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Hey E.T Fam! Happy Tuesday to you all! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Well fam, it looks like we’re witnessing another huge moment in crypto. Solana NFTs have been on fire for the past few weeks. Magic Eden has been seemingly giving OpenSea a run for its money.

The launch of Okay Bears and Trippin Apes have caused quite a stir. The amount of volume being generated with both projects has been absolute madness. Though we see what’s happening, we’re still trying to gauge if this is an organic shift, or if this is another case of whales enticing the plebs chase the hype while becoming exit liquidity. Today, we’re going to explore this trend and gauge whether or not this is one to follow.

Take the journey with me as we venture into the garden of Magic Eden. Talk to you all soon E.T Fam!

00:00 – Intro
01:30 – Magic Eden Flipping OpenSea
03:15 – Okay Bears
05:58 – Roles Have Been Reversed
07:00 – ReptilianReneg Rug
07:43 – Low Fee Environment
09:17 – Trippin' Ape Tribe
11:05 – Record Creator Revenues For The NFT Sector
12:23 – The Catalina Whale Mixer
13:46 – Are Solana NFTs The Future?
17:15 – Outro

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Solana has great NFT communities and great art work, so many projects. I still love Ethereum NFT’s too though but can’t sleep on Solana nft’s.

  2. Finally!!!! Shocked with how long SOL NFTs have taken to get some Crypto YouTuber love. But as usual your first Ellio

  3. kind of starting to remind me of Apple vs Android .. interesting to see how these two ecosystems evolve over time 🧐 i invest in both.

  4. I wonder when if ever are you going to mention cardano nfts
    you are keeping people and yourself completely in the dark with great opportunities.
    An NFT lover like you would do a lot of good and money in the cnft space

  5. if you are not on the crypto space now you are making a huge mistake, i get it can be due ignorance but if you want to make your money work for you, to prevent inflation from eroding your savings, to build generational wealth and to cultivate good habit and financial knowledg

  6. The digital asset business is volatile and as a result subject to unprecedented changes. If one is not careful, one could lose hundreds of thousands in matter of days! As a beginner, Eileen Ruth Sparks has been handling my investments for a long while now and I’ve gotten impressive profits as a result.

  7. Believe it or not, Cardano has a thriving NFT (cNFT) scene—and it provides decentralization along with low fees.

  8. Omg give it a rest, you Cardano clowns piss me off. There is no comparison Solana with Cardano 😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡

  9. Shocked you didnt mention DeGods, best NFT on Solana, groundbreaking stuff they’re doing and yes ima holder lol

  10. I’m sorry but I’m having great results with Cardano & just prefer it to Solana when it comes to NFTs

  11. thanks for the content Ellio….why does Cardano feel like the elephant in the room all the time? I’m with you on these SOL nft’s taking of as well. I’m an opportunist like most though so I know like everyone, ETH is king, but we have these 2 other chains SOL and ADA popping off some killer gains with their nft’s and Community. Basically I want to ask the question, because you are the King of this NFT space in my opinion, I’ve been watching u since before it all started. wish I had bought the funny apes when u brought to all of our attention last June , it seemed so crazy at the time.  
    I can only speculate as to why, as if there was some kind of back room beef with the founders of crypto chains, its a subject I suppose I won’t get an answer to. It just feels SUS and I think we all know it. Not bringing it up just doesn’t feel right. I don’t know man like maybe cough if its for reasons that can’t be said. 10x is 10x 100x is 100x. there has to be a back story on this, wish u could tell us…thanks again

  12. Cardano people! The whole reason we are here is for full decentralization. Sol will see a rug pull. Sol just another pump and your already to late.

  13. Guess hive,wax and Immutable being ahead for months doesn’t matter.
    Solana with their repeated downtime and VC controlled tokens , is the one to watch.

  14. Was introduced to NFT’s + crypto via Aurory on Sol + thought the fees and fast transactions were standard. When I saw a few projects I liked the look of on ETH, I started putting some money across, but transfer process was so clunky and costly and I spent a small fortune (for me) without being successful on 3 mints, it was costly and frustrating. I’m not against ETH, there are a lot of cool projects on there I’d like to get involved with, but the barriers just take the fun out of it for me. Understand that’s my loss, but I suspect there will be a lot more people with even less patience and money than me that make mass adoption for ETH difficult. Layer 2’s also seem like a lot of extra steps and hassle for people that just want to click a button and buy. Have not tried Cardano yet, but seeing the amount of comments on here, might give that a go and see what the user experience is like.

  15. What did you expect ? Its a scam just like all the Ellio projects. All will go to zero.

  16. Hello @Ellio! Ive seen this project called starlight nft. So originally, they plan to launch on eth chain. I attended their amas yesterday and found out that theyre also considering polygon due to gas fees. Is it a smart move? Thank you. New sub hereee😊

  17. Hey mate! I think it is a smart move because we consider Gas fees one of the most important matters in the industry… 👌❤

  18. Yeah absolutely a right decsion if they push through it less gas fees is one to consider in NFts ill check Starlight if its a good catch

  19. heyy, im curious about this project, can you tell me more about it? are there reviews about this project?

  20. I would rather willingly pay high gas fee’s then be force to get liquidated or miss out completely because the chain is down.

    However if you put something similar to ETH’s fee structure on Solana it would fix there issue completely. If block space is almost used up entirely, raise fee’s to lower network usage. It is supply and demand but the problem with ETH is there is very limited supply (block space) but on Solana there is more then enough supply for everyone and this would just stop people from spamming the network during peak usage because it would cost them money to send thousands of transactions but still be cheap for the normal user.

  21. Hey Ellio! Question! What happens to fiat when a transaction fails and is basically 🔥 burned? Does the project absorb that into its liquidity? *wondered after you made the point about when ETH transactions failing and costing fiat to burn.

  22. hive, wax or whoever did not beat ethereum numbers. the topic of the video is about a blockchain that beat ethereum numbers, don’t think hive wax whatever qualified sorry

  23. cardano did not beat ethereum numbers. the topic of the video is about a blockchain that beat ethereum numbers, don’t think ada qualified sorry

  24. As ETH NFT prices go down, transaction fees become more important. Additionally, NFT, different from DEFI, does not need 100% on time chain. Waiting 2 – 3 hours is no problem.

  25. That’s true, but for some reason the NFT’s right now on Cardano are not mentioned.

  26. I got Nfts on many chains started on Eth obviously , there are many chains to experiment with but must say I found Solana the best so far I Don’t feel locked in like I do on Eth , disagree with the decentralised comment as Eth NFTs are hosted so can be turned off any time like all chains at the moment

  27. they can both play a role in NFTs. Eth doesnt need NFT volume to thrive, though i tihnk SOL does

  28. Loving Cardano right for NFT’s, super affordable for newbies like me, also Atom starting to look interesting with Stargate and Omniflix. Lots of new options to choose from for those who can’t afford the big guys. Have a few from Solana as well. Thank you for the great videos. Eth was always too pricey for me. Maybe someday will graduate to the top….

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