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What’s going on ET Fam! I know you all are reveling in all of the green that we’re seeing today. Trust me, I understand the excitement. With the year we’ve been having, any sign of light is something to be recognized. I also realize that I’ve been pretty bearish lately (many of you feel like I’ve been overly bearish). Don’t worry.

Today I come in peace. I actually have good news for you all. I want to talk about a historical event that will change the crypto space for the better. The event that I’m referring to is the long awaited Ethereum Merge! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Merge, this is Ethereum’s transition from being a proof of work protocol to completely proof of stake.

This is exciting because it will bring about a number of huge benefits, like faster transactions, lower gas costs (it’s been rumored that costs could be as low as $.0002 per transaction), becoming deflationary, etc. This is going to be a complete game changer!

00:00 – Intro
00:39 – What is "the Merge"?
01:19 – Why is the Merge so hyped?
01:54 – Reducing ETH issuance
03:04 – Why does the Merge make ETH deflationnary?
04:02 – More environmentally-friendly
04:33 – Will ETH stakers dump?
05:01 – Bull case
05:30 – Macro is king
07:26 – Words of caution
09:45 – Outro

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Loving the videos 📹 can’t wait to follow you over the next year and take this dream im living, and make it reality 🙌 ✨️ ❤️

  2. Hopefully, the anticipation of this merger has been the reason the market has been pumping. Now that the news is out, let the market crash on down like every indicator has been screaming since we’ve entered a recession.

  3. Same thing happened a year ago with eth price with eip1559. Sell the news. If Btc is in winter no digital assets will go f a r

  4. Best commentary on the cryptowebs. Priceless, yes he doesn’t get it perfect every time, but he doesn’t purport to either. He and his mate Becker are the go to commentators.

  5. You conveniently didn’t mention, that Etherum, going to proof of stake, means that it is even less decentralised, and easily hijackable, by future governments, who want to stop anything with any pretensions of being decentralised.

    The richest will have staked the most coins and particularly the developers, who pre-mined so many e.g. Vitalik, therefore they control the network.All the feds need to do, is put pressure on those individuals that have staked the most, to take control of the network in the future. Also, what happens when Vitalik dies?.

    Decentralisation, is proof of work, anything else is not decentralisation, you’ll see that eventually

  6. GRT, with it’s tokenomics, has become deflationary. There are major players on the Ethereum blockchain that use the Graph. So much potential for many projects, with carefully discerning the Marco and short term market. Thank you for your analysis. Cheers!

  7. @Chris Batten Well, that would be the shortest bear market bitcoin ever experienced, the rest of the world is in a recession, and we haven’t retested The recent bottom which is far more likely to happen than not. The economy is going to get worse, not better… those are all pretty good indicators… oh, and housing is just beginning it’s downward trend.

  8. @Joel Hagen I agree with you, but don’t forget markets are contrary and unpredictable. We’ve had years long bear markets in previous cycles because it’s been largely retail driven. Now institutions drive the market and the FED cannot keep tightening rates if the US is in a recession, so liquidity into risk assets is likely, in fact that’s what happening. Has inflation peaked? Maybe. If it has everyone expecting a new low may get a surprise. It’s just really difficult to call what happens here. Again look at bonds and oil… dca’ing in and hedging both ways is the safest bet imo.

  9. Man I couldn’t explain it any better one how I feel about the markets now thanks for the great content mean alot to being able to pick your thoughts along the way

  10. One Love!

    Always forward, never ever backward!!


  11. Im shortterm bullish, but long term bearish. The resession will hit hard in 2023 !! Make my words. More people worlwide can not pay their bills anymore, this is big ! People fomo in now , and then everyhing will dump

  12. Ok, it’s gonna be great at some point. I get it. But one question.. What about ETH being ruled either by a CEO or by whale stakeholders as governers after the merge, compared to (decentralized) PoW?? I don’t hear anything about that anywhere..

  13. good report I am “all in” on this swing trade. 3 – 4 weeks buy and hold for 4 weeks then lock in the gain.

  14. at least some people understand that PoS is centralization. Others will learn the hard way. The only bad thing is many developers are wasting their time and slowing adoption of BTC when they are working on centralized projects instead of true innovation of centuries

  15. Yeah that video was a pure promotion video for ETH POS. I Don’t see the point anymore for ETH… ADA,SOL,TRX,AVAX,DOT,BNB plenty of POS alternatives out there. So ETC is the only way to go 🙂 and BTC? No smart contracts on that blockchain…

  16. Does somebody knows If tokens on PoW chain will be able to be sold? I cant find any info about it.

  17. @Vidmantas I agree.Especially, right now with the CBC’s, being developed, and clear authoritarian actions being ramped up, all over the world. “Due process”, is starting to become an anachronism

  18. Is there any difference between ETH stored on a hardware device from years ago and that on the new merged chain? Is it best to stake now or wait?

  19. let me list the very positive macro events lining up… Ukraine coming to an end. Oil prices dropping which leads to less inflation and lower interest rates. The DXY (dollar index) dropping from these incredible highs due to lower interest rates and many nations moving away from the dollar, these events will be a huge factor in crypto’s rising as well as the fact that the correction was certainly more severe than deserved ..

  20. Eth merge and seems all good till now!! Thanks for the video!! Though currently I m using wallet be algorand as it the most secure blockchain!! Its is fast, efficient, secure and mostly importantly its green. Got a massive community and ecosystem.

  21. @Martin Garden – Crypto Everywhere ? There was talk of the merge but everyone was so bearish.. calling for a 600ish price point for a great ETH point of entry …

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