Unification / Fund Ecosystem Interview | Blockchain Adoption in Automotive

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The New Kids On The Blockchain talk to Neyma Jahan from Unification Foundation and the Fund Ecosystem , WRKchains and their new PAC Chain.

We also have all the latest news from Erica at Crypto Curry Club in the blockchain and crypto world including a story about mainstream adoption across the automotive industry and all the latest from Crypto.com news from our sponsors.

🎥Show running Order🎥

00:00 – 02:32 Intro
02:32 – 09:23 Crypto Curry Club bring us all the latest news including Crypto.com latest news
09:23 – 11.15 Crypto.Com Latest updates
11.15 – 34.35 Featured project 'Unification Foundation' interview with Neyma Jahan
34:34- 35.45 Outro

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Crypto Curry Club Events

Tues July 14th 4pm: Tech for Sustainability: What's next for Supercomputers: How Supercomputers are advancing research into finding cures for disease and new energy technologies.

Weds July 15th 4pm: The Unfolding of Onecoin- How a Ponzi got so Big with Tim Tayshun Curry from the BBC Missing Cryptoqueen podcast series

Thurs 16th 4pm Guide to Facebook: How to use Facebook Groups for your Business?

Thurs July 16th 6pm: Tech for Sustainability: Investing in the Circular Economy. Why a Fund Decided to Venture into Sustainable and Circular Economy Investments

Tues July 21st 4pm: How social norms and behavioural economics drive Tech for Sustainability

Thurs 23rd July 2pm How UK property transactions are being put on blockchain

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Unification / Fund Ecosystem Interview | Blockchain Adoption in Automotive

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Loving the show as always guys, actually looking forward to blockchain events starting up again in person. Digital has been interesting but not quite the same, hope to run into you at one and say hi in person

  2. Really am intrigued by that A.I recipe book! Love a curry, so excited to see how that turns out!


  4. Be great to actually meet you in person Annie. Appreciate all your long time support

  5. @New Kids On The Blockchain for sure, you have such great content compared to most YT channels. A nice change

  6. Whatever you do just get to the point but you can still have fun. Maybe more episodes focused on one or two topics. How about; “Lisa, the best link to the Blockchain!”

  7. Is their way yet to get a crypto whose price follows other currencies and assets of the world ? Last I checked , so far these are still not active I believe. Tools to make the same are probably under construction… defi based, maybe others that I don’t know yet

  8. Thanks mate. Still bathing in the warm glow of all of the winning signals from this week. Been on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. My telegram has been dinging with hit target after hit target !!

  9. @New Kids On The Blockchain Yeah its been a very profitable week for me and many others also.

  10. That a really good point. It could be to be a bit of a grind last year so we decided to have much more fun with it and now enjoy it more. It’s a lot of hards work to do but we appreciate everyones support. Loving Lisa the best link in the blockchain 🙂 With you about being a bit more focused. Been trying to do a magazine format show but maybe a bit too bitty.

  11. Hi, so do you mean like assett backed. As in backed by gold, silver real estate etc or backed by a basket of currencies (like stablecoins) ?

  12. Hey guys! My preferred lenght is roughly 15 minutes, but if it’s @richardheart I can accept 5 hours.

  13. Hey 🙂 I haven’t actually had him on for a while maybe i’ll give him a shout. He’s another one that divides the audience, like Craig Wright. Always good for comments lol

  14. @Crypto Annie Are you on the booze already Annie? Adam don’t put your back out gardening thats my usual trick 🙁

  15. @New Kids On The Blockchain – yes, asset backed. not stable ones.. those are plenty… something like gold/silver/commodities…. Also, if inverse price linked stuff are available, then they help in both Long/Short strategies… like shorting futures… there are ETFs in stock markets as well that are the inverse types !!

  16. The potential social implications of PAC are mind-blowing. We will surely see big heads denouncing this and trying to impose FUD over it….this will only reinforce how important it is. I have been loving Unification already and when I found out about Public Accountability Chain, I’m still getting goosebumps about it!

  17. Owh Go FUND FUND FUND….
    Really nice to see Fund and Neyma right here
    For those of you in cryptocurrency world who haven’t got any bags of $FUND yet, You guys need to keep eyes on this project. It’s damn promising
    50% of my portfolio went with with the staking. Once again you need to check out this project!!! After you’ve done your research, then decide if you’d like to buy or not but I’m telling you it’s fucking gem worth it!!!

  18. Great show team!

    Re: Public Permissioned/Permissionles blockchains. (Sh1t stablecoins not discounted).

    If they control the supply, the can freeze your funds and/or wallet if they please.

    Nothing more needs to be said about that.

    Oh and my beloved football team just hammered Chelski 3-0, so the Gin is being destroyeeeeeed!

  19. Having the guys from Travala (AVA) would be ACE to have on! 😉

    One of the few businesses accepting crypto for a legit product/service with excellent userbase already.

  20. Was very excited about this too. Neyma was so excited i thought he may pop 🙂

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