These Top 5 Polkadot Gems Have Potential to Deliver Life Changing Wealth!!


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What’s good E.T Fam? Today, I want to drop some alpha off on you all. Last week, #Polkadot broke the cryptoverse with the announcement of the launch of the first #parachain slot in mid-December. That means that things are about to get real for all of the projects that have been anticipating securing a slot. With so many projects competing for that highly coveted position, it can be difficult to determine which might have the best chance at succeeding.

If you’ve been wondering what projects you should be paying attention to, today is your lucky day. I’m presenting you all with the Top 5 Polkadot projects that are in the best position to receive a parachain slot. Join me as I give you all a brief look into each of these projects, in an effort to shed light on what the Polkadot ecosystem will possibly look like. If you are interested in any of the projects covered in this video, I would highly encourage you to do more in depth research. If you appreciate this alpha that’s being dropped, be sure to like, subscribe, and share!

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

These Top 5 Polkadot Gems Have Potential to Deliver Life Changing Wealth!!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Thanks Ellio for talking about the dot eco. I’ve been waiting for this. Just got done watching your other video. Crown is great awesome addition. Keep the unbelievable info coming. Blessed to take it in to use your options to help me with my research. Appreciate the things this channel has given. Looking forward to moonbeam.

  2. I wouldn’t call these “gems” when they’re extremely mainstream. Gems are like Pinknode or Basilisk, not uber popular tokens like these. Yeah, these might be safer bets in terms of popularity but they’re not the diamonds in the rough of the Polkadot ecosystem. Personally, Pinknode is the definition of “gem” and is a vital part of the Polkadot infrastructure.

  3. I continue learning at every watch. Love the TA with Krown, legendary info! Thanks for the Polka Pump up. I’m hodling my Dot bags near. Very excited about Moonbeam.

  4. Probably The Last and Greatest Pump ever in a Market like this after that The pumps of this level Will be far and fewer than What this pump has given us in less that 1 yrs time

  5. 🧡💛💚💙 influencers call them “gems” even though theyre big, because they are all in the ICO’s . they dump on you when you buy. its been going on since forever. if you are new to crypto then you are going to get burnt and learn the hard way. most influencers dont make money from hodling , they get the $$ from ico’s and dumping on unlock

  6. Ellio – you keep knocking it out of the park! Thanks for your tireless work, passion, enthusiasm, amazing laser-focus and knowledge and your willingness to share it with us.

  7. Omg the English my second language, and Ellio talks so fast after his videos my brain is exploding lol

  8. This isn’t and ICO. You stake your Dot and you get it back after a year for Kusama or two years for Dot. Rewards are generally 30% initial distribution 70% over the two years. Risk is that you do not get your staking rewards. Reward is that the crowd loan you participate in may do a few x initially so you could sell your 30% then. You can also stake your 30% reward. In some instances crowd loan will give you liquid Dot so you can further stake and use or trade furthering your reward capabilities. As a first auction on Poladot either Acala or Moonbeam will take first slot. These two projects are going to be a gold mine but you can do your own due diligence. Just don’t call the crowd loans ICO

  9. From my observation , most of the massive gains are early which is usually non Us investors .After they go public on Pancake Swap or others they’ve already 50-100X at the ICO. When you buy afterwards during the dumping of alt coins I guarantee you can buy them at a price higher than when it went public – already previously gained massively. It’s like arriving late to the Party and toast. You probably them have to be patient -a couple years to see if you can even 10x the project .

  10. If you think Elliott speaks fast, try looking at CryptoRover’s channel. He’s a Dutch guy and speaks perfect English but at twice the speed of Elliott and without taking a breath. It’s comical to listen to 😂

  11. Thanks to you and Krown, the new folk don’t have to be onboarded by the supoman trope. The Krown/Ellio collaboration is just another sign of the maturing of the overall space. It is observed and smiled upon by the crypto gods.

  12. Polkacipher (CPHR) is the definition of a gem in the Polkadot ecosystem too. Market cap of just £994,357.00 as I write this. I strongly recommend that ALL should be looking into this project. DYOR!

  13. So explain how you managed to get into pre-sales? US Residents are usually excluded. Did you not have to do KYC?

  14. Awesome Ellio, as usual. Your education attempts are definitely rubbing off, info is going to stick. The future for me, is now looking exciting for the first time in decades. Cheers

  15. Centrifuge….will surprise everyone…..the tokeniation of “real world” assets should not be underestimated …currently $1.97 (with rumour of air drop in near future)

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