The First Country To Back Bitcoin Is…. Worldwide Adoption Imminent [Crypto news Market Analysis]


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Venezuela Says Yes To Bitcoin and Litecoin | Market Analysis | Twitter CEO Cost Averaging Bitcoin

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Venezuelan Government Supports Bitcoin and Litecoin Payments, Launches New Crypto Remittance Platform Amidst Crisis

Venezuelan Government Supports Bitcoin and Litecoin Payments, Launches New Crypto Remittance Platform Amidst Crisis

LocalBitcoins Volume (Venezuela)

Twitter CEO Is Buying $10,000 In Bitcoin Each Week: Why Is He So Optimistic?

Twitter CEO Is Buying $10,000 In Bitcoin Each Week: Why Is He So Optimistic?

Coinbase: Living up to our values and the Neutrino acquisition

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The First Domino Has Fallen – Bitcoin As A Worldwide Currency

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The First Country To Back Bitcoin Is…. Worldwide Adoption Imminent [Crypto news Market Analysis]

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  1. 😳Big news?‼️ 😲Understatement. 🤐 Don’t leave out DGB 👌 along with BTC and LTC. Now here comes Germany and Italy. 👀. I am seriously considering working with the Graft Network. That POS system is just the answer ( point of sales ) 👀 Don’t get me wrong, the Proof of Stake, Masternodes, and 3 tier Guardian Node is kicks butt too😉. 😄now it is getting fun. Wakie wakie. Time to do your research

  2. I use Coinbase too. People criticise Coinbase without acknowledging all the company has done to promote the crypto space.

  3. Bitcoin is not fast enough or has the scalability to be a main stream currency for everyday transactions. It will serve as a means for storing wealth – digital gold.

  4. Yes! It needs to be a store of value first before it can become a means of exchange…however Venezuela needs to work with what it’s got.

  5. The world needs a sovereign, neutral, unconfiscatable, easy to transfer form of money. BTC will fill that need.

  6. Simon Bolivar. Fought for the idependece of many South American countries and became the hero defeating the troops of the Spanish Crown. Born in Caracas – Venezuela liberated Colombia Ecuador Peru Bolivia (Named after him) and Venezuela. The Bolivar is the Currency of Venezuela to honour him. There’s a famous song by legendary Chilean folkloric group Inti-Illimani called Simón Bolivar. Check it out! This was the commander that brought freedom to many people in America. The real America. The continent! Not the country that calls it self America.


  8. +GSHeverything _27 why? Why not just nuke them to increase BTC scarcity and drive prices up? Makes sense right? 🤔

  9. Hey Team! Let’s think big picture!
    This is a proof of concept. US Sanctions cannot stop Bitcoin. Just like Silk Road proved that you could transact with anyone in the world and not get your transactions stopped or money confiscated, This again proves Bitcoin’s value on the world stage.
    Like I said: We are watching in real time, the snowball that is Bitcoin, gaining speed, gaining traction, gaining momentum. Making History.

  10. The problem of BTC and other Crypto is the whales behind the manipulation of crypto, still better than fiat/gov

  11. BNB is near all time highs right now…I would wait. I like Binance for trading though. 👍

  12. Calvin Charles They are based in the U.S and have the coins secured. Why get off coinbase?

  13. +Altcoin Daily ATH for BNB is just under $25. Currently at just over $15 as of this post. I think BNB has a little more to run however if FOMO comes fro BTC then people will trade out of BNB and into BTC. Just my speculation but I am holding BNB now and will start to scale out at over $17. Bulls make money, bears make money. Pigs get slaughtered

  14. Re: Venezuela. The root cause of the economic and humanitarian crises in Venezuela are the economic sanctions that the americans placed on them. Understand that. Understand that it was done in order to cause this chaos, so as to give an excuse for intervention.
    Who’s been bombing Afghanistan for the last fifteen odd years?
    Who invaded Iraq illegally?
    Who invaded Libya illegally?
    Who invaded Syria illegally?
    . . . the same who that’s telling you that Maduro is the bad guy.
    It’s time to stop supporting that type of behaviour.
    It’s time to start minding our own business.
    Buy Bitcoin , take the power back 🙂

  15. I lost most of my coins because I was hodling but I believed I could make them back with the help of a good strategy and a Strategist. So I contacted the bitcoin guru called Harry Schneider and am on an amazing payroll and his payment and withdraw method is so swift and flawless

  16. ​+adolph gracius yes, crypto in general of course, some might find Monero more suitable for their need, some might prefer Cardano..etc. But BTC will have the advantage of the longest history, will be more stable less volatile store of value.

  17. Read about 7 day war. Iran is the only one country that was not “liberated by democrats from us”. Maybe later…

  18. Are you sure that Venezuela is a dictatorship? Are you sure? Venezuela has had more elections in the last 20 years than any Western democracy. Why not do some research on the subject, unless of course, you prefer propaganda you are force fed on a daily basis?

  19. They werent economic sanctions. They were asset freezes. This is an anti imperialism lie. The us has a bad record in venezuala but this one is on them.

  20. +jim peters That type of behaviour can only be masked by language for so long before it becomes obvious. To the world outside of the US that moment has long since passed.
    If you feel that unlawfully holding another nations gold and other financial assets is a better description than ‘economic sanctions’ , that’s fine.

    Steal a guys money then dis him for not paying his bills . . . weak

    Bitcoin vs. USD
    Integrity vs. deceit

  21. Gary from Tech Support Its just my opinion. I listen to Bix Weir a lot and he’s always talking about how the exchanges don’t hold all of the crypto they say they do. Paper wallets are super easy and it’s a way to have possession of your own private keys. Look up Trace Mayer and see what he says about it. Basically, if you don’t hold your private keys you don’t truly own it. Look into it. Don’t trust anyone in this crypto Wild West

  22. +GSHeverything _27 I have no say in it… I’m sure it’s an option though. Why else would we have nuclear weapons. The current rulers are already knee deep into nuclear proliferation again. So I’d say the odds are much higher now than they have been in my lifetime at the least. If you think about it “rationally”, the higher population densities the better the ROI.

    That’s my misanthrope talking…

    But seriously, I’d rather it not be an option. With lame people in charge of those weapons? Who knows. What is their motivation?

    The point of crypto originally was to try to alleviate some of that personal greed through decentralization. Greed however, is one of the most powerful forces of human nature. The power that had been collected over generations will be difficult, if not impossible, to redistribute. My main motivation is to see my bags rise so I can sit around all day pontificating these questions of humanity. 😍

  23. +bob the builder the other problem I have with this is that the person they are supporting to be president was not voted on. This is just America trying to install another one of those puppet leaders. I don’t trust US on this.

  24. LTC will go to #2 behind BTC. LTC WILL be 15-25% the value of BTC. We will not see the max potential for LTC until mid to late 2020.

  25. Has anyone tried to withdraw XRP from Coinbase to Nano S? It’s taken over 24 hours so far… What’s your opinion on this?

  26. Why don’t we all just adopt Bitcoin and all the world’s economic troubles will be over and we’ll all be rich!!! … NOT! … Lets all just hold pretend money and pretend everything is smelling of roses…

  27. Educate yourself my man. The USA does not want to help the people of Venenezuela. The USA want to steal the oil. You are the only one who does not know what is the reason behind the sanctions. You are good in reading the news, not expressing your opinion. Just read the news.

  28. ha ok. I don’t think I said the US was trying to help the people… but anyways, the point was not to get into geo politics… The point was about Bitcoin

  29. +Medic 19 I am not against crypto and I trade the markets, so its useful to understand what crypto is about … doesn’t mean I have to like Bitcoin. This is an informative channel. Do you really want to see every comment as positive? Its beneficial to know both sides of the coin (pun intended), not just listening to advocates … most of whom are clueless.

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