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Hey E.T Fam! TGIF! I know by now most of you are starting to develop motion sickness from this crypto rollercoaster that we’ve been on for the past two weeks. If that describes your current state of mind, worry no more. I’m here to deliver a motion sickness remedy in the form of a few strategies that will make the ride a little smoother. Today, I’m teaching you all about the one mistake that most people (even the veterans) make during the bull run. Can anyone guess what that is?

I’ll just say that capital preservation needs to be taken seriously in this current state. If you aren’t creating a nest egg while making gains, you’re playing the game completely wrong. The gains may come fast, but I promise you that they’ll leave even faster with the right circumstances. So, I’m here to help you all check yourselves before you Rekt yourselves. Tune is while I deliver this Friday’s red pill. Talk to you soon Fam!

00:00 – Intro
01:10 – Zoom out
01:33 – Fed tapering
03:19 – Stonks in the red
04:16 – Panic hits the market
05:30 – Crypto and Web 3 are the future
07:46 – Market correction
09:57 – Outro

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. I actually get FOMO when it’s red now cause I’ve seen how quickly it can recover. There are some strong coins out there right now that don’t even care about the dumps. Those are the ones I wish I invested more in.

  2. GALA NFTs might be more serious than the coin. Town Star NFTs are crazy expensive, but I won’t sell because I think they’re still far from the top. Mirandus doesn’t come out for a year, but I fomod on some Templars because they will probably be worth a portion of a house before the game even comes out.

  3. Thanks Ellio, that was a cathartic video that I know many needed to see. Everyone take a breath. This is what the market does, embrace the good with the bad and learn from it or increase your position, many opportunities with many more to come.

  4. On a days like this, when everything is red, “the reality is” we need that kind of vidoes. Thank you Ellio 🙂

  5. Well done and well said Ellio. I’m 6 months in to crypto and you always bring sound, grounding thoughts.

  6. Thank you for taking the time to do this today! New to Crypto and this volatility. Will hold with conviction…

  7. Great video Ellio. Sound advice to keep everyone grounded. Appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

  8. Been in crypto since January. Learned so much. Not afraid of a bear market. Makes for greater victories in the long run. Whatevers in the cards..bring it on. Im ready

  9. Speaking as a person that’s been buying crypto since 2018. Get used to crashes and hold the line. Crypto crashes 100 times a year. Control your emotions and meditate. Your coins will go back up again.

  10. Great video… I personally 10x’d my portfolio this year so far and yet I was feeling off today. Sometimes it feels like we are missing out when people are doing 100x+

  11. This really hits home for me because I’m not gonna be wealthy or maybe even rich this bull run but I’ll still have a head start into the future!Thanks bro

  12. I had pretty modest expectations getting into this just since April–and I was pretty nervous earlier today…but I kept asking myself “do you think this will be worth way less or way more 5 years from now?” Then I took a look at my whole portfolio and realized I was still up more than the rate of inflation and that calmed me down quite a bit–but this reassurance is very much appreciated!

  13. Thanks Ellio for all the incredibly valuable knowledge and experience you give to us freely. You’re really the Best. Know it. Own it. Live it.

  14. Exactly, set up a couple of NFT’s at a floor of .001 ETH and most in the collection are going for 3 ETH or so, when the market gets hot, people are going to look for $$ to park for tax season.

  15. Well said Ellio! My portfolio has dived 25% in the last two weeks. The only thing that I’m upset about is I don’t have anymore money to invest now and capitalise on this opportunity to accumulate!! Arrgh

  16. @Kris Willman With tapering and interest rates increasing, we will be soon. Inflation can no longer be ignored.

  17. @Eoin McDonnell Yeah so what. None of that will make a difference. Nobody will remember these dips 1-2 years from now.

  18. As usual, great advice. Continue to be impressed and maybe even surprised at the level of wisdom and not sure if right word but will go with maturity that you bring to your talks. You are an impressive young man.

  19. Great motivating advice, I totally agree. I appreciate all you do sir, take care and your doing a fantastic job.

  20. This was a great talk Dad! I have missed the boat once again, by not having funds to buy this crash, but it feels better to think about being patient & learning as much as I can so I can catch the next crash 👍💜👍

  21. @George Mavrides This is nothing!! Fear starts Monday if the stonk market opens and sells off.

  22. If you’ve been in this since April then you’ve been through May. Looking back those lull summer months I made my best buys and accumulations (AVAX, LUNA, SOL, FTM, SAND? Been DCA in the post-crash and look what happened. In the medium to long term whatever is lost is regained and then some. FED can’t afford to crash the entire economy and this is a move that is too late to stop. They can only tame it a bit. Regards…

  23. Haha, That’s a good outlook and I doubt that we’re going to crash too much lower. And it needs some time/patience but comes back up. Always does, stay strong and dips are good to buy but also to consider reallocating – worth a look in case there is an advantageous switch to make.

  24. Whenever you have a cash place some lowball limit orders. A bunch of crazy orders I had left over from months ago got filled in this crash. Nothing super major but orders even 30% lower than what they are right now post crash got filled because momentarily exchanges can have liquidity issues. It even happens sometimes when not the entire market is crashing. I got lucky quite a few times by now.

  25. same here, but you can move things around, sell one coin that hasn’t been doing much to buy another that has more promise

  26. @T Saunders If I had a dollar for every time someone said we’ll never see these lows again, I wouldn’t have to invest at all. You’ll see those lows again, and even much lower. That’s 100%.
    When the bear market truly hits, minimum 70% of this market is gone. That’s a fact. And that would be a much less drop then the last bear market. If you were here back then, you should know better.

  27. @Joel Hagen if it wasn’t for Covid, I wouldn’t have been able to but Ethereum at 80.00 a coin last year. If we don have a crash/ bear market I personally cant see Bitcoin going under 20k a d Ethereum going below 1k. I dont think Bitcoin will ever go back to 2017 prices of a few hundred dollars for 1 coin or 40 dollar Ethereum. Not gonna happen

  28. @T Saunders That’s what everybody says until it happens. And it’s happened every single time. You have nothing but a personal opinion, when the facts say differently 100% of the time. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your hopeium does not run the market.
    We’ve had over 13 crashes of 80% or more. But because you think it’s never going to happen again, then I guess it’s not.🤦
    But as you said you’re new, and clearly haven’t done any research on how this actually works. Unfortunately you’re going to be greatly disappointed unless you realize the market is what it is. NNot what you want it to be.. and you actually think we have adoption? All these corporations? Institutions? You better think again. And for the small amount that is here isn’t going to watch their billion plus dollar gains go to nothing..
    It’s OK, many think like you tthat have never gone through at least one bear market. But you will learn.
    Technical analysis says we’re not in a bear market until we hit 40 grand or less with bitcoin. BTC dropped 26% in one night. And you don’t think it’s going to drop 70% or more over a year’s time? 26% in one night! SSomething like $800 billion gone. Think about that. All in just one night. Your common sense should be kicking in about now.

  29. @Joel Hagen I hear you. Right now Im not or going go panic or worry but when prices go back up, I will come back here and say I told you so.

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