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Hey E.T Fam! It’s been an interesting week already. There has been so much drama in the crypto charts, that we could seriously consider creating a soap opera based around price action. The market has been choppy to say the least. Bitcoin doesn’t know whether it wants to push back up to $60k, or chill in the mid to high $50k range. Meanwhile, ETH has decided to regain some steam today.

Of course, this has caused some chatter on Crypto Twitter. The ETH enthusiasts have been doing a bit of a victory dance while thumbing their noses at all of the doubters that had some unpleasant things to say about Ethereum recently. What we’re witnessing is an event that is very similar to 2017, when ETH broke out against BTC. This could be the catalyst to alt season picking back up. Also, there has been some discussion around Jerome Powell and his announcement of his plans to speed up tapering.

It’s suspected that this announcement is one of the catalysts that has caused some fear in the market. My conjecture is that regardless of what Jerome Powell is planning, the economy is too far gone for his plans to have any significant effect on crypto. A quick look into any on-chain metrics charts will prove my theory. At this point, it can almost be viewed as irresponsible to not hold any crypto. Inflation is getting worse, but the money printer will continue to go brrrr….meaning that more stimmy checks could be on the way.

Soon there will be drastic consequences as a result. It is your obligation to protect you and your loved ones from the inevitable fallout. It is my desire to help you all accomplish this task. This is why I dedicate my time to educating and updating the community on all of the happenings within this industry. That is why it is imperative that you all stay locked into the content on this channel.

I will be delivering important and time sensitive alpha throughout the month of December. See you soon E.T Fam!

00:00 – Intro
00:55 – ETH-BTC chart
02:18 – Bullish until mid 2022?
02:59 – L2s bullish for ETH
04:11 – Highrise Creature Club NFT drop most successful launch on Immutable-X
05:23 – ZK-Rollups and Metaverse are the main trends
06:28 – ETH : Bullish abandoning
07:01 – ETH to flip BTC?
07:28 – ETH is ultra sound money
07:49 – Twitter new CEO bullish on ETH
08:30 – Inflation, inflation, inflation…
09:17 – Outro

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. How smooth the minting process was for Highrise? Are you joking? Which part was smooth, the thousands of server errors from the public mint or the whitelist server crash…or maybe the charging people for mints that never delivered an NFT?

  2. As long as there are high gas fees anytime you want to trade, an ERC 20 coins, and you have greedy miners… i’m not in on ETH… just like Ran over at Banter!

  3. I went to use ZK sync and it was super expensive to move the funds over. Just wait on gas or is there a better way?

  4. I like how your videos have gotten more and more basic throughout the year as retail rushes in, makes me macro bullish. appreciate it ellio

  5. I like LRC as a layer 2 zk rollup project. Increased transaction speed on ETH network and at a fraction of the layer 1 fees. Plus there’s no sacrifice to decentralized security!!!

  6. @ilovedogs I’m too lazy and skimmed the video. I’m also on the side that thinks the eth gas fees will be the death. So many better chains.

  7. I knew there was a reason I started plowing every all my extra cash into ETH. “Irresponsibly long” as Raul Pal says. Quality content as usual, Ellio! Ignore the haters and keep being awesome.

  8. If ZK-Rollups is a main trend coming into Q4,
    The Immutable Apes X NFT project is definitely something to watch out for!
    The Apes X devs are responsible for imxtools, a free bridge between IMX and ETH.
    Thanks to them there will be ton of liquidity entering the IMX NFT market.

    Thanks for this video. Really appreciate the updates!

  9. @JOHN KENNEALLY people said that about Bitcoin. So much relies on ETH. NFTs, the Metaverse. They are already tackling the issues of gas fees etc. Why bother clicking on this video and not watching his explanation?

  10. @Elle Johnson nights in Russia. Got it. 😑I know you’re quoting someone but gawd damn. The crypto market is global. Night, where?

  11. Ah Ellio, love your videos, but please don’t say that Highrise cc was a smooth or pleasant experience.

  12. I am loving it! Been holding my beloved ETH for all this time, I knew someday it would happen! Let’s get it on! Thanks “E”! Stay Safe

  13. good vid. I also think ETH will see a massive growth spring 2022, with Loopring/Moon and hopefully Cardano tagging along. Also Sandbox still has a 100x potential although I admit that they have work ahead to make the game accesible to the younger audience who barely have any funds. If the game can find a solution to this it might even 1000x.

  14. @panjok2 always someone whos gotta make it political. You were making a good point and then just pfpfpfpppttt all over it with that nonsense. Rise above, man. Rise above.

  15. the launch issues were super frustrating for those 10h of waiting. but the actual minting process was amazingly smooth.

  16. For a second there I thought he knew about the Apes and would give us a shout out while displaying the current top IMX projects.

  17. I don’t understand: why they can’t do something with fee when move ETH from L1 to L2? What’s the point to use ZK sync if i need to spend 55 usd to move ETH from L1 to L2, and then 55 usd to move it back? If only i’m super need to by some coin that i can’t find on centralized exchange

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