URGENT AMPL UPDATE! Is Amplforth in a Death Spiral? My strategy revealed

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The last few days have been crazy in the AMPL community, with many noteworthy figures in crypto declaring it to be in a "Death Spiral".

Things have gotten EMOTIONAL so I'm revealing my strategy to play this volatile crypto asset!

When I cover something I believe in I will NEVER abandon it, because I am always in the boat WITH YOU!

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Hope this one helped you all who got into AMPL recently!

Video on impermanent loss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxGc4KHS9SI&t=310s

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intro: 0:00
1:10 My AMPL Coverage
2:30 The AMPL Crash
8:55 Wrong Mentality
11:30 Tokenomics STILL sexy
13:00 The Team DUMPED on us =(
15:45 Be CAREFUL using the Geyser
17:20 Final Thoughts

URGENT AMPL UPDATE! Is Amplforth in a Death Spiral? My strategy revealed

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Also I’m thinking the team might have just raised some money to get it on Binance etc

  2. Good report, but there was another youtuber that you know, some days ago, saying that some insider “little bird” at ampl told him a big drop was about to happen since they need it to reduce MarketCap to balance princing…. sounds to me a there is something else happening here ….

  3. $AMPL team.. god I hope they’re doing the right thing. We really believe in AMPL and their prominent place in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It’s an incredible project and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future.

  4. Making my head hurt. But I get it. Great explanation. This project has a compelling offering.

  5. Ellio, as always you bring level headedness and comprehensiveness to the space. Thank you for the great video. I believe in this project as I have taken the time to understand the components of it, although not easy. It’s simply a new model for understanding value and like people have had to do many times before in history…our brains need to adjust to this new mental model which does not intent to deceive. Its important to understand this tokens model, in particular, is meant to protect money that moves around an ecosystem that performs at a much higher speed than seen elsewhere (hence DAILY rebase). Inflation = devaluing/deflation = stagnation in ecosystems. The polar ends are the terrible aspect…not the middle. Gold can deflate, fiat can inflate. The middle is a safe wonderful place and AMPL pulls towards this, everlasting.

  6. T_T all my gains almost wiped out. BUT I HODL TRUE….coz i lost ETH in the pooling on UNI xD


  7. Honestly it felt like experiencing a historical economic system of an empire, going through the inflation and deflation cycles, within just 7 days.

  8. I recommend looking into Zapper.fi or one of the other sites for Liquidity Pools. I’m getting AMPL daily… When the price is above $1 I unstake before rebase and then restake afterwards but until it gets above $1 I’m leaving it in unless I decide to take profits with some of the surplus above my set stack. Love the channel, btw. Great work.

  9. @MENCHES WEST Ha ha. Nice try. Negative rebase? No thanks, The whole roller coaster model of this coin is F’d and serves no purpose.

  10. I would love to buy more here! But need to stay diversified. But if you do not own any AMPL now if your chance!

  11. @Michael Hofman Its a hot potatoe ponzi roller coaster game of musical chairs coin. Serving no purpose other than making folks puke cash. 100% BS correlation . BTW I 100% understand this coin. I have read all the documentation. It’s a sick mathematical game. ENJOY!!!

  12. Yea I use that too. But Zaapper.fi is just an interface for DEx like uniswap, balancer, curve etc.

    And it includes staking too like you mention, but in this case it is just an interface for geyser.

    Very useful indeed, I love Zapper.fi. But he covers everything in the vid. Just not the interface.

  13. I really looked into AMPL because of the previous videos I’ve seen on your channel and I wanted to tap into these DEFI gains. But I’m not down for any more roller coasters. As soon as I recover the loss, I’m OUT. LOL

  14. I think Ampleforth is absolutely genius and amazing. The most interesting project in all of crypto. With that said it’s either gonna rise to the top 4 one day or its gonna fail. There’s no in between.

  15. Only if you’re a loud mouth and go looking for trouble. Otherwise spend your crypto instead of cashing it out in large amounts. Or hold for a long duration. In reality, they can NEVER find out how many “trades” you have done

  16. Excellent comment, it was designed to do this. They have taken all the ways that the economy is fixed in the favour of the big money and concentrated it into a project that they can run these cycles continuously until all the new blood is sucked dry

  17. Bitcoin is going to have a fresh surge based on its position above the 100 hourly SMA and coupled with the bulls strong protection above $10,700, we will be seeing unprecedented uprise of the value of btc. No time is better than now to accumulate more bitcoin and a proven means is by trading with professional guidance like that of Allen Albert who’s signals are so far the most accurate, having traded and grown my portfolio from 2 btc to 6.2 btc in just 1 month. Find a proven strategy and stick to it to excel in the cryptospace. This was epic and I have been using his service ever since. I can attest to his accurate signals and he can be reach on Talegram *(alberttrade)* and Watspp *(+44 7380 356836)* for advice and enquiries.

  18. Haven’t used a signal service in all my trading career as profitable and strategic as that of Albert

  19. Albert! He is heaven sent to person’s like myself, I had no idea how to trade, but with his consistent instructions and guidance, I was able to understand how it works and how to make use of signals. Now am sitting on over 8 BTC in my portfolio

  20. If only we have more persons like Albert assisting and guiding amateurs like myself, everyone would become a pro someday.

  21. Just the right person I need right now. I have lots over half a BTC trading by myself.i need guidance

  22. @Crappy Coin A sound store of value money that respects its own economic health in a simple transparent formula while being uncorrelated to tradition fiat and cryptos. This coin is improvement and innovation in the monetary system, not anything else. Its so funny, this space is built on innovation/innovators and yet, when that innovation is only just slightly outside of a simple meme, people cant understand. But actually, they can, it just takes time. No disrespect, just my observations. To really understand this coin you need to understand the crypto space not only today…but years from now. Imagine the velocity of money in this space in 10 years.

  23. @Soshi Cryp it’s only volatile because it’s still so small. When it grows to something like 3/4 billion MK we won’t see very much varience anymore. No use case? Do you like having to use double wrapped collateralized assets in Defi? If this algo ends up achieving their goals there is your use case.

  24. Injective is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that has emerged as the first front-running resistant, layer-2 exchange system to improve the global financial system and trade in digital assets

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