Should I Buy Old Altcoins [Cardano, Litecoin, XRP, ETH] OR New Altcoins? [Watch The Whole Video!]

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In the coming bull market will our favorite "old altcoins" pump or will a better set of "new altcoins" pump?

Let's talk about it.

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Bitcoin is on pace to do more transactions in 2019 than any other year in history.

Today we finally pass 85% of all bitcoin that will ever be mined.

Beating Bakkt, LedgerX Is First to Launch ‘Physical’ Bitcoin Futures in US

CFTC: LedgerX ‘Not Approved’ to Launch ‘Physical’ Bitcoin Futures

The Gold vs Bitcoin Debate : Anthony Pompliano vs Peter Schiff

The Gold vs Bitcoin Debate : Anthony Pompliano vs Peter Schiff

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Should I Buy Old Altcoins [Cardano, Litecoin, XRP, ETH] OR New Altcoins? [Watch The Whole Video!]

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. If Shelly is released as indicated, then ADA will possibly be bigger than even the maximalists anticipate!!

  2. Excellent commentary of what is happening right now. Finger on the pulse is key and we all thank you!

  3. I’m hoping $ADA Cardano will really deliver. No hype, no stupid tron like ‘partnerships’, just sound research, vetted solutions to real world problems, steady progress and multiple branches of teams working together.
    Apart from $BTC which we all know will go up by default, $ADA is my long term hodl for the time being.

  4. G D it is a great masternode proposition. I bought some at 1.81 but I sold them around $2.30. Doh!

  5. @Altcoin Daily Buy low sell high once or twice a year and also buy the worst shitcoins on the dodgiest exchanges whenever the mood takes me.
    tbh, it’s just nice to have a few percent of your portfolio in DOGE for fun and it’s hilarious to set someone up with their first crypto by giving them 1000 barking coins.
    They feel rich immediately 😉

  6. Vechain is the front runner for attracting enterprise in the 50 trillion dollar supply chain industry, towards blockchain. If you have slight interest in learning more, there are many resources, but I’ve found the most enjoyable content is created by a fellow that goes by TokenVision on YouTube and Twitter. Check him out, his videos are entertaining and informative with just the right amount of hype, not too much, not too little… Just right. Check it out.

  7. @Roy Dopson BTC is a store of value like gold. It doesn’t need faster transaction speeds or anything else. Do you take gold down to the grocery store to buy food? No. You won’t do it with BTC either.

  8. Because Bitcoin is king. It doesn’t have to prove itself. Altcoins do, and so far most of them haven’t done anything. Ethereum is the only altcoin blockchain which is starting to see real adoption.

  9. @Tyler Wilson I agree. Comparatively, gold is an $8 Trillion asset amongst a Quadrillion total value. Cardano will capture some of that quadrillion, and in doing so will eclipse bitcoin many fold.

  10. @J R I bought at 3 cents when it dropped a few months ago, i’m still up 2x and was up almost 3x a month ago when it pumped back up to 10 cents.

  11. @Tyler Wilson It may be “store of value” by now, but once miners stop mining and people stop using btc, can it still contain it’s value?

  12. @Tyler Wilson I know there’s lightning network coming, and something like that but in my opinion it’s valuable because of people trust in it. Once cryptocurrencies get popular these 2, 3rd gen crypto’s will dominate i think. They’ve way more potential than btc in smart contract scalability, and in development stage they can even get new, convenient features too. People will be much more attracted to the advanced tech than btc which is hard to add new feature.

  13. @Charles Smith Lost opportunity cost.Your looking at it bassackwards…While my BTC quadrupled,cheap sounds like sheet to me…BTC at 3k when was 20k is value.Value vs cheap…go to the casino,pal.

  14. Dave c 1st of all, you made absolutely no sense. 2nd, my strategy is MY strategy and you have no idea about MY setup. 3rd, they didn’t stop mining Bitcoin when you bought yours. Lastly, I do very well at the casino… I could lose all my money in crypto and still be well off.

  15. I heard something about a lease that expires in 2020 and that Charles will probably leave then. Can anyone comment on this and what the lease is about?

  16. i just hold 100k ada, want see some progress first with the jelly mainnet..

  17. Enhbayr Bilegt good point man. I also thought about it, and that is the reason i don’t like PoW

  18. good point. I also subscribed to that guy cause thought he is altcoin maximalist. And he is not)))

  19. You will have lost much sats with your dumb blind love for an altcoin. You could have double the ADA selling when it became clear bitcoin was going to regain all its dominance. ADA will go a lot lower in sats when bitcoin starts rallying now. It looks like it will. What is it in people that they simply keep hodling theis alt bags and accept all these losses. Dont get it. Happy to be 100% btc these months. Will go in alts when btc goes ath and new monney comes in.

  20. Then buy back at that moment with all your btc gains. Donts start hodling now and lose more sats. No indication whatsoever btc is going to give back any dominance

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