Only .27% Of The Global Population Can Own 1 Whole Bitcoin Each. 2020 Is Your Last Chance!

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Only .27% Of The Global Population Can Own 1 Whole Bitcoin Each. 2020 Is Your Last Chance!

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**Note: My overall opinion is that the name of the game is to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible. Alts are interesting but a lot more speculative. I use them to accumulate more Bitcoin.

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Only .27% Of The Global Population Can Own 1 Whole Bitcoin Each. 2020 Is Your Last Chance!

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  1. im getting close but not sure i will make it. My Goal was 1 by end of year but im still happy what i got.

  2. This isn’t a very sounds logic to apply to bitcoin; It assumes that at one point the whole world will have bitcoin. Just like stocks, gold and many other financial assets there will be billions of people who never touch these things.

    300k subscribers ftw 😃

  3. Im holding my crypto in Celcius wallet earning that sweet intrest while waiting for btc to go to the moon 🙂

  4. Finally something that makes sense , thanks bro and I’m not saying how much bitcoin I have but it’s not a full coin I wish

  5. While I agree with a certain percentage of the global population never adopting…the main focus of crypto is to make an all inclusive network with magnitudes less red tape and bottle necks that the unbanked of the world suffer from currently… if you have a cell phone you can buy btc

  6. Good, keep grinding.💪💪💪💪🤑🤑🤑🤑💯💯💯💯🍻🍻🍻🍻

  7. @Connected MCM This notion of the “unbanked” I think rang louder some decades ago. While still true that some parts of the world make it difficult for their citizens to get a bank account it is fairly simple in most developed nations. The USA with all their AML and KYC are still friendly to even non resident/ non citizens/ illegals. They only need a foreign passport and proof of address that they live in the USA.

    Now, getting access to capital is a little harder for the little guy if his/her credit/income is not good enough. Banks don’t want people defaulting on their loans. Maybe that’s where decentralized loans can come in in the form of “deFi”.
    Anyway, I find these days that people blame banks for stuff and their friends and relatives parrot the same blame. But when digging deeper, there are legitimate reasons why that person wasn’t approved for whatever product. Many financial institutions have violated customer’s faith but thats why there are many to choose from. The problem is the campaign to label all financial institutions as evil and call to break down the traditional banking/investment fabric. Be careful with those people, they have ulterior motives. Anyway, i went on a rant here lol 😆

  8. So, if I own even just a single Bitcoin today, can I reasonably predict that, in all likelihood, pretty soon I won’t ever have to work again?

  9. Imagine some of the ALT prices when btc hits all time highs again! That’s where life changing money will be made, not btc.

  10. @Kurt Look7 Hi kurt I’ve got a Trezor but im worried connecting it to Exodus as isnt it a 3rd party ‘exchange’?

  11. Neo The Catuber exodus isn’t a third party exchange. It’s a cold wallet. You get your own private key and reset phrase. Anywhere u go just remember those words and u can access ur wallet. Your stuff safe with them. You can connect ur Trezor I just prefer my ledger

  12. Neo The Catuber they went out of their way to make trezor compatible with the exodus wallet you are 100% safe to link those two just don’t be a dumbass.

  13. Coinbase is FDIC insured, but only if the loss is their fault I think? Idk… I would not wanna be the guy waiting to get my coins back after a hack. That kind of bureaucratic process seems like a nightmare.

  14. @prospect708 true.You are right.I struggle to believe cause it’s sound too good to be true

  15. @Dominik Galicki well I think the main thing is you have to go back in time and look at history. We evolve as people, systems, technology etc. 30 years ago if someone told you about social media , Netflix, Uber , tik Tok you would say they’re crazy. The boomers made tons of money when gold became a regulated store of value as well and governments said it was ok to buy and legit. Also don’t think of biticoin as currency but digital gold. Gold 2.0. gold is outdated and little kids now a days will not be buying gold when they are 30-40 years old. It’s ok my friend. I wish you luck on your journey 🍻

  16. Can you do a video talking about the free BTC giveaway ad scams that YouTube refuses to remove (Bezos BTC giveaway, Musk giveaway). I have been reporting YouTube to the FTC. I recommend others do the same

  17. @Nick T IF you had any credibility at all, it went out the door as soon as you typed “forreals”. 😂

  18. 6:15 nope disagree gotta trade or swing trade to make more so it has to be on exchange

  19. It’s been going on for 3 years now, Google don’t care, there’s really nothing that can be done. Google hates crypto as well if you aren’t aware.

  20. Buy Bitcoin & Cardano 250k of cardano? (That’s almost 2 bitcoins worth). So when cardano hits a buck you got $250k. That’s a nice stash. But, that same investment in bitcoin can easily be $250k on the low end – 2 million on the high, and probably somewhere in the middle in the next few years. I’ll take BTC.

  21. CME and BAAKT are ment to regulate the price of assets. its what they ment when they said they will tame BTC.

  22. gary delong eh, I strongly believe Cardano will outperform BTC percentage gain wise, short term (1-2 years). It will definitely hit $1.00 before BTC even passes $60,000. If even that. But long term goal, yes to acquire as much Bitcoin (and rental properties 😼) as possible.

  23. Ofc, ADA, LINK,Stellar and ETH will pump harder, but lets face it, we all want them to appreciate towards BTC

  24. Can anyone tell me which will pump first in bull run (btc or alt?) & Which will dump first in the bear market?
    Or do they move at same time?
    Just to know when to move from alts to btc or vice versa.

  25. @crypt0bank I see where you are coming from with Alts and tend to agree but… if Bitcoin reached $200k and you bought at £10k, most people would call that life changing. You can also lose a lot on Alts due to scams.

  26. @prospect708 I think it’ll top +$200k and come back to around $100k. Just a guess. Your idea is right though.

  27. When i messaged Coinbase support to ask about their FDI insurance they informed me that it ONLY covers your fiat balance, NOT CRYPTO. ha ha ha

  28. @gary delong I think he meant 250k cardano coins. Not that the actual price of cardano will be 250k per coin.

  29. Mike Graham oh whaaat. Yeah, I think I remember reading that somewhere. You’re right

  30. Time to move to offline wallet where YOU have your keys(not exchange) considering Bix Wier says once the market crashes, all exchanges will steal your coins while blaming it on the crash/hack/terrorists/whatever

  31. I just pulled out tons of money out of the stock market because I’m completely irritated how the insiders got away with all of the profits they gained! It’s just unbelievable. I’m going to put everything into btc ether and link July 3rd no matter what. i wanted to wait to see a correlated crash but when you look at the insiders that liquidated before the stock market crash. They have 5 trillion or so waiting for investment in crypto market. So my thought is invest before they do

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