This Is HUGE For Bitcoin! The First MAINSTREAM Hedge Fund Just Bought In!


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World Famous Hedge Fund Buying Bitcoin! Hedge Fund Manager Paul Tudor Jones, "My Bet Is Bitcoin!"

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Paul Tudor Jones Statement About Bitcoin

At some point it will become fiscally irresponsible if hedge funds don't have #Bitcoin in their portfolio.

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Paul Tudor Jones calls bitcoin 'fastest horse' in this environment

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This is NOT an offer to buy or sell securities.

Investing and trading in cryptocurrencies is very risky, as anything can happen at any time.

This information is what was found publicly on the internet. This information could’ve been doctored or misrepresented by the internet. All information is meant for public awareness and is public domain. This information is not intended to slander harm or defame any of the actors involved but to show what was said through their social media accounts. Please take this information and do your own research.

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This Is HUGE For Bitcoin! The First MAINSTREAM Hedge Fund Just Bought In!

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  1. The next 10 years in crypto are going to be good for todays investors.
    Only 21 million Bitcoin EVER!
    HODL for early retirement.

  2. I’ve been waiting for the Halving to buy more Btc thinking there will be a dip after the halving what dose the chat think

  3. I wonder only many billionaires that own successful companies, downplay bitcoin in front of the cameras but are secretly buying bitcoin 🤔

  4. I just got into bitcoin when the collapse in March happened and I defiantly chose right so far

  5. He’s probably been buying since 5k and looking to dump on retail now so hyping it up at the halvening

  6. You are hyping this too much… It’s important to note he didn’t buy actual Bitcoin but BTC futures !
    That is what big hedge funds do.

  7. @crypto lite No its not something you can check. You set the contract price. Or how much you want to bet wether the price will go up or down. Thats called Longing or Shorting the market. You can lose everything easily.

  8. @Dylan Fowler hi Dylan, thanks for the reply. I am new to the bitcoin / crypto world and a bit disappointed halving has come forward from May 20th! Only had a couple of weeks trying to understand everything. I am just trying to keep it simple with bitcoin maybe Apollo currency! Well if anybody is reading this and has the winning lottery numbers please don’t hesitate to get in touch!🙂 good luck to you, Dylan.

  9. @king spartann a quarter of my folio is in Btc and another quarter is in DGB the rest is in various alts, by the end of the next bull run I intend to hold about a half in Btc and a third in Dgb. How about u?

  10. @TLOU 2 depends where you live and what your goals are. Any help in life is a massive positive

  11. @TLOU 2 Don’t worry if things don’t go to plan I’ll be coming McDonald’s with you..

  12. @Bread Garlichouse No sir, we still have to follow what CME set for us, still a 3.8k gap we need to help them with after the halving

  13. @nimo hobbs Aww u bitcoin fanboy got hurt huh, while ur only gonna get 10x return this bull run 😂

  14. Well done. I also bought even tho it felt horrible to do so at the moment 🙂

  15. @Steven Simonovic traders do actually prefer to wait for the price to go up before they long because they wait for the correct market structure. As a non trader you ofcourse want to buy as cheap as possible but you subject yourself into greater amount of risk.

  16. @Andy Mcrory Yep doing the opposite worked out for me too but I only increase my positions because of tax.

  17. Neville Robertson and if 3.8k doesn’t come, then those who are waiting for it to drop to that level to buy, are going to miss out greatly

  18. @Andy Mcrory, could be but since this halving arrived every wage slave pleb like yourself is calling for post halving dump “sell the news” event for the bitcoin. Its not really contrarian when everyone is thinking this now

  19. Tyler D. True and I do concede that with the printing presses in overdrive it could be different this time ….but it’s only 6/7 weeks since the huge drop and we all have short memories …if it goes up I’m happy if it goes down I’m happy from a longer term perspective

  20. if it is so, he is stupid, 10k is not the best deal to go long. 4k was much better…he risk a lot , liquidation is round the corner…

  21. HODL till there is enough shops and retailers actually accepting bitcoins to buy stuff…..!

  22. i pulled out about 60% of my BTC because i believe it will go down to 5k, or even at least 7k. thats a dip i dont wanna be part of. i wanna jump back in once it dips and then get more btc at the end of the day. dont ride the wave, ride your own!

  23. @Jimmy W.
    You can already buy all you want using various crypto backed credit cards and you can also lend out your crypto on the likes of *Blockfi* at a far better APR than any bank interest rates are giving. Around 8% in some cases!

  24. @NOW is the Time! very limited choices imo – especially in brazil – not talking of ebay & co..

  25. @Jimmy W.
    Maybe in the future the better aspects of Crypto will extend to your Country. Although even if you cannot use it for everyday purchases is it still not a good hedge against local inflation?

  26. Exactly. The media does not reveal which kind. Most likely cash settled, which has NO EFFECT on the BTC price discovery. That way he doesn’t touch BTC at all. His voice has impact, nevertheless. Good for the general awareness.

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