Peter Schiff WALKS OUT on 60 Minutes Interview After Global Tax Evasion Allegation | Bitcoin in 2020

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Peter Schiff, a prominent Bitcoin critic, is the target of an investigation by leading tax authorities. Allegedly, Euro Pacific Bank, provided banking services to known organized criminals and tax evaders with little scrutiny, Let's discuss!

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00:00 Intro
00:46 The Allegations Against Euro Pacific Bank
02:03 Peter Defends Himself
03:11 The Investigation
04:06 Interview Gets Heated
06:44 Peter Walks Out!
07:41 What People Don't Realize About Bitcoin

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This information is what was found publicly on the internet. This information could’ve been doctored or misrepresented by the internet. All information is meant for public awareness and is public domain. This information is not intended to slander harm or defame any of the actors involved but to show what was said through their social media accounts. Please take this information and do your own research.

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Peter Schiff WALKS OUT on 60 Minutes Interview After Global Tax Evasion Allegation | Bitcoin in 2020

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  1. Combined effort against a gold bug? As if his company could possibly launder as much drug money as jpm or fargo. What a joke. They just don’t want anyone else to own gold, or bitcoin, or silver, or food/land/herbal medicine or anything else the satanists hate.

  2. There’s not a bank on this earth that isnt handling money from criminals. That doesn’t mean they know about it though. Some do I’m sure, but I have to think Schiff has far too much to lose by knowingly accommodating the criminal element… IMHO.

  3. They are shutting down exchanges, attacking private banks like the ones from Peter Schiff. Looks like they are moving into something.

  4. If a criminal walks in a restaurant, does this mean the restaurant owner or the waiter is criminal?

  5. For the non Australians here our 4 big banks are Westpac, ANZ, NAB (National Australia bank), and Commonwealth bank.

    ALL 4 of them have violated anti money laundering laws on millions of occasions.

    Just recently the Westpac Bank was caught breaching anti money laundering laws on 23 MILLION occasions!!!
    And they received a $1.3 Billion fine.

    The show Schiff was on is Australia’s biggest current affairs program, it airs in prime time on a Sunday and it investigates and uncovers all sorts of issues affecting Australians.

    One of the banks I mentioned above the ANZ bank, froze my wife’s account because she was attempting to send HER money to a Crypto exchange, even though she’d already confirmed it was her trying to send it, the reason they froze it was because they deem it too risky.
    Yet they have been caught hundreds of thousands of times money laundering.

    What’s ironic is Australia recently passed a law where if average Joe gets caught making a cash transaction of more than 10k he can face 2yrs jail.

    This is apparently to prevent money laundering, yet Australian banks are laundering Billions of $ and get caught breaching money laundering laws on millions of occasions and nobody goes to jail.

  6. Innocent until proven guilty. Good for Peter for putting up with this clown for that long. I would have probably walked out sooner.

  7. When 60 minutes AU goes after Westpac, JP Morgan, BofA, Wells Fargo, HSBC, ANZ Bank, UBS, etc., etc., etc., for their crimes that are too numerous to mention then I’ll give them the time of day. Until then, and I’m no fan of Peter Schiff they have ZERO credibility and this is all a sensational ratings grab.

  8. @Chris Schiff is definitely not a fraud. He might try to sell you on one of his mutual funds or gold investments, but fraudulent activity is not his M.O.

  9. They act as if Peter himself was sitting in the bank when the guy walked in. Further more how notorious could the guy be if he only had to serve 5 years?

  10. Theyre targeting him becUse hes letting the little people know whats truly happening to the economy and how it works

  11. Be good if 60 minutes focused on the 4 Big CRIMINAL banks in Australia. 60 minutes is just another government media outlet!

  12. schiff was told by 60 minutes he would be interviewed about the economy, then they ask him a bunch of questions about government investigations into people that have accounts at his bank…. he answered a lot of questions before he walked out. Gotcha journalism.
    If you lie to a morning news program to get on their show, they will sue you. But apparently journalists lying to guests to get the guest on is ok.

  13. Some people unable to accept new things, its may the reason of he cannot agree to Bitcoin. But I bet the Big Brother wants to make him hard gathering people to own gold. I hope he keep strong…

  14. If this is seen as anything other than war on all assets that aren’t USD, I don’t know what to say.

    Oddly timed with exchange crack-downs too. Hmm

  15. Duh, he has huge investment on the gold side of things, he doesn’t want that power to leak and diversify to the new kid on the block “bitcoin”. He’s always shitted on bitcoin along with JP Morgan and others because they are threatened by it. So i have no sympathy for this Schiffy dude.

  16. B-but… They’re too big to fail! Think of the children!

    Plus they have an army of lawyers and probably quite a bit harder to expose than Schiff’s little side hustle

  17. MSM Attack Dog: “Why do you think these tax authorities are targetting you? Is it because of your celebrity status?”
    Peter Schiff: “Ask them! Don’t ask me!”
    Me: “Hey statist aggressors, fraudsters, and counterfeiters why are you going after Peter Schiff?”
    Criminal Governments: “Hyperinflation …. renegotiating Bretton Woods …. Peter has GOLD …. need pretense ….”

    The Gold & Silver confiscation has begun, boys and girls!

  18. MSM Attack Dog: “Why do you think these tax authorities are targetting you? Is it because of your celebrity status?”
    Peter Schiff: “Ask them! Don’t ask me!”
    Me: “Hey statist aggressors, fraudsters, and counterfeiters why are you going after Peter Schiff?”
    Criminal Governments: “Hyperinflation …. renegotiating Bretton Woods …. Peter has GOLD …. need pretense ….”

    The Gold & Silver confiscation has begun, boys and girls!

  19. MSM Attack Dog: “Why do you think these tax authorities are targetting you? Is it because of your celebrity status?”
    Peter Schiff: “Ask them! Don’t ask me!”
    Me: “Hey statist aggressors, fraudsters, and counterfeiters why are you going after Peter Schiff?”
    Criminal Governments: “Hyperinflation …. renegotiating Bretton Woods …. Peter has GOLD …. need pretense ….”

    The Gold & Silver confiscation has begun, boys and girls!

  20. MSM Attack Dog: “Why do you think these tax authorities are targetting you? Is it because of your celebrity status?”
    Peter Schiff: “Ask them! Don’t ask me!”
    Me: “Hey statist aggressors, fraudsters, and counterfeiters why are you going after Peter Schiff?”
    Criminal Governments: “Hyperinflation …. renegotiating Bretton Woods …. Peter has GOLD …. need pretense ….”

    The Gold & Silver confiscation has begun, boys and girls!

  21. @Liberty Meister Well thank goodness for small mercies! Our government seems pretty conservative from where I’m sitting. From what I’ve seen in the USA, conservatives throw around terms like communist, socialist and far left pretty loosely. It seems these terms are applied to anything and anyone that falls to the left of far right extremism. I blame the polarising effect of the mainstream media outlets in the US, but that’s another story. I understand the United States’ angst about socialism – it’s a leftover relic from the cold war era. So yeah – the Democrats in the USA – not socialist, communist or far left. Same with the Labor party in Australia.

  22. @Asskhole Snarkerson – I’m fine with our tight gun laws (which were brought in by a conservative government, by the way). I’ve never witnessed school children getting mowed down with an assault rifle, but I don’t imagine I’d enjoy the experience.

  23. @Liberty Meister You never know. Most of the libertarians are tax-evading criminals in the US.

  24. @Kimetsu No Yaiba


    Looks like someone with very little is jealous of those who have much more.

  25. @Liberty Meister Well said. I would take it further and say that this is payback from the Federal Reserve who control the IRS – Take out Schiff – making too much noise about the criminal central banking system. After all, the owner of Channel Nine 60 minutes show is a Zionist – Murdock

  26. @Doug Murphy


    Be well comrade. May your political cult leaders be perched lightly upon your back and your servitude yield the ripe fruit for their picking.

    Unlike you, I will never crave the taste of boot leather nor cheer for my own enslavement.

  27. @L Lawliet it’s physical cash transactions, not transfers. It is illegal to purchase something here in Australia using more than $10k in physical cash.

  28. If they are harboring. Is called an accomplice.
    I think they are painting a target on Peter tho. Even tho he might not be the only rich criminal but Why Peter Schiff and why now?

  29. @Carlos Alves What on earth are you talking about. Bitcoin is not banned or outlawed in Denmark. I live in Denmark and you are free to hold bitcoin and ofcourse pay your taxes. You can even buy and sell bitcoin through licensed companies in Denmark.

  30. This is to control and managed the wealth of everyone.
    Make sure the small people don’t get to violate the money laundering acts as the banks do.
    There is no fairness in this world.
    Invest in the Gosple everyone. God predicted all this and is playing out in a major way infront of us.
    Invest in your after life cause is the only one worth investing in.

  31. They have ways of checking (Hence, 100points ID check and crappy banking paperwork) but definitely they are just painting a target on Schiffie boy.

  32. @Liv Medina OK, can I be arrested for buying a car with more than $10K cash? If so, who will alert the police?

  33. @Anders Christensen Anders I believe you I just now checked Google Australia to verify the list of countries where Bitcoin is banned Denmark is on the list. This is probably false but please believe me that’s what Google says, I promise you, can you verify? because the misinformation these days is nuts but I’m in Australia and that’s what Google here says. Let me try send you a screenshot.

  34. @Anders ChristensenAnders again I believe you but can I send you a screenshot, this is not some scam I’m just trying to show you a search result from Google, please believe me.

  35. @Carlos Alves Oh i do believe you. I just said that i saw it on google, check the link i sent you. Even that is not updated but that is the best i got.

  36. In the last few weeks been I have kowrest more Youtubers are bringing this content. I’m a Crypto Polotical Investor. Keep up the good work.

  37. Idiots. This is all eluding to cashless. And it will be everyone’s responsibility to weed out criminals from participating in society. No credentials. No business.
    We all … will be compliant servants. No matter the terms.

  38. Guys, in every arena, there is a controlled opposition. Don’t you know that the world is but a stage?

  39. @DowskiVision MagicalOracle I hope he won’t be martyred. The powers that be are evil. Peter has been teaching on how to defeat them. Gold and silver defeats them.

  40. @Liberty Meister because the IMF is the main loan and investment body of the planet. I know this is a lot of information for you take in and that you are confused but I can’t make it any more simple.

  41. @Liberty Meister I think you should review banking laws specifically Know Your Customer (KYC) and Source of Funds (SOF). In addition to the countless other money laundering statues.
    “I didn’t know el chapo was a criminal and forgot to ask where the 3 billion came from” is not a legal exoneration.

    Peter is fucked and he will need to pay fines and cooperate. Hopefully they don’t find him criminally responsible and not just negligent.

    I thought his “I don’t work at the bank” was pathetic.

  42. @Liberty Meister I am a minimalist. I care less about how much others have but only about whether everyone playing the game fairly.

  43. @Doug Murphy exposed as BS by whom? By mainstream media? There’s secret societies we the people have no clue about and you won’t find them in the daily news.

  44. 60 Minute Australia should investigate their own government if they want to see organized crime.

  45. @fx green Because A. He doesn’t believe in cryptocurrrency or B. He only speaks against cryptocurrrency because his whole lifetime and business has centered around gold. That doesn’t make him a criminal. Every major worldwide bank money launders…most of the time government ignores it because they do it as well or occasionally when it looks unavoidable they slap them with a fine or maybe give a low level compliance guy a couple years In jail. What they don’t do is call 60 minutes and give them a lead…hit piece so you won’t do what the elite do.

  46. Yeah…the lawsuit would come much quicker and ferociously.
    As it is, I hope Peter sues 60 minutes socks off after all is said and done.

  47. @Eduardo Huerta Well, we all know HSBC has been used for decade to launder South American cartel drug money. However, you have to be more nuanced and target the level to which the crime takes place. Seems to me 60 minutes doesn’t have a clue.

  48. Right. The Perth Mint is a national treasure of Australia. How can people think their due diligence isn’t up to par?
    They may be a few 3rd party reps and agents acting on their own, but that’s not a reflection on Europac. That’s just par for the coarse of having a large business.

  49. @Doug Murphy Disagree. The largest, richest bank on the planet is the Vatican’s in Zurich. They are in fact, an anti-Christ organization based on the fact they imprison millions of people psychologically. Add to that systemic pedophilia, murder, judgement, coercion and they may not use the word “satanic”, but their actions are every bit anti-Christ. The temple is within, not the stone building down the road. They hate anyone who thinks salvation and peace is within. No, they want to be that channel….for $ and kids peckers.

  50. 60 Minutes do have a clue when it refers to Australian citizens… Drug smugglers, politicians and wealthy people that corrupt them have been using Peter’s bank for financial activities and wealth storage in an anonymous way, bypassing state/tax control… They have also identified Australian intermediaries that set accounts and register trusts and shell companies. Maybe not the full picture but quite a sharp one.. I guess many will be singing ‘ay ay ay ay ay ayyyy puerto ricoooo’ soon.. I bet lawyers and accountant will be snitching all of it to get their asses free or at least less time in jail. I only wonder who dropped those hacked/leaked documents…

  51. It doesn’t help that the government can be bought off. Pay to play. “Payola” is alive and well.

  52. @E. MM I dunno about that. It’s kind of like saying “Capitalism is evil”. You hear it all the time.
    Well, crony capitalism isn’t even a form of capitalism. It’s purely fascism. We only experience capitalism at very small levels. The guy shaping surf boards on the beach, the guy drawing portraits at the park…etc.
    Banking is alright, it’s the USURY (fractional Reserve) that destroys the spirit of banking. Banks should have NEVER been allowed to lend out a penny more than they take in, but EVERYONE took their eye off the ball. 1:1 reserve is the only honest banking there is and it doesn’t exist. It’s a global crime and biblical in it’s historical existence.

  53. @Rolando Quinones Hahaha. That’s funny. You think the government doesn’t have back doors built into crypto? That’s what all the dark web pedo’s thought too.

  54. Because he’s educating the masses on what the elite have been doing for decades. It’s threatening their stranglehold on banking/taxation.

  55. @fx green I’ve been invested in Europac for 15 years. At 34 I found Peter. I rolled my 401K into Europac in 2005, moved everything to a bond fund during the crash which saved me roughly $250K in losses. My life savings and military retirement. In 2009, I re-invested in his dividend paying basket of stocks and by 2014 I was a millionaire for the first time ($1,003,054 to be exact). I’m retired now at 49.

  56. At the very least, it’s full of hack journalists hooked on clicks and willing to fabricate anything to get them.

  57. @Log Splitta that’s awesome!! He definitely understands the devaluation of fiat and the sham of the stock boom bust cycle.

  58. @MrMiggy1978 such a load of bull. At this point, being human is a criminal offence. Everybody’s a criminal except the angelic bank owned global media, and the virginal central banksters themselves. Grow up. The masses aren’t as easily fooled as the banksters think. Well, obviously YOU and are, but some few people wake up like a little duck in a new world ever day. Who ties your shoes for you? It’s a wonder you learned to read. Congratulations.

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