Top 3 Undervalued Altcoins! THAT NO ONE TALKS ABOUT!!! [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Investment]


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Watch this video to find out about the 3 Altcoins that in my opinion are undervalued and good long term investments!

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What is OmiseGO & The Plasma Protocol?

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Top 3 Undervalued Altcoins! THAT NO ONE TALKS ABOUT!!! [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Investment]

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Are you waiting to secure your positions in Lamden TAU and Achain before you talk about them? Lol. Also ChicoCrypto mentioned he had some “dirt” on power ledger that he would release soon… But I do like Jemma Green.

  2. That’s correct. We appreciate researching for like button from me as always..
    I have actually invested on those you have just mentioned..

  3. Celsius Network gives interest for OMG, LTC, BTC etc for holding them in their app. Anywhere from 3-5%.
    Can you review Celsius Network?

  4. Universa UTN – Russian coin back by some of Putin’s pals. It can’t fell, when Putin forces all Russian companies to use it…. To the 🌒

    Covesting COV – Copycat trading exchange. Great team, just got approved for a license for thier exchange!

  5. Agrello DLT is one that is starting to pick up speed after hitting its all time low a month ago. Agrello simplified is a legally binding A.I smart contract with many applications to be utilized from selling cars, houses, loans, business license and agreements. This is a big deal for those who have no clue as to how to set up or write custom legally binding contracts. The Agrello A.I systematically generates contracts for user with ease in a matter of minutes that is providing peace at mind of its quality and soundness to legally protect and bind its users without all the hassle. The adoption of this can be massive and I’m a firm believer that this project will achieve great things. The supply of this token isn’t very high coming in with a total of 130,000,000 and some change, however the circulating supply is only around 80,000,000. In the past 30 days there has been about 300% growth in its value at its peak. I definitely think you should check it out while this token is still under 10 cents it won’t be long for this coin to explode if it’s current trend continues. For those who do look into this note I’m note in anyway shape or form a spokesman or representative of Agrello and ask that before you invest in this project or anything in this life you do your own research. I hope we will all be sitting back in a comfortable financial position one day laughing at all those who called us crazy for buying into crypto, my we all reach the moon and beyond safely. #ProCrypto #HodlGang #RocketFuel

  6. Nailed it!! At least on one Power ledger ! Have been observing this one since insertion and is in my top five for mid caps. Holds value well and yes has use case. May be one of the best LTH of all for a six year hold as millenials love renewable energy

  7. Thank you again for such great information I was just reading Palm Beach Research picks for this month and one of their top picks is OmiseGo I was just reading their report as I turned on you daily report. As always my favourite channel!!

  8. XCG and ANON are winners still time to get in early. No need for Omisego thats what Bitcoin cash is for to bank the unbanked.

  9. Keep an eye one DGTX (Digitex Futures) coin getting added to HitBTC in couple days and then new Commission free futures exchange is launching in November. 300K new customers are already signed up on the waiting list. coin is seeing a nice move but this is still early and plenty of upside still possible.

  10. I think CEDEX is a truley great project. Very new coin, been working on the project for a while. Very big long term…

  11. Interesting list. I think Digitex is just coming out from under the radar but still has good space to grow. Love your thoughts onnit

  12. Glad to see Decentraland getting some attention, i hope people do more research into it and see how amazing this project could be, how many partnerships they have already, what NFT’s are and how they will effect the crypto market, how big investors see the potential, how businesses have spent a fortune on land and are developing it. The use cases are endless from education, training, retail, gaming, entertainment, socialising, gambling, basically anything in the real world and more. I know its going to be really hard and take a long time but I hope they can pull it off because a decentralised virtual world run by the people has endless potential and will be a part of the future whether its Decentraland or another competitor.

  13. I think ALQO should be in your list for undervalued altcoins, they gonna be big once their custom flagship exchange is built, its gonna be the best exchange hands down.

  14. STOP WASTING YOUR TIME LOOKING FOR FREE BTC OR FREE BTC GENERATOR.. Contact me on Russell. Hac on Instagram or here on Facebook.. He will hack any amount of btc you want for you into a new wallet with a small token..

  15. Great pics I love Omisego and Power ledger
    Can you make some video your pics for very low market caps like 15/30 millions
    My pics qtum ncash golem …poly ..INT ABT ZEBI SEELE …and many more

  16. I should do that. Obviously I would have to explain to everyone that these are highly speculative and I am no expert. I know a lot of people would accuse me of shilling or a pump and dump. I should do it though!

  17. Sirin Labs. SRN. is going to launch their new highly secure crypto phone. not only is this badass and going to compete with apple and samsung and the likes. but now it also has a hardware/cold wallet on the phone !!! that can compete with ledger wallet products and other wallet companies and products no one has been talking about this but about a week ago things started kicking off and by mid december 2018 Sirin Labs should release their new products and then i imagine SRN will moon moon moon baby. this might just be an opportunity of a lifetime

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