressful then everyone would be in it.

  5. Ive done the same thing asking people. Also they are so ignorant because they think Bitcoin wont work in a world system.

  6. We are so early in the game. Its comparable to 1994 during the internet revolution. The real bubble similar to the dotcom bubble is still far away.

  7. Keep 70% of your portfolio in btc. Its the one likely to withstand, and emerge when the dust settles. When Bill Miller has 50% of his hedge funds mmoney in btc, you know its here to stay.
    He even considers btc a safer bet at 7k than at 200usd , when he started accumulating

  8. I think the issue is that some violated the cardinal rule — only buy what you can afford — and overextended themselves. Now they have to either wait it out or capitulate.

  9. Very smart and very knowledgeable appreciate you sharing your point of view. .its extremely important to talk about when to sell too as nobody really talk much about this subject eventho its critical.greatly appreciated bro

  10. jeffrey exposito yah, cryptos are a game, a loser’s game! Good little, snowflake, keep on buying and keep on losing!

  11. James Lardakis no, you should wait until the crypto crap goes to zero, then try to sell it, thanks for the great advice,you moron!

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  13. what if etf is not passed. Then the market will be even lower than now and selling will be a genius idea. I think sell now and double your coing stack once it’s confirmed that it is denied

  14. nothing like that, the internet was useful lol. What is the use of crypto send money a bit cheaper and faster..not sure that is enough. A world of millions unregulated cryptocurrencies is much more complicated imagine every website or company invented their own. amazon coins, facebook coins, shell coins would be annoying as hell

  15. wow, i invested 0.05btc with bitcoinchasers.wordpress.com and got back 1.05btc this is amazing.

  16. Yes, dont sell you crypto bags, I trust that my bags of ALQO coin will work out for the long term.

  17. that is a risky game to play, I think your better off just finding an altcoin that is building something that will add value, my bet is on ALQO which is crazily undervalued right now.

  18. I’m loving the blood in the market, everything is on sale 🤗🤗 feels like i’m 6 years old again on black Friday at the toy store… i’m buying more

  19. then just step back for a while. Come back in a few months. Don’t get sick looking daily.

  20. Ken Semotiuk
    You are right, you would be way better off buying air, at least that could save your life. Cryptos are great for the people who invented them, just like fiat money, great for the bankers, they just print their own and deflate your money, big joke.

  21. I for see this happening and driving the price much lower. Then institutional money comes in to jack up the price. I’m waiting until after September to buy back in to BTC.

    Also BakkT that is being built needs to actually hold coin to trade within there exchange! This means there will be a large purchase in late fall before December

  22. I still holding from 2015 its all about get great return from the value of the price. Bitcoin is a breathable digital system. Whales or not prices goes back up and even higher from a massive sell.

  23. Would anyone please send me some bitcoin my 4 year old brother is suffering of leukemia😭😭😭 and my family is struggling of paying his treatment, could anyone donate any amount helps, here’s my BTC address “33zocdgcRH21KT8LYpQRiKg26L7wuZAtHP”,who ever donates may God be with you for helping my brother

  24. Would anyone please send me some bitcoin my 4 year old brother is suffering of leukemia😭😭😭 and my family is struggling of paying his treatment, could anyone donate any amount helps, here’s my BTC address “33zocdgcRH21KT8LYpQRiKg26L7wuZAtHP”,who ever donates may God be with you for helping my brother

  25. The internet analogy doesnt stack up. Dot com bubble went from zero to $9 trillion(by todays money) in 5 years, and the technology was mostly dial up, or pretty poor with a small user base by todays standards. BTC/Crypto is already 10 years old..market cap around $100 Billion, and we still keep hearing the same old..early stages, wait for the tech to improve, more adoption..blah blah

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