NEO spending $100 Million to overtake Ethereum? The TRUTH about NEO revealed!

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NEO spending $100 Million to overtake Ethereum? The TRUTH about NEO revealed!


  1. This sounds interesting, been curious about why Travala left Neo yesterday despite Neo funding them and many other projects. Gonna save this one for my drive to work.

  2. He brags about his resume but can’t think to have some neo sign or nicer background to boost neo confidence. Looks like he doesn’t pay attention to any details. I’m neon, fingers still crossed. Not that it matters but someone that promotes international business should know people in Norway speak Norwegian not Finnish, in fact the languages are not even close. He doesn’t have my confidence, a downer. I am curious, would being able to make smart contracts in different languages also make neo more susceptible to viruses and hacking?

  3. JDVD is a superstar 🌟 in the NEO community! I must say I am very surprised that you gave NEO the time of day. Thanks for covering NEO! 🙏

  4. They opened the final ICO round on it is time to make amazing purchases 🙂

  5. I was a database developer website developer and user of the visual studio set of tools so I can relate to your guest John of neo’s excitement of integrating blockchain into those sets of tools and making them available to developers. I am looking forward to playing your pizza heroes game as an early subscriber Elliot. Thanks for another exciting program.

  6. Thanks, Great Interview with a confident interview John .. Seem the primary focus is tooling and gaining large developer framework ..
    NEO 3.0 will give insight into the new framework and what is possible. Hopefully, that will be by 2nd Qtr 2020. By then Blockchain space will be heating up.

  7. TURTLEY SHELLTASTIC – about security issues neo is working with the mostly professionals in that space Microsoft !

  8. NEO desperatedly needs the 3 below points:
    1)Better market makers, pls hire Binance market makers and pls get listed on Bithumb already !
    2)Better marketing team. Tech alone is not enough to succeed !
    3)High tier partherships !

  9. Everyone is so hard on Neo but every platform has its short coming as well as strong suits. I never sold my Neo or gas and it hurt like hell to hold instead I kept buying because know 1 infrastructure project will win. There will be several, I believe investing in the infrastructure of tomorrow economy is the way to go and if your counting Neo, E.O.S, ADA etc… out your crazy

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