Top 5 Altcoins With Working Products!!! Demo Videos!!! [Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Investment Strategy]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team

Let's talk about the TOP 5 Altcoins With Working Products! My picks!

My picks are:
Vechain [VET]
Pundi X [NPXS]
Basic Attention Token [BAT]
Power Ledger [POWR]
and ?

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Vechain Working Product Demo

Does Vechain have a live working product? from Vechain

Vechain Parterships

VeChain Partnerships and DApps – Leading Chinese and Global Companies

Reddit List of Crypos with Working Product

I am Trying to Make a List of Cryptocurrency Projects With Working Products. I need your help from CryptoCurrency

***Not Financial Advice. Just speculation and entertainment. Do your own research!

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Top 5 Altcoins With Working Products!!! Demo Videos!!! [Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Investment Strategy]

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Such a very informative video! What a breath of fresh air in regards to cryptocurrency youtube videos. You explained the details and function of each coin unlike many other videos that consist of people who usually say little about the product and ramble on about opinions full of conjecture and speculation. I appreciate this video

  2. pundi is already in stores in london i have all these and fast transaction speeds of certain chains storiqa is going to be huge

  3. Crushed that like button! Nice video. I have to put XLM as my #5. However, I think supply chain is going to bring big opportunity to blockchain. Been stacking VET and WTC. Hope I’m right!

  4. MRPH Morpheus Network has impressive partnerships and although they had an unfortunate mishap with the security of their smart contract earlier this year, it is still on my radar as the crypto space is still in an early stage and smart contract security is ever evolving. PRL Oyster Pearl is my other MOON of BUST.

  5. Really great video focusing on cryptos that have actual product instead of bunch of lofty promises. Thank so much, I will be looking into some of these!

  6. My two cents. One reason i dont like Stellar is they built in inflation; means there is no max supply. VChain is interesting but their max supply is very high and i heard they use WaltonChain’s technology. Walton ($WTC) would be a better investment imo. Regarding PundiX, i like it but i dont see many mercs using it. “LevelUp” has been around for years and i have never seen or known anyone to use it. PundiX is similar imo. Basic Attention Token.. i want to succeed. Not sure it will. The Brave Browser is my main browser on my mobile phone. I like the idea of BAT. But i think Narrative (not sure the ticker) will be superior as they give you tokens for posting stuff instead of relying on community to give the tokens like BAT does. PowerLedger is the best mentioned in this video. Their CEO is running for political office in Austrailia and they are partnered with ThomsonReuters… nuff said. Also my pick for number 5th altcoin is Achain ($ACT) ; easy 10x gains. Working product and “pays a monthly dividend” through their loyalty program.

  7. DIGIBYTE should be top of the list. It will revolutionize internet security with DigiID and is already supporting other blockchains with DigiShieldand has the longest, fastest, more secure working product in crypto. The true decentralized nature of DGB makes it the best working blockchain in existence. “Do Well, Do Good” Do Digibytes!

  8. Have medium bags of projects that I think are solid- XLM DGB, NPXS, (smaal bag of ELA). VET, DRGN, and many more. So many new good ones but I am rekt from the crash and just hope that at least one that I have blows the heck up!LOL. Until then I have to let new ships sail without me on them…

  9. Nano, sleek wallet app on google play already, zero fees, super fast transactions. Fastest grower of top 100 coins for a reason it would seem. Just finding out about them personally.

  10. I love Power Ledger, I am from Perth Western Australia and they have partnered with the local government and electrical provider. They have built an apartment complex to test the technology and have also teamed up with the thai government and an electrical provider in the U.S. Main net is launched in 2019. So not sure how this is a working product?

  11. Good to know had no idea it was already being used in store in London. Also love the continued airdrops each month

  12. VeChain is a classic, they got big partnerships for exmple BMW and im invested into them. Right now im focusing more on privacy coins but I still got my investment in VeChain and i think ill just wait for a couple years.

  13. Pundi X also gives 7.3% airdrops each month. They also burn tokens as transactions are made and when XPOS units are sold. They burnt about 500m coins in August for example due to the sale of 5000 units. Therefore with greater adoption the coins will become rarer and so more valuable. They have many premier partners that have already committed to purchasing 25,000+ units. They projection is to supply 100,000 units in the first 3 years which they estimate will bring a billion new users of Cryptos. Their XPOS costs less than $300 without any monthly costs and provides the operator a revenue fee for each transaction plus advertising revenue from flash messages to the customers on both the screen and the printed ticket. Their unit also handles Visa/ MasterCard to provide a total but cheap solution for merchants.

  14. Also recommend DGB, NEO, EOS, and PLR. All great projects. Not financial advice LOL . I respect and understand every body has “their” own favorites.

  15. After your video about Monero i did some research and i definetly find it one of those, that are worth to have a deeper look!
    But one I also like is Verge, I know after this whole pornhub thing, they had a huge knockback. But after I thought about it for a while I came to the decision that the porn industry is big. So at the end they had a huge partnership, but they just did bad marketing. I think they learned their lesson and will improve in the Future.

  16. New subscriber here… good video, although it’s false advertisement with the title saying 5 (FIVE) alt coins…hahaha Just messing with you. I agree with a lot of people’s choices here, I really believe in SRN, POLL (super low supply & just launched main product), DENT… I hold some of those, but I really need to get some ETHOS, VeChain, and ADA. Also I really like SAFEX, I believe they will be one of the big ones in the future!

  17. Good video! You’ve forgotten to speak about Monero which is the coin for the dark web. I think is the most used coin in the crypto space.
    It’s the dark side of the moon however it has working product as well 🙂

  18. Crypterium is a mobile bank that allows using crypto with your phone…the merchants do not need to purchase a new machine, cards are virtual, you can download the app now and see for yourself, there is a better token economy, and it releases next month…You will hear about it everywhere very soon.

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