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Hey E.T Fam! I’m coming to you all today to bring you an update on the developments in the market and hopefully quell some of those fears. I’m sure that you all don’t need for me to tell you how much fear is in the market at this time. However, the market looks like it might be starting to bottom out. While this is occurring, it’s important to peel back the layers to see what you can find. A brief look at the on chain metrics will tell you that while BTC prices might be in the red, whale accumulation is still occurring.

Though things might be looking bleak for fungible tokens, NFTs are still experiencing bullish momentum. Konami celebrated Castlevania’s 35th birthday by releasing NFTs. Samsung is strengthening its exposure to NFTs and the metaverse. A few days ago, it was announced that there would be NFT support within their 2022 TVs. Yesterday, news was released that they will be opening their flagship store in Decentraland.

Today, it was announced that Disney will be building its own metaverse. This is playing perfectly into our thesis. We’ve been beating the drum on gaming and the metaverse. Now, we are seeing proof that those two sectors are huge catalysts that will keep crypto alive and thriving. It will take an extreme amount of dedication and focus to succeed. The days of stumbling into 10x gains are rapidly drying up. In times of turmoil, the most important thing is survival.

So, if you all are interested in seeing how I’m managing my positions, be sure to tune in.

00:00 – Intro
00:42 – Krown TA on Harmony One
01:52 – Markets red
02:42 – The emotionnals will be punished
04:03 – Zhu Su on current market
06:46 – Attention BTC hodlers
08:33 – 2022 : Year of the decoupling?
10:50 – Ansem @blknoiz06
12:05 – Disney launching its own metaverse
13:08 – WeChat
15:43 – Worldwide Webb thriving
18:53 – Outro

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


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  1. Everyone needs to remember this one quote “Buy even when there’s blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own” – Baron Rothschild

  2. I have trouble getting excited about something that I don’t believe in. I’ll never value living in an artificial virtual world like the metaverse anywhere near as mich as spending time in the real world with real people. I guess I won’t get rich this cycle…

  3. Lets go Crypto fam… this is just the beginning. By 2031 we will all be viewing a completely different financial landscape regardless of where we start. Manifest those futures🤓

  4. Hedgeye predicted that 4 rate hikes will lower 10 year treasure yields from 1.75% to 0.75% and are expecting their Quad 4 in Q2. Quad 4 means growth slowing and inflation slowing. They are recommending gold, home construction and real estate sector ETFs. How does that translate in the crypto markets?

  5. Thanks for the great content and delivery, Ellio. I want to get my instruments back from the pawnshop more than I want my ETH2 airdrop (well, not quite). Would you care to send a little ETH, or whatever works for you? It will be greatly appreciated 🎸✨🥳

  6. I< was lucky enough to make 13.2BTC since late year following the instructions and signals of Robert Franz Kirkland who runs guidance for beginners and investors who lack understanding on how trading Bitcoin works. Any new innovations will be priced accordingly.,.,.

  7. I believe X might happen, I believe Y may happen and Z could very well happen. In 6 months, I’ll look back and remind you all that I nailed it.

  8. I’ve watched all crypto YouTubers over the past year and you are one of the few that keep it real. Thank you

  9. Would be cool if Harmony finally pumps! I own it like forever and it didn’t pump much but staking is quite good!

  10. Haven’t seen a bull run yet been here since May 2021 a few coins went up September Andy October but not all I wish people would stop saying it happened

  11. Thanks Bredda Ellio for the great content : D

    One Love!

    Always forward, never ever backward!!


  12. It’s just a matter of time for Harmony to shine ✨ 1 sec transaction times and super cheap fees and that’s just the tip of the iceberg that they are bringing! Bought me a massive bag at .05 ✅

  13. With all due respect. You and I are two people… I am here to make $. Many things I do not understand but it’s all about who has the most hype or network effect. The crypto market is less about good projects and more about what projects have the most momentum. I’m not so sure about the metaverse either, but im invested a bit and closely watching the momentum. Gotta spit the trends!

  14. @chip smith I understand your POV. I have also made money on things I don’t care about or understand. But there is a line with the Metaverse bc I know what they are trying to do with it. It is getting us closer to being those babies in the pods in the Matrix. Investing in this is like building our own prison. I can do it for regular blockchain stuff but not when the end is to replace reality with VR. They used to talk about the Internet of Things – which seemed harmless enough – but now they are talking about the Internet of Bodies. It’s creepy. It’s all about transhumanism and Meta is a part of that. You invest in whatever you are comfortable with. There is a line I’m not willing to cross to make $$$.

  15. What pc games of game console do u have? All this nft stuff is providing mass adoption and it wont and with games .. all paperwork, deeds, bills etc. Real estate … Will be tokenized. Songs movies u name it. The bad side is gonna be really bad, but the good side will also be good. I am looking into decentralized digital identity. Lots of people are too lazy and will go with the centralized digi id connected to their central bank cbdc account… Js.

  16. Really your going to quote the Rothschilds You must be a decent human being knowing the things that those folks do.

  17. Thanks Ellio. You are by far the most articulated influencer out there. I appreciate your cryptic crypto clues hidden in vids, sometimes more obvious than others! Today’s SF clue was awesome. Thanks.

  18. I love you man. I will have this quote as my email signature: “There are opportunities for the hungry and there are punishment for the emotional “ thanks again

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