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0:00 The Truth may surprise you!
1:10 What happened
4:02 My Theory
4:53 The RIGHT Perspective
7:21 Arthur's Words
8:09 Why I'm BULLISH

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StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Cash is worthless currently, Bitcoin is another Gold! 12 months will be a different landscape for BTC for sure.

  2. That background music in the intro was pretty dope haha. This entire crypto CEX fiasco is just motivating for the defi

  3. As always elliotrades bringing forth important info and dropping knowledge!!!
    Appreciate it broski👍👍

  4. That is how I see it going too, It will start with these large companies adopting as a reserve asset. It’s already happening with square, micro strat, etc. This will skyrocket the adoption of crypto in general.

  5. Why do people in crypto still run around and say stupid things like this? Cash is worthless? Fiat is worthless? Then stop working! Try paying for everything with Bitcoin then. Fiat will never go away. In economics and finance, everything is hedging. When stocks and real estate do well, crypto will crash. When stocks and real estate crash, crypto will do well. Learn the cycles of the economy rather than still run around and say dumb things like fiat is worthless… cash is worthless. Try buying something with tether at 7-11!!!

  6. @Jon K to give deeper context. Cash is not best invested in cash delivering outcomes in fiscal environments like this. Of course Fiat is the core of all our ‘day to day’ lives. My point was around investing Fiat into Fiat delivering strategies is currently worthless, hence assets like property, stocks, etc are the go to in fiscal environments such as what we have globally at present. So….bringing back to the point, that BTC will be another one of these non Fiat investment opportunities once more regulation comes in. Given the finite supply, assuming mass manipulation can be better regulated (which is @elliotrades whole point), an ETF and big institutional money will see BTC becoming a new Gold

  7. I work in markets and when the last GFC hit and lots of funds were flooded into the market, just look up the charts to see how that impacted the inflation of multiple layers of assets. It is a balancers if Fiat cash, assets, inflation etc….ultimately, BTC is clearly heading into this new “asset” space formally soon and whether people believe that or want to get off the train is always their own choice

  8. The coast is being cleared for State (and its banking conspirators) to try its hand at crypto control and manipulation thru controlling crypto derivative markets…. will it work…lol

  9. I trust the enforcers even less… DEXs are the next thing. Also, the regulation of removing the retailers from the space so they are required to use 3rd parties just to get involved, is another way for the rich and powerful to make it easier for them and harder for everyone else. Same way basically everything is now. The real crooks wear suits and have fancy titles.

  10. This makes me worry about KuCoin, I left some bags in there before the hack, now I can’t get them out.

  11. What would this mean for projects like synthetix and digitex futures that have significant components in the futures space?

  12. Amazing video! It just takes patience and perseverance to value the true nature of BITCOIN. Prices rocket up inconceivably bitcoin on its way to $15,000. If said thing is to happen, it will be very unwise for you not to know how to increase your BTC instead of just holding it. I got this tips from Mrs Catherine. She is always one step ahead of other traders and crypto Youtubers, she fully monitored all my trades to avoid me making mistakes and losing my money. My earnings has increased drastically from $5000 to $50,000 in just 5days… I have full confidence in her trading abilities. You all can reach out to him email: kemightcatherine@gmail.com WhatsApp: +12566733482

  13. Good analysis Elio: I agree with the bullish outlook. Adoption is accelerating (regulatory & usage). Great future ahead.
    Please have a look at HoneySwap: they are growing so fast (under the radar). One of the Coins “Brick” is exploding as Fortnite gamers are discovering it. Honey reached 1200$ today. It is really interesting to see how they approach the market.

  14. Thx for your insight & info. I think this is why Greyscale is buying almost everything to get the first ETF for BTC & ETH.

  15. At this point, a lot of people, traders and investors alike are slipping into despair with the consistent pullback and pull ups in price but all signs actually point to the beginning of a strong uptrend. The only possible drawback may be that the halving cycle is lengthening, nevertheless, the asset is still poised for $16,000 meaning, this may be the lowest price to ever purchase btc again. Emphasis must be placed on accumulation and I have my fair share already not by just buying bitcoins but also trading actively, with help of Ethan McKenzie through his signals service which saw me making over 8 btc in profit within my first month of meeting him. We need more services like this and I hope Ethan’s continues for as long as possible. Ethan can be reached on telegram ( ethanmckenzie ) and Whatsapp (+447723042647) for all crypto related inquiries.


    + 1 7 1. 4 3. 8 4. 6. 7. 3 2
    Do well to tell him I reffered you to him his strategies are top notch

  17. Manipulation is welcomed and needed for help fill missed CME gaps.
    If OKEx need to keep our funds to cover investigation and Lawyer costs we should stand with them.


    + 1 7 1. 4 3. 8 4. 6. 7. 3 2
    Do well to tell him I reffered you to him his strategies are top notch 🇱🇷🇱🇷

  19. @Jon K you obviously still need dollars to get things done, but what he means is that that the real value is in crypto now, and the average person is oblivious to the fact that the dollar keeps losing buying power everyday; hence, hedging against the dollar is the only way to capture real value. In turn leaving the fiat dollar useless in the long term.

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