Top 2 Altcoins To Watch in July | Best Cryptocurrency Investments in July 2020

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What are the best cryptocurrency investments in July 2020? What are the best DeFi projects to invest in? Get ready and stay alert for these 2 altcoins to watch in July. For more cryptocurrency news online, be sure to hit like, share and subscribe!

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Kyber Network Continues to Flourish Despite KNC Centralization,exchange%20for%20USDX%2C%20Kava's%20stablecoin.

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00:00 Intro
00:22 What is Coin 1?
00:52 How Does Coin 1 Work?
02:20 Coin 1 Recent Accomplishments
04:03 CryptoTraderTax Walkthrough
06:05 Coin 1 Potential NEGATIVES!
06:46 Why is Coin 1 Pumping??
07:41 What is Coin 2?
09:16 Positives & Negatives
10:33 Final Thoughts

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Top 2 Altcoins To Watch in July | Best Cryptocurrency Investments in July 2020

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. i’d place my bets on kava, only because it reminds people of java which is like a nice cup of coffee in the morning

  2. Even though I’m holding 40% BTC,25% ETH 20% of ADA and 15% from the top 20 but I’m selling BTC for Altcoins all the time.

  3. Grayscale’s actions indicate where we’re heading ..🌬..🏄🏻‍♂️

    @JohnKim77Fire Chief Łitecoin Evangelist ג’ון קים

    DO NOT LOOK AT PRICE OF #BTC $LTC BUY AND HOLD. @GrayscaleInvest also increased their #litecoin holding from 1.4 million to 2.1 million. Grayscale added 19,879 BTC to their Bitcoin Trust since last week (53,588 BTC since the halving).

  4. 🧡💛💚💙 We’re almost there friends… Just 6 more months to go…. No more fighting between Cryptocurrency projects, no more spitting and hatred and tribes taking sides …
    When BTC finally moonshots it will raise all water tide of all cryptocurrency boats

  5. Mitch888 ada is just getting started it is gonna. Go past it’s altime high within the next yr and a half

  6. Building my ALT holdings up…but I’m not selling a SINGLE SATOSHI ( Never sell your GOLD).🙂

  7. Drahcir To each their own but when we’re experiencing altcoin booms like we’re experiencing now, you could have been up 100%, 200%, hell even 600% on a ton of alts right now and moved it back into BTC which would in turn leave you with more Satoshis than you have now. It’s not about selling, it’s about profiting elsewhere then shifting back into BTC

  8. 2pm: *Bought Kyber*
    2:05: *Sees this video*

    Me: “Heh, Kyber amirite?

    *First coin mentioned is Kyber*

    Me: 😯😲😆😁😏

  9. Samir Dončić here is a great way of approaching it. Every time you do a transaction you must type it out on excel first and then add the extra details after. If you are too lazy to do so simply do not do the trade.

    This also gives you time to think about the trade and whether it is worth doing it.

  10. @iTrebor I didn’t understand you at all, why would I do that? All trading for me is buy low and then sell higher, I don’t use any excels or other special tool’s, isn’t trading just that, trade to have profit, and profit is to buy something and sell it for more.
    What transactions, what details, I’m lost.

  11. Kava on my language means coffee.
    It reminded me on Java after I’ve read your comment, but anyway not all people in crypto space, know what is Java.
    Kyber will be huge in next few months, especially in next month, I guess it will be huge next 5 month and after that it will start loosing market because people will find something new to invest, buy and trade.

  12. @Samir Dončić probably right, diversify, something tells me kyber is going to shine. I would not be the trader that is all in on one thing, spread it out a bit and let these things do what they do and give it time. I know this, anytime you are up in a trade there isn’t really a bad time to profit from it, even if it pumps after you sell, profit is profit and look to the next

  13. Samir Dončić ideally you need to have a plan with what to do with your crypto before the price goes up or down.

    Making decisions on the spot is going to mean your emotions take over your decision making most of the time.

  14. Bitcoin, eretheum, xrp, cardano, vet, chainlink. Those are my holdings. Always add ooins when I hear some positive. Figure cover all bases, especially when some are such a minimal investment to get in. Just need one or two to moon to make it all worth while. 👍🙏

  15. @Hendomatic so that what you have to must be kidding..what a useless comment

  16. Also Kava market cap is still very small compared to most other DeFi coins. 40 million. Easy growth with this one.

  17. @murray821 I’ve held since 2017. It’s no where near its all time high. Needs about a 5 billion marketcap do be at ATH. This project been undervalued for so long. People are finally start to realize what it really is. BTC and VET only thing I hold.

  18. You guys will get ruined with Cardano who has been delayed more than 4-5 times already. Guys wake up – just trying to help you.

  19. Spitzen Bella LOL come back and read this at the end of August. You’ll be spewing you missed out

  20. But Charles Hoskinson said in a recent livestream that he didn’t agree with intellectual property rights. He needs to be pushed on this asap. I’m not supporting ADA until he is.

  21. VET is my top pick. ADA is second as a gamble. VET is a finished product ready for global adoption.

  22. @Rhodium Movies MC Jelly much! Let me guess, you didn’t invest before the pump and hold other coins which are competitors.

  23. Rhodium Movies MC you are stupid!! Vet Is perfect!! Go and cry!! Ada wil blast off end of the month you will see!!

  24. @Rhodium Movies MCI didn’t buy in at ATH goofy! I’m winning over here. Enjoy your projects returns and mind your own business soy boy.

  25. I can’t believe I was able to have $31,000 worth of bitcoin in just 2 months and half of trading with Johnny Imerman trading services. I came across some nice comments about him here on YouTube and I gave it a shot! I didn’t believe in bitcoin before

  26. This is quite needful but for beginners you shouldn’t settle for videos alone or you see yourself loosing all your money just like me when I started trading with this videos on here. We should be prepared to contribute

  27. There are already financial analysts and trading experts(Phds) who have shelled out theories and ideas for years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t contribute

  28. Learn how this trades works and break them down to science, then construct them you will be surprise with what you come up with…

  29. If you believe in the future then you will know that indeed Bitcoin is the future

  30. I recorded numerous losses mining bitcoin by myself until my in-law referred me to Jerry Ferdinand, i keep making weekly huge profits with him as my miner

  31. Am looking to invest massively in the bitcoin market but i need a smart miner who is good at handling investments, i’ve seen good commendations about Jerry Ferdinand on different platforms, pls how do i connect with him?

  32. Jerry isn’t just a genius, he has years of experience in the bitcoin market which gives him an edge over other bitcoin miners

  33. I would strongly advise anyone finding it difficult to record profits in bitcoin mining to go invest with Jerry Ferdinand for consistent positive results

  34. @Altcoin Daily I’m not new to crypto btw and have accounts at many exchanges but none offer Kava and the ones I have seen referenced online for Kava either do not serve U.S. or function a little different than the exchanges I’m used to.(Binance.U.S., Coinbase Pro, KyberSwap, Bittrex..)

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