Top 6 Altcoins To Watch In 2020

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Top 6 Altcoins To Watch In 2020

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Is Ethereum really an “Altcoin” anymore?
    I get by definition Altcoin means a coin other than bitcoin. But should we change the definition or remove that word entirely from the crypto library?
    I’d argue that Ethereum has so many platforms built atop it that it is no longer an Altcoin. With WBTC being used more in DeFI on the Ethereum blockchain.

  2. did my second weekend job yesterday! tired af but 70$ richer. when i get paid it will go straight to bitcoin!!

  3. Eth is surely a good bet for short term, but I believe only in BTC though, xrp lots of negativity and manipulation lately…

  4. Don’t know what many people researched in the whole bearmarket if they don’t own Vechain.
    Deloitte, DNVGL and PWC promoting Vechain to their clients. BMW, Renault and DB Schenker building on it. Walmart China is already tracking products on it. But Dyor

  5. @Altcoin Daily Global ongoing adoption. XRP solves a problem. It’s scalable, super fast and cheap for cross border payments. It was designed to be $10K and it HAS to be ultimately to handle billion $$ payments. Li-qui-di-tay yes!

  6. great life attitude , even as little as it is, if it’s effort, it’s worth its weight in gold!

  7. Bro I loved the video. You know I have to throw KBC and KCB in there. No one is doing what they are. They are backed by a whole ecosystem. The blockchain is a top 10 blockchain to look out for in Forbes….twice this year and mentioned 4 times. The hardfork is in december and then 🚀🚀🚀 in my opinion. Awesome video as always!!! You 2 are 2 of my Top 5 I listen too!!! Keep the great info coming!!!

  8. I totally agree with Enjin & Cardano 👍 Thanks for the video 👌 I’m also keen on Xrp. Not everyone has the same favourites, but that’s good as well as everyone has different opinions.

  9. Edward

    I don’t see (ETHEREUM) as a ALt coin I see it as Bitcoin because it’s over $100 mark close to $200. I think anything past
    $100? is not an (ALT COIN) I look at it as a official currency so your correct it should be (REMOVED) from the
    (ALT COIN) category 😏

    it’s like a BOXER that was an armature & than becomes a fighter like (MIKE TYSON/ Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.) known as
    Muhammad Ali but his real name was Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. but most people don’t know that LoL 😂

  10. Bitcoin cash is one that really makes sense. It has same amount coins 21 million same amount lost and it’s faster and it’s 215 🧐

  11. @i_got_worms You know he never did. It’s all hype and fanboyism. He’ll get rekt on the next pump to over $1 by not selling it and going down the drain again. I’ve seen this from a lot of XRP holders. They didn’t sell when it was above $3 back in January 2018 and are holding BAGS. He’ll think it’s going to 10k because he’s parroting the hype from a pumper who wants to take his money. The cycle continues.

  12. Dedicating 50% of my income to crypto, 40% to living, and 10% to mining/nodes/project support. I’m so excited for the future.

  13. I think Eth is still an altcoin just because of the definition of altcoin. Maybe the definition won’t always be useful but right now it’s useful because BTC holds the majority of the crypto market cap. So it’s useful to have a word to talk about everything that’s not bitcoin.

  14. ​@Nug U

    anything past over $100? is not
    (ALT COIN) I hate to disappoint you an alt coin? is something that is worth $5.

    so is a Lamborghini an alt coin? compare to a (BUGATI)? think about it friend.

    the argument is (BASELESS) 😏

  15. Hey I know of this token called XYO. It focuses on integrating location with blockchain. It was made by a company called the XY Persistence Company previously known as the XY Findables Company. Think about the idea of incorporating location with blockchain. It really just amazes me. If I’m not mistaken they have a partnership or contract with Lyft too. I remember reading the Lyft scooters are gathering location data using the XYOracle Network so when the time comes, they’ll have enough location data to make autonomous vehicles for the company. I can see it being the norm for half of the world to have self driving cars within a decade lol. No but seriously it’s a great project you should look into and there’s soooo much more that location is used for. Think about the market cap. If it intrigues you’re interest, let all of your other subscribers know about it too 🤯🌍🌎

  16. @BlackWhiteBeast it is obvious by reading your comment you have not studied XRP. You have no clue of its use case. No clue of all the adaption that has been ongoing for some years now. And you have no idea how it will attain the level of liquidity needed for such an enormous use case. So when it makes those holding bags of XRP wealthy your bags will be empty.

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