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What’s good Fam?! Happy Saturday! We’re pretty much through the first full week of the new year. There is still much fear in the market. However, this is an opportune time to slow down and analyze some of the new narratives that are on the horizon. I have some very special content prepared for you all. It has been said time and time again that community is everything in crypto.

Community has the power to make or break just about any project on the blockchain. So, it is important that projects come up with thoughtful ways to engage said community. Lately, we’ve been seeing airdrops regain their popularity. Projects have been airdropping tokens to members of the crypto community in an attempt to create awareness and hype around their upcoming projects. Two recent examples of this are OpenDao and Gas Dao.

While the airdrops were certainly clever and appreciated, this also presents a different opportunity. What opportunity am I referring to? The opportunity to build a very impressive portfolio free of cost. Coopahtroopa is joining me today to discuss this topic and a few other strategies that we can take advantage of. If you enjoyed seeing him on the channel a few weeks ago, then stayed tuned. This is undoubtedly a conversation that you don’t want to miss. Talk to you all soon!

00:00 – Intro
00:39 – Cooper Turley aka Coopah Troopa
01:02 – Token distribution
02:43 – The deeper layer
04:05 – Token cycle
08:06 – The biggest opportunity in crypto
10:40 – Getting involved with the communities
12:29 – The pros and cons
15:11 – Final word

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Not hating on eliot or anything, but him talking to 19 year olds about token drops and not even doing the TA by himself for the past months…. And also when was the last time elliot spoke about his own buys, his own losses, his portoflio in total, What about Superfarm ? Community is losing out man.

  2. @EllioTrades Crypto that might be true, but you are the main character that we all care about and as an investor in your projects, I must say i lose interest in you, as you losing your character as youre distancing yourself from what matters.

  3. @dodril17 absolute rubbish dude. What Ellio is doing is sharing alpha from super connected and smart people in the space. Listen, read between the lines and have an open mind.

  4. @Michael M If you would be able to actually read what I have written, youd be perfectly aware that i didnt criticize any of the videos content but rather the quality of elliot as a public figure and the way he handles his content. But if you like young boys with so much knowledge and experience giving you advice, go ahead. Nobody is stopping you.,

  5. Great content Ellio, been watching for a couple months now trying to break into the space. Very interested in discussions on how to do so without spending thousands of dollars. Some people can’t risk that or simply don’t have it, so finding outlets which utilize an extroverted and social mindset is right up my alley. Keep it coming!

  6. So his advice is be one of those clowns stalking discords 24/7 until ur someone in the community, keep it up for 6 to 12 months and youll get free tokens 😂 Be like beanie,cole, and artchick.

  7. @dodril17   yeh very funny but he’s not giving me advice he’s coming on Ellios channel and sharing his knowledge with the audience. Ellios content is top tier compared to 95% of the other you tubers out there so to say your losing interest suggests to me your not listening close enough.

  8. thank you guys, hunting down IDOs, airdrops etc is daunting. I’ve been trying.. unsuccessfully yet. hope this intel will help me to get it right

  9. Great stuff Ellio! You just keep on delivering don’t you 👍🏼. One question, didn’t you mention that you were going to point at where one could look at in order to find out about imminent air drops and launches? Or was it that you simply have to lay down your ear to the floor and hope you can pick up the sounds of what is coming??

  10. I’m new to this and the IPO analogy is exactly how I think of it. Except rather than bankers and preferred clients getting an allocation it seems to be a little more accessible for regular joes. I love the airdrops as a way to be more equitable (I recently received a Fractal and was a very cool intro into the space). Not sure I like the “hey guys, look at me!” approach in a community to gain access but guess that’s just a personal decision. Regardless, these videos have been excellent and informative!

  11. Damn, the haters are out in full force. That is a young man who will be wealthy because he has taken time to listen and understand the sphere he is interested in and went full force ahead into it. Paired with his communication abilities, he will be successful, for sure. It’s time for the space to continue evolving to a more mature state and this is alpha to be a part of the bigger plan than catching the next hot token or nft

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