My Bitcoin Prediction 2019! Lighting Network Update!

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Watch this! Here is my prediction for 2019! What do you think?

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My Bitcoin Prediction 2019! Lighting Network Update!


  1. Good work Aaron. I’m sure you’ve heard Yogi Berra’s observation: “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future”. That’s why I believe that, for all its flaws and limitations, TA is the small investor’s best bet, rather than the smokescreen and propaganda called “news”. The hodlers who scoffed at TA are getting a brutal lesson….

  2. If bitcoin is breaking technology why wouldn’t a billionaire buy all 17 million bitcoin right now? Also if they bought all the bitcoin then would anyone else be able to buy it? They say this is limited supply but is that believable or is this a Ponzi scheme? Because if you did hoard all the bitcoin then nobody should be able to buy it.

  3. MetaMorph
    Can you do a update video on the coin metamorph and let the community know about this coin give us a price prediction, what’s the future of this. Thank you

  4. the price will be exactly, where the demand hits the offer, the amount where someone is willing to sell and someone is willing to buy, nothing more and nothing less…… a book on behaviourl finance, simple as that

  5. Honestly i’m only buying little amounts here and there, and refuse to touch ANYTHING outside the top 10 till there’s some sort of confirmed turnaround for the bulls. At this point i’m not convinced the bottom is in.

    While crypto has always bounced back there’s no guarantee 2019 is going to be a good year. My bets are on 2019 being the year of sideways trading between 1.5k and 4k. BTC was so overvalued last year the bubble burst and it’ll take at least another year to sort things out.

    2019 will be a sink or swim year for most alt coins. Either they find real use cases and bring value outside speculation or they will go the way of other digital dinosaurs into the dustbin of history. Either way this has been one hell of a ride.

    Again, thanks for your update and take what I say with a grain of salt, as i’m just a regular Joe like you.

  6. Ok…I’ve always said I don’t know anything. I’m not an expert. I’m just a regular average joe. I change my mind based on new information.

  7. Very possible…The next strongest support is around 2.5k. It began 2017 around $1000 and was hovering around there for quite some time. I would think that we would sustain some of the new people since that time. And I would think we could retain a certain higher consolidation. I’m thinking it’s gonna find support around 2.5.

  8. ok…why 2121? By then things will probably institutionalized and more legitimized. Plus the 2020 halving.

  9. Would love to do another paid review for MetaMorph immediately. As far as doing an update…that is something to think about. Maybe we can do a whole “Where Are They Now” on the companies that paid us. Appreciate you!

  10. A lot of rich people have bought huuge portions of Bitcoin…of course it will continue to be mined for decades! At that point, i think Time will have proved Bitcoin valuable or worthless. It is a speculative investment.

  11. Ok… that’s fair. But don’t you agree that analyzing the fundamentals are good for trying to determine the long term future of an industry or project. There are some clear fundamentals that indicate a lot of new money coming in.

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