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Hey E.T Fam! Today is alpha leak day! Gather around! Gather around! We have some important information to discuss. Today, I’m back in my gaming wheelhouse. It’s no secret that there has been a huge boom in P2E gaming. The gains have been flowing like endless mimosas at a Sunday brunch.

With that being said, wherever the money flows, the vultures go. Crypto has always been a lucrative yet dangerous industry for the newly initiated. The gaming sector isn’t turning out to be any different. Recently, a super hyped project was exposed by a disgruntled former employee for allegedly being a scam. Not only did this person sound the alarm, they have released screenshots and documents to corroborate their claims.

Now whether these claims are legitimate or not, it just goes to show the importance of conducting thorough research before jumping into any of these new projects. The risk of being defrauded is very real. That’s why I’m using my skills and expertise to bring you all dependable data. With that being said, I also have some valuable alpha to deliver. So, be sure to tune in.

While you’re at it, tell a friend, coworker, family member, husband, wife, or ex-bf/gf to tune in as well! Talk to you soon Fam!

00:00 – Intro
00:57 – Short to long-term analysis
02:14 – How to make $20M in P2E today
03:31 – A game is more than just art
04:30 – The Sol Chicks Exposé
07:50 – Gaming project #1
09:00 – Gaming project #2
09:43 – Do not FOMO and DYOR
11:17 – Gaming project #3
13:14 – Gaming project #4
13:39 – Outro

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. So true….but there’s a saying that says strike while the irons hot. A diversre mind is key

  2. When you have a role as a stand-in for the Home Alone burglar, but need to shoot a crypto video first.

    Love the videos, Ellio!

  3. 15:00 – The gaming provides the dopamine release and the addictiveness of gaming.
    You nailed it on the head! That is exactly what it is and it keeps them coming back and we get to make profit off that.

  4. Solchicks have already publicly responded to the FUD you’re putting out here. Plus the CEO is going live in an AMA to deal with this so will be interesting to see the founders take on it!

  5. I just watched the first Home Alone again with my 6 year old. You are on the money sir. He would fit right in on set. Still a bloody good film too.

  6. Pretty poor research on the Youtubers part. The other cryptos the ceo was involved in are still going so I dont think he understands what a rugpull is. And of course Solchicks is a risk. What new crypto isnt. The youtuber talks a lot but very little substance. Him giving his technical talk on the trailer was a joke lol

  7. @withnail29 Generally speaking I like Elliot, but the general consensus from the groups I’m in say this video stinks of him being pissed he didn’t get into the Solchicks whitelist. Plus he needs to push other projects he’s being paid to promote! It’s not nice to see, but Elliot needs to satisfy his sponsors 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. “Arrogance, vanity, all over. He’s underwater, like a Range Rover.

    Makeup… smearin’. No power steerin’. He be talkin’, but we don’t be hearin’.

    Speaks like Zeus.

    Smells like poops.

    Rage all over from his head down to his shoes.”

    -A Tribute to Dennis by Dee & Charlie

  9. Solchicks has a demo it’s back by around 30 launch pads ! I’m wondering what behind this attack on solchicks right before it’s IDO?
    Sounds like someone doesn’t like the competition.

  10. Appreciate your view as always, mate. Think Khaos Verse is also a good one to look out for. They have huge ambitions, which I think will soon revolutionize the entertainment industry for good.

  11. Yes, I did more research on all those documents they released and I found nothing alarming. Basic company practices. Elliot was casting wild aspersions, if he is wrong on this, he needs to know that the internet never forget. Elliot has a big responsible and I hope he’s more unbiased. I checked out the so called rug pulls too and they still have liquidity so how can it be a rug pull. This was a co-ordinated attack to tank the project and force it to fail. But like long term all publicity will be good publicity. We’re not all fools Elliot.

  12. You’re not saying it’s a scam but you’re casting aspersion that it’s one. Careful there Elliot. Should Solchicks pull through this fud you’re spreading, you’ll be remembered for the role you played to down this project. The internet never forgets. 🙂

  13. You rock Ellio! Great content, as always Awesome content and panel on Banter. Really informative and fun. I love the philosophy you, Alex, and the Team, are bringing to the metaverse- really brilliant💎👐🚀🌙 #NeoTokyo!

  14. Elliot sold a part of his soul on this video talking about Solchiks in that way. To my look like FUD to fulfil his interests.

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