The Biggest Wealth Transfer in History is NOW with Cryptocurrency in 2021 | Erik Voorhees Explains


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Big news is happening with cryptocurrency into June 2021!! Let's discuss Ethereum, Bitcoin, Thorchain, as well the latest altcoin news!! SLAP THE LIKE BUTTON! 👋

Easiest Way to Turn 1k into 10k with Cryptocurrency in 2021? | Tyler Winklevoss Explains

Easiest Way to Turn 1k into 10k with Cryptocurrency in 2021? | Tyler Winklevoss Explains

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Is ethereum a good investment 2021? What will ethereum be worth in 2021? Can ethereum reach $20,000 in 2021?

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00:00 Intro
02:10 JPMorgan Allows Retail Customers to Buy Crypto!
03:59 Ethereum 2.0 Devs Introduce EIP-3675!!
06:08 Thorchain Hacked AGAIN!!
07:53 IRS Updates “Crypto Question” on 2021 Tax Form
09:34 Dtravel Secures 200k Properties!
10:55 Final Thoughts

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The Biggest Wealth Transfer in History is NOW with Cryptocurrency in 2021 | Erik Voorhees Explains

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  1. Scammers are getting much worse guys!! They are using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMs. Be careful! 👍

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  3. Good use of “hella” my dude!!✊🏾✊🏾 one of the realest channels, one of the most informative and definitely one of my favs💯💯!

  4. ᴵ̵’̵ˡ̵ˡ̵ ̵ᶦ̵ⁿ̵ᵗ̵ʳ̵ᵒ̵ᵈ̵ᵘ̵ᶜ̵ᵉ̵ ̵ʸ̵ᵒ̵ᵘ̵ ̵ᵗ̵ᵒ̵ ̵ᵃ̵ ̵ˡ̵ᶦ̵ᶠ̵ᵉ̵ ̵ᶜ̵ʰ̵ᵃ̵ⁿ̵ᵍ̵ᶦ̵ⁿ̵ᵍ̵ ̵ᶦ̵ⁿ̵ᵛ̵ᵉ̵ˢ̵ᵗ̵ᵐ̵ᵉ̵ⁿ̵ᵗ̵.̵.̵ᵗ̵ᵉ̵ˣ̵ᵗ̵ ̵ⁿ̵ᵒ̵ʷ̵ ̵ᵒ̵ⁿ̵ ̵̵ᵂ̵ʰ̵ᵃ̵ᵗ̵ˢ̵ᴬ̵ᵖ̵ᵖ̵+𝟭•6•5•1•3•1•7•4•8•5•9•✅)..

  5. I only have 2 ETH2 at the moment, I figured I’ll just let it do whatever it’s gunna do 🤷‍♂️

  6. ᴵ̵’̵ˡ̵ˡ̵ ̵ᶦ̵ⁿ̵ᵗ̵ʳ̵ᵒ̵ᵈ̵ᵘ̵ᶜ̵ᵉ̵ ̵ʸ̵ᵒ̵ᵘ̵ ̵ᵗ̵ᵒ̵ ̵ᵃ̵ ̵ˡ̵ᶦ̵ᶠ̵ᵉ̵ ̵ᶜ̵ʰ̵ᵃ̵ⁿ̵ᵍ̵ᶦ̵ⁿ̵ᵍ̵ ̵ᶦ̵ⁿ̵ᵛ̵ᵉ̵ˢ̵ᵗ̵ᵐ̵ᵉ̵ⁿ̵ᵗ̵.̵.̵ᵗ̵ᵉ̵ˣ̵ᵗ̵ ̵ⁿ̵ᵒ̵ʷ̵ ̵ᵒ̵ⁿ̵ ̵̵ᵂ̵ʰ̵ᵃ̵ᵗ̵ˢ̵ᴬ̵ᵖ̵ᵖ̵+𝟭•6•5•1•3•1•7•4•8•5•9•✅)…

  7. I was so excited at the start…until he said when the world gets comfortable using metamask. Lol never happening

  8. You’re ahead of 98% of the world Joel. When ETH is over $20K and soaring, you’ll look like a genius to your friends and family😎

  9. Buy Decentraland (MANA). Its about to do an Axie Infinity, which will put it over $3. Decentraland Twitter followers have gone parabolic in recent weeks.

  10. Still a lot of hype around defi a long way to go yet. In principle sounds exciting in reality its not going to be able wipe out the banking system overnight.

  11. is Altoin daily from Norcal? hearing hella makes me say that. love your channel. keep up the great work!

  12. @arno nabuurs
    DEX are at early stage, still expensive to use, not so user friendly. Stable coins are not really stable coins. Retail is not so interested in the decentralised nature its ultimately about trust, security, ease of use and cost. I couldn’t care less if something was centralised or decentralised if those qualities are there.

  13. @JamHot totally not expensive to use at present, ether fees came down a lot and BSC and Polygon are pennies on the dollar. Try to do a bank swift transfer😎

  14. ᴵ̵’̵ˡ̵ˡ̵ ̵ᶦ̵ⁿ̵ᵗ̵ʳ̵ᵒ̵ᵈ̵ᵘ̵ᶜ̵ᵉ̵ ̵ʸ̵ᵒ̵ᵘ̵ ̵ᵗ̵ᵒ̵ ̵ᵃ̵ ̵ˡ̵ᶦ̵ᶠ̵ᵉ̵ ̵ᶜ̵ʰ̵ᵃ̵ⁿ̵ᵍ̵ᶦ̵ⁿ̵ᵍ̵ ̵ᶦ̵ⁿ̵ᵛ̵ᵉ̵ˢ̵ᵗ̵ᵐ̵ᵉ̵ⁿ̵ᵗ̵.̵.̵ᵗ̵ᵉ̵ˣ̵ᵗ̵ ̵ⁿ̵ᵒ̵ʷ̵ ̵ᵒ̵ⁿ̵ ̵̵ᵂ̵ʰ̵ᵃ̵ᵗ̵ˢ̵ᴬ̵ᵖ̵ᵖ̵+𝟭•2•0•6•7•8•5•7•7•5•3•✅)..

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  16. @arno nabuurs
    Both limited in capabilities, lots of glitches and liquidity issues still make it more expensive then it needs to be. Yes transactions are fast without all the crap you to go through with banks but its still all very crappy and beta looking. Developers need to do a lot more before making a song and dance about it.

  17. I play it at 2X speed but I play it back wards now satan thinks we’re friends snd wants me to look into being a rabbi.

  18. Maybe in 3 weeks when strongnode takes off, the true decentralization is yet to be implemented and that one surely is the pioneer

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