Something Very FISHY is Happening RIGHT NOW in Cryptocurrency in October 2020! [BE AWARE]


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Breaking: OKEx has suspended all cryptocurrency withdrawals indefinitely! Something fishy is going on. Altcoin Daily has the latest Bitcoin, Vechain, Stellar Lumens, Binance, and Ethereum cryptocurrency news online, let's discuss!

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How I Would Invest $1000 in Cryptocurrency in 2020

How I Would Invest $1000 in Cryptocurrency in 2020 | What is Best Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2020

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00:00 Intro
00:14 OKEx Crypto Exchange
02:55 Stellar Lumens Ecoystem
04:31 Ethereum Update | EIP-1559
06:26 Vechain Partnership
08:22 Bitcoin
09:23 Binance Ecosystem
11:04 Final Thoughts

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Something Very FISHY is Happening RIGHT NOW in Cryptocurrency in October 2020! [BE AWARE]

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Sureeee. The key holder approves EVERY transaction?! Worst excuse. What happens if this key holder bonks his head?

  2. All crypto derivatives should be banned! Including derivatives created by exchanges like Coinbase or Gemini! When they sell you a crypto, you are not receiving a real coin! You are receiving a “claim check” or a derivative of that coin! Regulations should be written that all cryptos must be delivered to buyers within 1 hour after purchase to prevent exchanges from engaging in fractional reserve selling of cryptos. If buyers or sellers have to pay higher commissions, so be it! Better to pay higher commissions rather than be ripped off by a bunch of scammers! If you keep your coins on deposit on an exchange that exchange will sell them over and over again until they leverage them up to infinity! That should be illegal! That is why the price of cryptos are being suppressed. Exchanges are selling many more coins that are actually available for sale! It is a gigantic Ponzi scheme! And it hurts all crypto investors except the speculators who love to take advantage of that monkey business to rip people off!

  3. Yo Austin my man – why don’t you and yr brother make a video of the election and how it would go down if tied to a blockchain?! 😎👈

  4. and what happens when you got your crypto in a defi contract…….. not worth it to me. keeping my keys w/me

  5. Sounds like their buying time before they close up shop and disappear possibly. This should give time for participants to get their usd off of the exchange I know I sure would.

  6. All unregulated derivate exchanges need to be run out of town. They have a detrimental effect on the price of bitcoin.

  7. ETH has a lot of problems… The fact that they can change rules (i.e. Monetary policy) arbitrarily makes #Bitcoin case so much stronger

  8. That happened in Canada. There was a crypto exchange where only the owner had the private keys and he died.

  9. It’s pretty much why crypto investors hate banks, now Crypto is doing the same thing.
    If we continue with this we’ll have the same systemic problems traditional banks do

  10. I have a question for Elliot…How do you deal with losses? When do you cut them, which ones to you hodl and hope for a bounce back? Also, “take half on a double” seems to be the mantra, but I have lost many profits waiting for the 100% gain that never came. Should I have just taken my initial investment out at the 40% or 70% mark?

  11. Ethereum isn’t hard capped, a burn would not make it more scarce. It would just adjust the rate of inflation

  12. It has nothing to do with key holders I think. It has to do with the CCP and self-custody of coins.

  13. You seem to be in the know about crypto currency. I have never purchased any because it seems like a ponzi scheme to me. It also appears to be the future and I don’t want to get left behind. Do you know of a good book or place to learn about crypto currency? I literally know nothing about it. Thanks

  14. @B__W_45 I imagine. they had to create that site and fulfill US regulations to serve US customers.

  15. @Public Troxel this channel is a good start. also Data Dash, Chris Dunn, Ivan on Tech, and Boxmining. search their channels and find how to start. crypto is certainly not a ponzi (doesn’t even fit the description). learn the basics, reputable exchanges to buy, and when to buy and sell.

  16. To know further I’d advice you talk to a professional… He’s my broker and I proudly recommend him to you ….

  17. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  18. I’ve got interest in investing but afraid of doing it on my own to avoid loss from my own end

  19. @Jonathan Dubicki That why you need the help of a professional who trade and understand the market more to earn good income

  20. Does he intentionally misread these quotes? At 1:11 he said “unknown” when it clearly read known. I have noticed he does this with a lot of his videos. Makes me think he intentionally does this

  21. Exactly! and when Whales cash out they leave all the noobs locked to cash out, this is what’s going to happen soon as more regulation and taxation comes… and Tether is the biggest SCAM of all, not a coin and not backed by anything but many people still fall for it because they think is a “stable” coin 😂

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